Are Aquarius Men Jealous And Possessive- Signs To Tell & What To Do

Are Aquarius Men Jealous

Do Aquarius males get jealous? It’s not very common for an Aquarius man to display possessive or jealous tendencies. These are not characteristics that are typically found in men who are Aquarius.

Even if he is jealous, he won’t necessarily act on it or express how he feels about it all the time. He won’t tell anyone else about it.

Freedom and independence are important to Aquarius’ men. One of the reasons they don’t typically experience feelings of possessiveness or jealousy toward their partners is because of this trait. They want their partners to have the feeling of being unrestrained and free.

It’s also common for Aquarius men to keep their emotions to themselves. Even if he is jealous, he won’t show it to you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. He doesn’t want you to get the impression that he doesn’t trust you or that he’s trying to exert some sort of control over you.

It’s possible that you’re misinterpreting another aspect of an Aquarius man’s character if you find him possessive or controlling.

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Are Aquarius Men Jealous And Possessive?

Are Aquarius jealous type? Typically, jealousy and possessiveness are not traits associated with Aquarius men. If your Aquarius man shows signs of jealousy, you should be aware that this behavior is out of the norm for him.

If he starts behaving jealously, it almost always indicates that his feelings of jealousy have been building up for a considerable amount of time. Before, he was simply not acting on it, but now that he is aware of it, he cannot resist acting on it.

He does not experience feelings of jealousy for no apparent reason. If he suspects that his partner has done something to violate his trust, he will experience feelings of jealousy.

It’s possible that things that wouldn’t normally bother him will start to bother him if he’s going through a rough time emotionally. After traumatic events, such as a death in the family, this might occur.

When he is experiencing feelings of heightened sensitivity or vulnerability, he will have less control over his emotions than he normally does in any given situation.

In the vast majority of cases, this feeling of jealousy will eventually pass. In the event that it doesn’t, discuss it with him and reassure him that he can rely on you and that he is not required to be jealous.

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How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Is Jealous?

There are five indisputable indications that he is jealous, and they are as follows:

1. He doesn’t talk much.

Don’t even think about talking to him about how jealous he is.

It’s not easy for Aquarius men to talk about their feelings, and they especially don’t like to talk about jealousy. Therefore, kindly refrain from cornering your man with a lot of questions about whether or not he is jealous; otherwise, he will become irritated with you.

If he is feeling jealous, he will avoid talking things through. It is in everyone’s best interest to refrain from interrupting him while he is engaged in self-reflection. You should avoid bringing up the subject and asking him for an explanation because doing so will make the situation worse.

He will not discuss his jealousy under any circumstances, not even when he is visibly enraged or distressed.

It will not go well for you if you try to coerce him into discussing his private issue. This guy is normally very talkative about anything and everything, but when negative feelings arise, he shuts down.

When he is ready, he will divulge all of the details to you.

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2. He is not particularly close to you.

When he experiences any emotion that makes him feel uneasy, he has a propensity to pull away from the situation in which he finds himself. Your partner does not want you to notice that he can be possessive and insecure. Being jealous would expose him to too much vulnerability because he is known for being emotionally cold in relationships.

It’s possible that he needs some time to himself to process everything that’s happened. You shouldn’t be too worried when he vanishes; as soon as he gets over his feelings of jealousy, he will make his comeback.

During that time, you will find that he is either purposefully avoiding contact with you or is continually making up reasons not to see you. In the event that you unexpectedly show up, he will think of a variety of ways to avoid being alone with you in that situation.

3. He teases and flirts with other people.

Do Aquarius try to make you jealous? The fact that an Aquarius man flirts excessively with other people in order to irritate you is, indeed, another indication that he is jealous. Being a bit of a flirt just comes naturally to him, so he’s able to pull it off with ease.

When jealous, he’ll try to mess with you by being overly flirtatious. He wants you to not only understand how he is feeling but also observe how you react when faced with similar circumstances.

Although your Aquarius demonstrates this behavior infrequently, that does not mean that it will never do so.

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4. He starts acting in a possessive manner.

is Aquarius man controlling? The Aquarius man does not exhibit possessiveness because it is not one of his defining traits.

He places a high value on independence as a person and, as a result, freedom is one of his highest priorities. When he is in a relationship, he gives his partner plenty of personal space and expects the same level of deference in return. Nevertheless, every once in a while you’ll catch this guy acting possessive.

If you find that he behaves possessively toward you, there is a good chance that this is because he experiences jealousy and is afraid of losing his relationship with you. You should never play games with your Aqua boyfriend that could make him feel jealous or bad about himself.

If you continue to mess with his emotions, he will stop trusting you completely.

5. He has an odd, discordant feeling.

This guy who is in love is normally full of energy and pretty quirky; however, all of a sudden, his attitude and behavior change. When he is talking to you, he comes across as strange or discordant. You might not notice this difference because an Aquarius man usually does strange and unexpected things.

When you take a closer look at the situation, it will become abundantly clear to you that there is something off about the unusual manner in which he behaves. If there is something amiss with the way that he typically behaves, then it is possible that he is being bothered by a particular problem.

It’s probably due to his feelings of jealousy.

What to Do When Dealing with a Jealous Aquarius Man?

It is said that the individual whose zodiac sign is associated with air is a wonderful father and husband. It won’t bother the outside world if there is peace and comfort in the house. He is not going to grill his wife with an excessive number of questions in an effort to catch her in a lie. If your fiancee is also your best friend and lifelong partner, you already have what you need to start a happy family.

Do not place unnecessary restrictions on the freedom of the representative of the air sign; he is not a fan of stringent management. Since he is not a liar, he knows he can trust his partner, who is completely trustworthy.

Are Aquarius men loyal? They are loyal partners unless their freedom is called into question.

Betrayal is a sensitive topic for Aquarius. It is best not to expose him to the torment that his jealousy causes. He won’t be quick to show his feelings, but he’ll be going through a lot internally. It is best to encourage his involvement in household chores because doing things together has a calming effect. He is not going to say no to his wife when she asks for help cleaning the house. You can enjoy Aquarius’ unplanned journey. The couple’s relationship will almost certainly improve as a result of the unplanned romantic adventure.

Not to Worry

There is no reason for you to be concerned about dating an Aquarius man unless you are the type of woman who wants her man to be possessive and controlling, and there are many women who fall into this category. In this case, you should avoid dating an Aquarius man.

If you are a person who puts in a lot of effort and you have goals and aspirations for yourself, your Aquarius partner will encourage you to realize those goals and will work with you to accomplish them.

Aquarius men actually like it when the women they love are dedicated to their dreams. They want women to be unyielding in their pursuit of the objectives they have set for themselves and to not let anything stand in the way of achieving those objectives.

This doesn’t mean that an Aquarius man wouldn’t protect you or make you feel special. But you can be sure that he would like it if you took good care of yourself.

Additionally, he hopes that you won’t RELY ON HIM to achieve your goals and that you’ll be able to be an independent and successful person on your own.

We won’t say that a man born under the sign of Aquarius wouldn’t help a damsel in distress, but we can say that they aren’t the type of person who would readily step up and like one. They enter into partnerships with individuals who are able to serve their needs.

In this situation, it is important to keep in mind that Aquarius male insecurities are the root of jealousy. If you don’t give your Aquarius man any cause for insecurity, he won’t act insecure.

He won’t be so petty and restrict your plans if he thinks you have interests outside of him. It wouldn’t take much for him to drop you like a hot potato and continue living on his own.

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Are Aquarius Men Jealous by Theresa Alice