10 Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings For You

Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings For You

For those they care about, Cancer men are gentle, kind, and caring. They are also loyal to their loved ones and passionate about what they believe in. These characteristics are often uncommon in men, making the Cancer man one-of-a-kind. These gentlemen may appear to be gentle, but keep in mind that those born under this sign have a hard outer shell to protect their vulnerable areas. Be aware that they may lash out as a form of self-defense if they feel attacked.

Cancer men can be sensitive at times because they are easily hurt. This is due to their elephant-like memory (never forgetting) when rejected or insulted. However, if you treat him properly, you will be compensated with gratefulness, affection, love, and loyalty.

These guys’ instincts about people are usually spot on, however, when it comes to those people close to them, the blinders may be on.

The Cancer man will go over and beyond his family. However, getting them out of their familiar environment takes some effort.

Cancer men are nostalgic and frequently look back fondly about good experiences from the past, hoping to learn from or mimic them. These men try to avoid repeating the same mistakes and the bad feelings they experienced, or they try to recreate the positive emotions they used to have.

Cancers are emotional men who are sensitive, affectionate, and chivalrous. They are the men you fantasize about while tightly hugging your pillow at nite. They are usually thoughtful lovers who greet you with flowers, prepare a romantic candlelight evening meal, and have you for dessert. You’ll never forget an intense relationship with a man born under this sign.

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10 Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings For You

1. He Exhibits Possessive Behavior

Cancer men have a reputation for being fiercely protective of those they love. The more he likes you, the more possessive and jealous he will be when you spend time talking to people.

It’s possible that he’ll express this by constantly checking in on your location or by probing about your phone conversations. This is a sign that he wants to make sure you’re only his.

2. He’s Physically Attracted to You

Cancer men are symbolized by the crab. This animal’s tough exterior conceals a sensitive interior. Whenever a Cancer man is attracted to you, he will lower his guard and reveal his softer side.

He could do this by displaying physical affection for you. He’ll like to touch you, cuddle you, and take your hand in his. If he isn’t usually a physical person, it is one of the Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings For You.

3. He sends you messages or calls on a regular basis

If your Cancer man sends you a lot of messages or calls you frequently, it’s a sign that he’s always thinking about you. Cancer men are emotional and enjoy keeping in touch with their loved ones. If he isn’t usually a texter, this could be a sign that he really likes you.

A funny story or a quick check-in in seeing how your day is going may be on the agenda. Flirtatious texts like “missing you” or “thinking of you” may also be sent by him.

4. He makes future plans with you.

Cancer men are extremely forward-thinking. Your Cancer man’s interest in making plans with you indicates that he sees a long-term future with you. He might ask if you want to go on vacation with him or learn about his next work event.

This is due to the fact that Cancer men enjoy establishing trust in their relationships. A man who plans the future with you means that he wants to spend time together.

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5. He asks you probing questions.

Cancer men are known to be deep, emotional thinkers. Your Cancer man may question you about your life or previous relationships. This is an indication that he wants to get to know you better.

To find out what makes you happy or what your dreams are for the future, he might ask you. The reason for this is that Cancer men are taking the time to truly understand their significant others before trying to make any decisions about their future together.

6. He Becomes Moody

Cancer men have a tendency to be moody. This is due to the fact that they tend to wear their emotions on their sleeve. In the case of a Cancer man, grumpiness and irritability can indicate the development of stronger feelings for you.

This may appear to be contradictory, but it is because his mood swings are a sign that he truly cares about you. He trusts you so much that he can be himself around you. This includes both the good and bad times.

You’ll want to ensure there’s no underlying issue resulting in him acting out. People who are moody when they are around someone else could also be an indication that their feelings felt for them are more complex and difficult than they seem at first.

7. He is impressed by you.

Cancers are driven and goal-oriented. If he expresses interest in or appreciation about your own life goals, it’s a sign that he admires you. A Cancer man isn’t easily impressed – he must be truly interested in you as an individual before he’ll show any signs of interest.

If your Cancer man lavishes you with positive comments and expresses his admiration for you, he is in love with you. It’s a sure sign that he’s thinking about you more and is interested in your way of life.

He may compliment you on your intelligence, beauty, or success. If he is proud of the person you are becoming, it indicates that his emotions for you are growing stronger.

8. He Tells You His Secrets

Cancer men are notorious for their secrecy and caution. They rarely share their inner feelings with others.

If your Cancer man confides in you about his desire, concerns, or dreams, it means he trusts you more than anyone else. He might even tell you private info regarding his life that he’s never told anyone else.

When a Cancer man begins to trust you enough already to share his deepest thoughts and feelings with you, it indicates that he perceives you as a long-term partner. While he may not yet be ready to commit, he sees great potential in you and your relationship.

9. He’s Flirty With You.

Cancer men are born to flirt. They enjoy making people feel special & enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

If your Cancer guy is extra flirtatious with you, it’s a sure sign that he’s interested in you. He may frequently touch you, compliment you, or try to spend time alone with you.

Flirting is also one of the simplest ways for a Cancer guy to express his feelings for someone. Almost as importantly, he enjoys being flirted with in return.

If you can make him feel special by flirting back, it will only strengthen his feelings for you.

10. Is shy in your presence.

Cancer men can be very proud of themselves and appear quite confident to everybody else. When they fall in love, they almost always act shy and reserved in front of that person.

When you’re together, if he acts much more quiet or unsociable than usual, it could be an indication that his feelings are intensifying. He wouldn’t want to show how anxious he is in your presence.

Make sure to keep in mind that shyness may be a sign of affection. When you’re alone with him, he may appear warm, romantic, and loving, but he also appears nervous or tongue-tied. This is one of the signs a Cancer Man has feelings for you.

When it comes to emotional expression, your Cancer guy may not be as open as others, and this can be misinterpreted as aloof or cold. If he appears to be quieter around you than normal, this could indicate that his feelings for you are growing stronger. He may be attempting to take things slowly so that his emotions do not overwhelm him.

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10 Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings For You by Sam Derrick

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