10 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

You have found the right article if you are interested in learning how to know a Scorpio man is playing you.

To play you, a Scorpio man will not let you into his inner circle or even ask you out on a date. He is very unreliable and will neglect you without providing any reason or justification for his behavior. In addition to this, he will not be consistent in his words or acts, which may cause a great deal of confusion for you.

It may sound simple, but with your Scorpio man, we’ve only just begun to scrape the surface.

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Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

1. All he wants to discuss is sex.

Do you feel as though lust has taken precedence over love in your relationship? This can be a clue that your lover is playing some kind of game with you.

There are some good Scorpios out there. In point of fact, Scorpios are extremely self-conscious regarding their personalities. If they have a connection with you, they will most likely continue to grill you with questions about yourself, your life, the things that interest you, your family, your friends, and a lot of other stuff!!

In the event that you and your spouse have fewer conversations on these topics and spend most of your time sexting. And if you and your partner are merely sharing an intimate relationship instead of an emotional bond, it is natural for you to have second thoughts in this situation if you are in a live-in relationship.

2. His emotions are as unpredictable as a roller coaster.

There will be times when the Scorpio man enjoys phoning or messaging you, yet there will also be times when he simply vanishes from your life. There will be occasions when he will express interest in you, but there will also be others when he will ignore you and perhaps ghost you.

This individual’s schedule may be jam-packed at times, but at other times it seems as though he’s just trying to find an excuse to avoid you. Perhaps he no longer sees any romantic potential in you. Because this is what he wants, he will test your endurance to see how long you can keep playing this game.

You should ask him straight out if he is just messing around with you or if he likes you but doesn’t understand how to convey it correctly.

3. Reluctant to Introduce You to His Friends / Family.

Does your significant other keep you hidden away? He comes to see you when there is no one else present, either at his location or at yours, in private. Furthermore, he doesn’t enjoy going on dates with you and prefers to remain indoors.

The truth is, there are two possible explanations for this situation! He doesn’t want others to know he’s seeing you, or he just doesn’t feel like talking about his private life.

If he prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, that is an entirely acceptable preference on his part. That is something you ought to appreciate. But if he is reluctant to acknowledge your existence in public, this could be one of the signs a Scorpio man is cheating on you!

4. He has a high degree of sensitivity.

We are all aware that men born under the sign of Scorpio are emotional and sensitive. The fact that he is playing with your feelings could be attributed to the fact that he is sensitive himself.

You can’t expect him to take your humor at face value. He interprets your words as criticism and hopes you’ll feel horrible about yourself for being so harsh with him.

To induce feelings of guilt in you, he will act unhappy or do something along those lines.

5. he has no compassion.

It’s not worth it to spend time with somebody who doesn’t care about you or your problems. When an argument or other source of tension arises in a relationship, all parties involved need to have the skill of learning to listen to each other in order for the partnership to be healthy and successful.

If a man isn’t able to empathize with you and see things from your perspective, he’s not sincere about the relationship.

Perhaps he doesn’t take you seriously if you discover that he is aloof or cold to everyone, doesn’t understand that you’re going through a tough time or bad situation, or ignores you when you say something.

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6. Takes Advantage of You by Making False Promises!

When a Scorpio man is trying to play you, one of the signs that he is doing so is that he will make a lot of promises in order to get out of the present moment, but he will never keep those promises. And if you ever bring up that subject again, he will always be ready with an explanation along the lines of “Sorry, sweetheart, I was preoccupied, we’ll absolutely do this next time.”

You shouldn’t let the fact that your partner doesn’t seem to notice or care about your happiness prevent you from being happy.

You need not depend on anyone else to make you happy; your life is your own.

7. He refuses to show you who he really is.

You’ve been in a relationship with a Scorpio guy for a while, but you’ve never really gotten to know him. This individual is notoriously renowned for keeping to himself an awful lot of information. If he never removes his disguise, there is a good chance that he is merely messing about with you as part of a game.

In most circumstances, men are more prone to keep their emotions and authentic selves hidden. It could be that he lacks confidence in himself. This Scorpio will attempt to keep you around while also preventing you from learning about his real character.

Most of the time, Scorpio man wears a mask because he’s afraid of getting hurt and then not being able to take it off. If he does not permit you to perceive his actual quality, it may take you an eternity to do so.

8. He Is Trying To Avoid Being Seen With You In Public!

Has it ever occurred that your partner wouldn’t acknowledge you in public or would completely ignore you while he was with his other friends? So, take this as a possible indication that your Scorpio partner is playing some games with you!

A true man will not be embarrassed to be seen holding your hand or even speaking to you around others.

If you have the impression that your spouse is ignoring you in public and this perception has begun to become a reality, then it is time for you to come to the realization that he is not the right person for you.

9. He suddenly vanishes for no apparent reason!

It may be a clue that your partner is fooling you if he suddenly disappears without giving you an explanation. Disappearing doesn’t just mean they won’t talk to you or meet up with you in person; it also means they won’t respond to your texts or phone calls.

You make an effort to get in touch with him, but it appears that he is no longer concerned about you or your emotions. Sadly, this is one of the signs a Scorpio man is using you.

10. He Just Introduces You As A Friend!

How to tell if a Scorpio man is playing you? An example would be if your partner introduced you to his friends and family as a friend.

It’s fair to give him and his loved ones some leeway as they acclimate to the new situation. But let’s say you’ve been with him for over a year and he’s only introduced you as a friend. This simply cannot be tolerated in any way!

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How To Play a Scorpio Man At His Own Game

1. Please Don’t Give Him That Much Power Over You!

If you look across the zodiac, Scorpio is one of the signs with the most desire for authority. Scorpios have a strong desire for control and the need to have the impression that they are in control of everything.

To a Scorpio guy, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with someone who willfully disobeys or cannot be commanded.

You shouldn’t be accommodating to him when he’s behaving like a control freak, and you shouldn’t let him order you what to do either. Do the exact opposite of what he says to prove to him that you can think and act independently of others.

If he asks you to make supper, you should pretend that you have other arrangements with your friends so that he can order pizza instead.

The more you disobey his directives and insist on doing things your own way, the crazier your Scorpio man will become.

2. Don’t Let Him In on Your Little Secrets!

Scorpios are naturally inquisitive and eager to gain as much information as they can about the individual who piques their interest as soon as they can.

If you’re dating a Scorpio man, he’ll try to figure you out by asking lots of in-depth questions and making thorough observations.

Avoiding his attempts at courtship and sharing any information about yourself will drive him mad.

Try redirecting the conversation when he inquires about your upbringing or family. Give him replies that are ambiguous at best, and avoid having in-depth conversations with him about your past or your feelings.

To get him to talk about himself, you may tell him that he’s far more attractive than you are and that you’d rather listen to him.

Your Scorpio man will become confused and messed up when he learns he has been doing all the talking and doesn’t know a thing about you.


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Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You by Sam Derick

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