8 Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You

Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You

Is that Aquarius guy uninterested in you, or is he simply ignoring you to play cat & mouse?

Do you think you and your partner are compatible with one another? What is the best way to determine the truth?

The fact is that men born under the sign of Aquarius are notoriously reserved, which makes it difficult to tell whether or not they’re interested in someone.

The best course of action is to try to determine whether or not the Aquarius man is actually interested in you, rather than worrying about whether or not he’s testing you. You may have to accept the fact that he simply does not like you.

Here are the five most telling signs that an Aquarius guy is not interested in you. This will assist you in deciding whether or not to continue trying or to move on.

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Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You

1. He does not inquire about your personal life.

An Aquarius man is analytical and practical in all aspects of his life, including his love life. Rather than jumping into a relationship with a woman right away, he tends to take his time to get to know her.

In the case of an Aquarius guy who is interested in you, he will also be extremely intrigued by you. He’ll ask a lot of questions to get a better understanding of you.

He will inquire about your jobs, hobbies, and other interests. He’ll be interested in learning more about your family and friends.

He then puts all of this information about you together, much like a puzzle, to get a complete picture of who you are.

People born under the sign of Aquarius don’t like to waste words, and they don’t like small talk. If he asks questions about your personal information, he is most likely not just being polite; rather, it is a sign of his interest in you.

However, if he never inquires about your personal life, even when you engage in conversation with him, this is one of the signs that an Aquarius man does not like you or is not interested in getting to know you better.

2. He doesn’t pay attention to you.

Since he is frequently cold and aloof, it can be harder to say if an Aquarius man is interested in you. A dreamer, he prefers to keep his feelings to himself rather than expressing everything that he feels to other people.

It is normal for your Aquarius guy to not pay attention to you if you’re in his company, as he has his head in the clouds most of the time.

However, you should not assume that he is simply shy and this is how an Aquarius guy behaves when he is attracted to you; this is not the case.

If he truly cares about you, he will make an effort to pay attention to you, even if he appears to be lost in thought. However, if he isn’t interested in you, he will purposefully ignore you.

To stop him from ignoring you, you need to make yourself stand out from the rest of the herd of people. He is attracted to girls who are quirky and different, so don’t be frightened to be yourself around him.

And if you really want to know to keep an Aquarius man interested, don’t start whining or demand his attention whenever he’s preoccupied with another activity. If he really likes you, he won’t ignore you at all.

3. He Doesn’t Care About What You Think.

A man born under the sign of Aquarius cannot be interested in a girl whom he does not respect. In order to fall in love with her, he must respect her intelligence and regard her as an equal to himself.

When he approaches you for advice and opinions, this is one of the signs he is in love doesn’t care what the majority of people think, and as such asking for your opinion is a sign of his interest and respect in you.

If he never asks for your opinion or ignores any advice you offer him, it is one of the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you.

His rebellious and free-spirited nature prevents him from always listening to your advice, but if he truly cared about you, he would at the very least listen to you and take your words into consideration on occasion.

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4. He Is Rude to You

He doesn’t follow social rules and doesn’t sugarcoat the truth to make people feel better. An Aquarius man doesn’t do this to make people feel better.

He thinks it’s better, to tell the truth even if it hurts someone’s feelings, no matter how small the lie is.

An Aquarius guy is very seldom rude on purpose, despite the fact that he may have a short temper or say the wrong thing unintended at times.

He is conscientious of his manners and would never intentionally offend or harm anyone, so if he is rude to you, it is most clearly an accident.

However, if he is rude to you on a regular basis or deliberately, it indicates that your Aquarius man is not interested in you. His bluntness and insensitivity may be the only means by which he knows how to push you away.

His actions, such as failing to hold the door open for you, looking down at his mobile while talking to you, or saying hurtful things are all attempts at conveying his dislike for you.

5. He Doesn’t Confide in You

As long as he’s asked directly, an Aquarius man is more than happy to share his thoughts and ideas.

But, despite the fact that he is not sly or secretive, he is extremely private. He doesn’t open up about his feelings or his experiences to just anyone.

He is uncomfortable with showing emotion and also being vulnerable, and he only shares his thoughts on serious subjects with a small number of people.

If an Aquarius guy is interested in you, he will disclose personal information with you because he understands that sharing personal information is an important part of developing a romantic connection.

You may have to wait for the perfect moment and say the right things in order to get your Aquarius man to open up, and if he’s interested in you, he’ll be willing to share his feelings with you.

In the case of your Aquarius guy remaining tight-lipped and turning every attempt at a serious discussion into a joke, it is likely that he is not seeing you as a romantic prospect.

6. He makes you feel jealous

An Aquarius guy takes his commitments very seriously, and that is why he avoids tying the knot.

To ensure that he fulfills all of his obligations to a partner, such as his or her loyalty, he will not make any commitments that aren’t genuine.

Some zodiac signs enjoy playing jealousy games in relationships, however, an Aquarius man is not one of them. If your Aquarius man is making you jealous, don’t assume that he’s doing so to see how much you care about him.

If he likes you, he would then make it very clear that you are the only person in his life who has his attention. Everyone else will notice that you are different from the rest, and he will keep you feeling special.

His flirting with other women or telling you about his other interests isn’t a ruse to get you to chase him.

You should know that he is truly interested in other women and is attempting to show you that you are not the object of his affection.

7. He doesn’t make time for you when he should.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What kind of female do Aquarius men prefer?” this is the answer. Someone who is self-sufficient is the answer.

Aquarius is one of the zodiac’s most fiercely independent signs, and an Aquarius man cherishes his freedom above all else.

He enjoys being self-sufficient and taking good care of himself, & he seeks a partner who is equally as self-sufficient as he is.

Given that he enjoys spending a lot of time by himself, he requires a partner who is comfortable with him being on his own. No clinginess or insecurity is permissible from her and she is required to respect his personal space.

Regardless of how much he cares about you, you shouldn’t expect an Aquarius guy to devote all of his spare time to you. If he likes you, however, he will give you at least some of his limited free time.

When he cancels a meeting for the first time or can’t see you for a week, don’t worry. He’ll be back soon. As an independent Aquarius, this is completely normal.

However, when he never returns your texts and calls, struggles to make arrangements with you, or never makes you feel like you are a priority, it is likely that he is not interested in you.

You might be puzzled because an Aquarius man can be both hot and cold at the same time. It’s possible for him to spend all of his spare time with one person and then cut her off afterward.

If an Aquarius man no longer likes you, you will be able to tell because he will be unwilling to spend any 1 on 1 time with you anymore.

This means that he’ll only hang out with you in groups with other people. Or, he will make it look like he’s too busy having any time for you at all.

8. He is not interested in flirting with you.

It’s not uncommon for Aquarius men to have a very lovable personality, and they can also be very charming and flirtatious.

At first glance, you might not notice that he’s flirting with you because he’s such an eccentric & quirky individual. His romantic advances may be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. He may even propose to you.

His interest in you, on the other hand, will be communicated through flirtatious behavior. If his comments & behavior toward you are strictly platonic, this is one of the indications that an Aquarius guy is not interested in you.

If he refuses to flirt with you, don’t interpret this as an indication that he is shy or uncomfortable in your presence. Despite his unusual mode of communication, he will let you know if he likes you.

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Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not into You by Sam Derrick

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