14 Signs a Gemini Man Wants You Back (Still Loves You)

Signs a Gemini Man Wants You Back (Still Loves You)

Do you believe that your Gemini ex-partner still cares about you and wants you back in their life? Or will Gemini man regret losing you?

Do you find it difficult to interpret the signals they are sending you? How to tell if a Gemini man wants you back?

You’re making things even more challenging for yourself by adding in your own feelings.

Maybe you’re desperate for your ex’s return and you’re reading everything they do as proof that they still care about you.

Or perhaps you’re still reeling from the emotional trauma of your breakup and can’t put any meaning to their words or behavior?

Even if your ex is doing their best to conceal their true feelings, it is possible that if you look at the situation from an objective standpoint, you will be able to better understand what those feelings are.

Therefore, whether you did break up recently or in the past, there are some subliminal (and more overt) signs of how to know if a Gemini man still loves you and desires you in their life.

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Signs a Gemini Man Wants You Back

Is it true that Gemini always come back? And How to know if a Gemini man wants you back? Here are some signs.

1. They go into detail about various aspects of their lives.

They make an effort to keep you apprised of everything that has occurred in their life since the breakup, whether or not you express an interest in hearing about it. Not just in a casual, small-talk manner, but rather by keeping you fully apprised of recent events.

They don’t think twice about sharing the pertinent information with you as if you’ve never been absent from their lives.

2. They have frank conversations about what took place.

Unless one partner cheats, people tend to avoid conflict after a breakup.

How often do they contact you, if at all (via phone or text) to inquire as to why the breakup occurred or whether there is any chance of reconciling if the decision was mutual? This is not an attempt to find closure; rather, it is your ex-partner stating, in no uncertain terms, that they desire to get back together with you.

3. They demonstrate that they are missing you.

Does your ex deliberately tell everyone they meet how miserable life is without you? If you want to know if they are secretly thinking about you, you should check their social media accounts periodically.

Perhaps they tweeted the name of a song they’re currently listening to, or they paid a visit to a place you frequented in the past. Perhaps subtly, but they’re counting on you to pick up on it.

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4. You’re subtly invited to hang out with him.

How do you know if a Gemini man wants you back? One of the clearest signals that your ex wants you back is when they initiate contact by asking to hang out or for a date.

It’s a subtle way of saying they want to give it another shot, like when they suggest running an errand together or meeting up at the coffee shop down the street. The question that needs to be answered is whether or not you are willing to try your luck once more.

5. Those awkward phone calls.

Your ex will call you more frequently than they would a regular friend if they really want you back. They’ll use any pretext they can think of to get in touch with you. If you try to end the call, they will only prolong it further.

As expected, if you still care about someone, you’ll go to any lengths to get in touch with them.

6. Talk about wonderful memories.

Does thinking about your ex bring up memories of past anniversaries or frequented locations you once shared? No one should dwell on the past unless they still care about you and want you back.

You should keep a sharp eye out for this particular indication of how to know if a Gemini man wants you back in their life.

7. Angry outbursts and rants.

If you’re not in love anymore, you might find this funny to watch, but from your ex’s point of view, it’s pretty depressing. If your ex becomes angry or frustrated when you are being flirted with or if you are having a pleasant conversation with a person of the opposite sex, they are clearly jealous.

You know you still have your ex’s heart if they show signs of annoyance, such as a scowling face, a terse response via text, or even a rude comment.

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8. They are a little bit too warm and fuzzy.

Exes who still feel affection for their ex are constantly very touchy and leave long, gentle grazes on their ex. Your ex is most likely still thinking about you, and we guarantee that you are not just dreaming.

Keep an eye out for telltale signs such as lingering touches or accidental touches.

Your ex-partner probably wouldn’t even talk to you if they saw you coming. It’s clear evidence that your ex still cares about you.

9. They have a lot of information about your life.

Even if you don’t say a word to your ex whenever you run into each other, there’s a good chance they already know everything there is to know about you if they want you back in their life. Perhaps they are monitoring your or your best friend’s social media profiles.

No matter what they’re doing, it’s clear that they know everything about you. Even if you give them more information, the crucial details are ones they already know.

10. They still show you kindness.

After a breakup, if your ex suddenly starts acting very friendly and affectionate toward you, this is a strong indication that they miss you and want to get back together. The typical reaction would be to experience feelings of hurt, and possibly even slight revulsion and irritation brought on by your presence.

If your ex-partner continues to show you the same level of warmth and gives you loving glances, you should give some serious consideration to how they feel about you and what their plans are for the future.

11. Bringing everything together.

Has your ex called you to discuss the relationship mistakes they made and how things could have been different if they had changed earlier?

They might want to reconcile with you if they’re trying to clear the air and make amends for what happened between you two in the past.

12. They discuss the emotions that they are experiencing.

Exes who struggle to move on from their relationships frequently discuss their feelings with their ex-partners. Even if they aren’t confiding in you directly, they may be doing so with close friends, relatives, or colleagues.

A mutual friend can be a great way to find out if you are still being discussed. If it’s a definite yes, then you have your answer.

13. They express their sadness at not being able to see you.

Do you want to know one of the most telling signs that your ex misses you and wants you back? The conclusion can now be drawn. The best sign that they miss you is to tell you they miss you.

You should give some serious thought to whether or not you want to get back together with your ex if they mention how much they miss spending time with you or how fondly they remember the two of you together.

14. They are at your disposal at any time.

Is your previous partner always available to spend time with you, regardless of the time of day you call or the favor you ask of them? People who have successfully moved on from a past relationship don’t hang around waiting to do favors for their ex.

This is one of the obvious signs that your ex wants you back in their life. Why, after all, would they go to such lengths to do favors for their former partner? This is not the kind of behavior you would expect from someone who has no feelings for you at all.


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