4 Affordable Online Couples Counseling

Affordable Online Couples Counseling

Couples counseling, also known as marriage counseling, is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling is primarily concerned with analyzing and solving disagreements that are negatively impacting a couple’s relationship.

This article describes what online marriage counseling is, as well as the various types available and their associated costs. Also covered are the benefits of online marriage counseling and the things to consider when selecting a service.

In addition, the article goes into greater detail about 4 Affordable Online Couples Counseling services.

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What exactly is online marriage counseling?

Counseling for married couples is a form of psychotherapy that helps them deal with problems or behaviors that may be causing problems in their relationship.

Couples who are experiencing any of the following issues may benefit from marriage counseling:

  • There are issues of trust.
  • infidelity
  • a lack of communication
  • inability to find a solution to a disagreement
  • infertility
  • issues pertaining to sexuality
  • addiction
  • Individual problems that may be causing problems in the relationship

American Psychological Association recommends online therapy as an alternative to face-to-face sessions. As an illustration:

More efficient and easy: Individuals can communicate with their counselor at any time of day or night. It is possible that they will not be required to travel or take time out of work in order to attend counseling. People who live in rural areas or who have limited access to a counselor’s office may find it more convenient to conduct their meetings online.

It could be less costly: Couples seeking long-term therapy may be interested in subscription plans offered by some counseling organizations. It is possible that the cost will be less for this than for conventional meetings.

It is accessible to individuals with limited mobility: those who have sustained severe injuries or chronic conditions can communicate with a counselor available on the internet without leaving their homes.

Individuals who prefer texting or video calling may find online therapy more comfortable.

In addition, online counseling can cater to couples who do not reside together in the same location. Additionally, some therapists can hold sessions in multiple time zones.

Online therapy, on the other hand, may not be appropriate for everyone. When making a decision, a person should take the following factors into consideration:

  • whether or not the psychologist is a licensed psychologist in their state
  • whether or not the website is safe
  • whether they will be able to cover the cost of the counseling through their insurance

It may also be beneficial for some couples to consult with a counselor who has specialized training in LGBTQIA+ relationships.

What is the benefit of online marriage counseling?

Online marriage counseling is intended to address the same issues that are addressed in in-person marriage counseling sessions. The only difference is that the therapist conducts the session over the web instead of in-person with the client.

An online therapist can monitor the communication between couples and give advice & resources to help them resolve conflict.

Likewise, there are some issues and situations that online marriage counseling cannot assist with, just as there are with traditional marriage counseling.

People who are involved in physically abusive relationships, for example, cannot benefit from marriage counseling. A person in such a relationship, according to the Office on Women’s HealthTrusted Source, should confide in at least one of the following individuals:

  • a member of the family or a friend
  • a physician or a nurse
  • an educator, advisor, or principal who is employed by the school where their child is enrolled
  • someone who works in their company’s human resources department.

Affordable Online Couples Counseling


Counselors at Regain, a leading provider of online counseling for couples, are all board-certified and have a minimum of three years of experience as well as 1,000 hours of supervised practice. A wide range of marital problems, such as communication, extramarital affairs, as well as improving physical intimacy are addressed by these professionals.

ReGain requires you to complete a set of questions that will be used to pair you with a counselor once you have signed up. If, on the other hand, you are dissatisfied with your match, you can simply request one. Once you and your partner have been matched with a counselor, you & your partner will be using a joint account to interact with your therapist via live chat, phone conversations, and video sessions—with the option to remain completely anonymous.

If you’re chatting, the therapist & your partner will be able to see every piece of written communication you exchange. As an added convenience, ReGain lets messages to your therapist at any time, and they will respond to your messages as soon as possible.

In addition, there is no set number of scheduled appointments. You & your partner will instead collaborate with your counselor to ascertain whether you prefer shorter, more regular sessions rather than longer sessions which occur less regularly in the long run.

You have the option of speaking with the therapist in private as well. Only by scheduling a private session with your therapist will you have the opportunity to share information without having to worry about your partner being present.

Depending on the treatment plan you choose, the cost of the treatment can range from $60 to $80 per week, or more. You have the option to cancel your account at any point.


Talkspace provides online therapy for a range of mental health conditions issues and stressors, including anxiety and depression. Couples therapy is just one of many services that they offer their clients.

You should discuss this matter with your partner about the problems you’d like to work on in couples therapy, according to the professionals. Then, after completing their consultation process, you will be connected with a licensed therapist who is familiar with your needs and objectives. Therapists can assist you in identifying problems and dysfunctional dynamics, re-establishing trust and empathy, resolving conflicts, and a variety of other things.

You can send and receive unlimited video, text, and audio messages with this plan. Additionally, plans that enable live sessions are available for purchase. Due to the fact that the cost of couples therapy varies, there are no prices listed on the site.

Regardless of whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device, all of Talkspace’s services are HIPAA-compliant.

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Couples counseling and individual therapy are not available through OurRelationship. Rather than that, it is an online self-help course that you can work through at your own pace. According to the results of research conducted on the course, the program dramatically improved both interpersonal and individual functioning.

It has been discovered that when both partners participate in the course, the results are the most beneficial. If your partner is apprehensive, the website provides recommendations on how you might persuade your partner to join you in the program. And if your partner is unable to join you for the duration of the course, there is an independently completed version of the program.

Online activities will help you and your partner learn more about and solve relationship problems in the couple’s version of the course. You’ll also work on improving your communication skills, as well as learning to reconnect with one another and to trust one another.

The program will take you nearly 2 months to finish, and you can work on your own schedule during that time. It costs $50 per couple to participate without a coach as well as $150 per couple to participate with a coach. It can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, or computer system. OurRelationship claims to have a 94 percent customer satisfaction rating.

E-Therapy Cafe

Video chat, instant messaging, phone conversations, and online journals are all options for therapy at E-Therapy Cafe. Marriage counseling is one of the site’s specialties, and they provide therapy for a wide range of issues for couples. On their website, it is clearly stated that they do not only provide marriage counseling but also provide relationship counseling for all types of partnerships.

There are licensed, board-certified therapists who specialize in helping couples improve communication, build appreciation and compassion, learn to effectively disagree, and more. All of them are also known for their work with couples.

Their services may be especially beneficial for couples seeking to speak with a therapist on short-term grounds without committing to a longer-term subscription plan.

You can either begin one online session for $50 or purchase multiple sessions at a discounted rate. For $320, you can purchase a package of eight sessions, for example. Ten percent off the regular price is offered to veterans, 1st responders, and students.

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