3 Marriage Murdering Mistakes Explained By Brad Browning

3 Marriage Murdering Mistakes

It’s important to keep in mind that every single marriage has its ups and downs, but healthy couples always appear to exhibit an overwhelmingly positive attitude when it comes to managing arguments and disputes.

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3 Marriage Murdering Mistakes Outlined By Brad Browning

Mistake #1 –  Causing unnecessary tension in your relationship. 

If you’re trying to save a marriage that’s already been through a lot but you’re feeling hopeless about it, there’s a good chance that things could quickly get out of hand… (and I believe that you are aware of what I am referring to).

You believe that your marriage can be saved if only you and your partner have a heart-to-heart about everything that’s bothering you both and find some areas of agreement. However, this isn’t something that happens very often.

While talking things over with your partner is essential in the process of mending a broken marriage, the last thing your relationship needs right now is another dispute or fight. If your partner has just said something provoking or wants to bring up a sensitive topic, try to avoid an argument as much as possible.

You shouldn’t disregard your partner’s worries or pretend they don’t exist, but at the same time, you shouldn’t let the conversation devolve into a yelling match either. You could say something like, “I am aware that this is a huge concern right now, and I want to find a solution to this problem; however, is it possible for us to discuss this at a later time?”

You should make an effort to avoid confrontation whenever it’s possible, at least for the time being, so that you can figure out how to handle arguments effectively in the future.

Mistake #2 –  Pleading and begging, or showing extreme feelings of emotion.

Especially in front of other people. My experience has taught me that when feelings run high, people often make hasty decisions or say things they later come to regret. I’m sure you understand exactly what I mean. When your partner does or says something that causes you to feel hurt, angry, or sad, it’s important to keep your cool.

Putting on a show of these negative feelings will not only make things worse, it will also likely hasten the signing of the divorce papers. For the time being, it’s crucial to keep your cool so that you can continue the battle tomorrow.

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Mistake #3 –  Changing your lifestyle or routine drastically. 

If you and your spouse are stuck in a rut, it can have a significant impact on your life. Work, school, and sometimes health and nutrition take a backseat.

However, for the time being, you need to act as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening as much as possible. If you start to lose your footing in life, your marriage is doomed to follow suit.

No one wants a partner who is always sad, angry, or in bad shape.

Demonstrate how self-assured, powerful, and fearless you are by demonstrating to the world that nothing can shake your mental strength. You’ll make yourself more appealing to your partner and prevent further harm to yourself if you take this step.

Mistake #4 – Nagging at your partner.

This is very similar to the first mistake. You should steer clear of any kind of confrontation whenever it’s at all possible. It is natural to feel irritated at your partner from time to time; however, when your marriage is in trouble, even a minor argument has the potential to escalate into a much more serious one. The very last thing you need at this moment is another meaningless argument about something that has no bearing on the situation.

Try not to let your irritation show up the next time your partner does something that irritates you. Now is the time for you to take matters into your own hands and begin working on saving your marriage.

Mistake #5 – To be negative at all times.

Having a positive attitude can make a world of difference, not only in your marriage but in life in general. Thinking positively can help alleviate stress, lessen feelings of depression, and better prepare you to deal with challenges; this has been demonstrated through numerous scientific studies.

Not only this but it has also been proven scientifically that thinking positively makes you a more attractive person to be around. This is an additional benefit of positive thinking.

People have a tendency to become pessimistic during times of great distress, such as when they are in a rocky marriage, for example.

When the person you love the most in the world begins saying nasty words to you, it’s easy to take all of that misdirected anger quite literally. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by your own pessimism; instead, make an effort to adopt a more optimistic outlook.

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In that video, he reveals to you even more of the Marriage-Killing Mistakes that people make, and he also walks you through the step-by-step process that he had developed that is certain to give your marriage a good second chance.

Here’s hoping you have a lot of success in mending fences with your partner. I hope you two find true love and have a “happily ever after.”

3 Marriage Murdering Mistakes by Sam Derick

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