Aries Man Hot And Cold Game – How To Beat His Mind Game

Aries Man Hot And Cold Game

Is the Aries man you’re seeing or dating cold and distant now, whereas, in the beginning, he was a warm and loving companion? Why are Aries so hot and cold? Does he have a pattern of being inconsistent to the point where you can’t tell if he wants to be with you or not? Does your Aries man disappears and comes back?

When Aries plays mind games, it can drive someone crazy. He’s very competitive, and playing mind games is just another way for him to compete. So, how to beat an Aries man at his own game?

If you want to beat him at his own game, you will need to educate yourself on how to engage in mental gymnastics in the same way that he does.

When dealing with a man whose astrological sign is Aries, it’s not always a nice idea to play games. Some men born under the sign of Aries are known for their explosive tempers and tendency toward violence. You should avoid doing anything that might put him in an angry mood.

The best way to play with him is to organize a competition between you and him or between him and other men in your life.

It is even more beneficial if you can give him the impression that he is falling behind in the race.

You can also mess with his head by acting insincere and dishonest toward him, as well as by remaining calm whenever he makes an effort to provoke your anger.

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Aries Man Hot And Cold Game – How To Cope?

Are you troubled by the issue: Aries man confusing me, what should I do? Why is my Aries man hot and cold? Here are some tips for you if your Aries man playing hot and cold game with you.

1. Exert Sufficient Self-Confidence

You are immediately eliminated from competition the moment you admit that you lack self-assurance. Therefore, demonstrate your self-assurance through the actions you take.

2. Create Jealousy in Him

If you want to get an Aries man’s attention back on you after he has been acting distant toward you, one of the effective methods to do so is to make him jealous.

It is not difficult to play with the feelings of an Aries man. The simple act of sharing on social media that one is having a wonderful time with another man can be enough to drive him crazy.

If you flirt with another person or pay them more attention than him, he will notice immediately.

If all an Aries man wants to do is hook up with you, playing into his jealousy might convince him to stick around for a little while longer. He will begin to perceive other people as rivals in his pursuit of your attention. He is going to step up to the challenge and begin competing.

It won’t be hard to make him jealous because Aries men are naturally prone to experiencing feelings of jealousy. Even if your intention is not to incite jealousy in him, it is inevitable that he will become jealous on his own.

3. Take a Back Seat

Men who are Aries want others to communicate with them in a straightforward and direct manner. If you really want to mess with his head, you should try to be as indirect as you possibly can.

If you have a problem with him, you shouldn’t explain why to him. Give him hints or tell him that he is aware of what he has done. However, you won’t admit that anything is wrong or even try to explain it.

For dramatic effect, you can let something spread “through the grapevine” to him on purpose. When the Aries man has done something to annoy you, tell a friend about it and let the gossip get back to him.

You can also behave in a passive-aggressive manner. Stay away from having a direct conversation with him about the matter if he is causing you annoyance.

4. Put on a false front

An Aries man will pick up on your insincerity and recognize when you are pretending to feel one way when you are actually feeling the opposite of what you are saying. This will send him completely over the edge.

Dishonesty irritates men who are ruled by the sign of Aries. They despise it when they have to “read between the lines” to figure out how another person is really feeling.

You are making it clear that you mean something completely different, but you are saying something else. Even though you are upset with him, you should smile at him and act politely.

“Compliment” him in a sarcastic manner. Be sure that he understands that this is a backhanded compliment and that you’re not actually intending for it to be taken seriously.

Compliments are very welcome to an Aries man’s ears. If you try to fool him with a fake compliment, he will quickly catch on.

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5. Challenge how he sees things

If your Aries boyfriend hot and cold, you should respond to him by questioning his perspective. It’s possible that the two of you will have an engaging conversation about this topic.

6. Avoid Excessive Interaction With His Attempt

Sometimes, you just have to ignore him to show him that his game won’t work on you.

7. Exhibit Compassion Toward Him

Sometimes all that is required to bring about a change in his demeanor is for you to demonstrate the ways in which he can feel loved without you even having to say it.

8. Be the Stronger One

The only way to get him to stop playing mind games is to show him who’s boss. Despite his resistance, you should tell him to stop, apply some tough love, and be compassionate.

Is the Aries man you’re dating trying to play mental games with you? You’ll soon see that it’s quite annoying if he continues to do it.

However, if you want to win the game and impress him, the most important thing you can do is always be the more mature person by following the steps that were given above.

Does it seem impossible to get him to tell you how he feels about you?

Some men are notoriously bad at showing their emotions; this can make you wonder if he’s into you.

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9. Try Your Hand at Flirting

It is the worst possible thing in the world for an Aries man if his partner is interested in someone else.

Start up a conversation with one of your exes if he’s done something to make you angry and you want to execute some form of vengeance.

Know that he is jealous of one of your male friends? Flirt with him. Check to see if your Aries man is paying attention.

Maintain a direct gaze on him even as you move your hand down the thigh of another man. You want to make it clear to him that you are acting on purpose by doing this.

Flirting with one of his friends is guaranteed to get his blood boiling. You run the risk of inciting a conflict between them, so if you want to keep the peace, you should refrain from doing this. However, if you don’t care, either way, feel free to proceed.

10. Be Untruthful

An Aries man who lies to you about your relationship is probably using you. Don’t let anger get the best of you if this occurs. Get even.

The trait of honesty is important to men who are born under the sign of Aries. They despise it when others are dishonest with them. Their feelings of being disrespected are heightened.

Naturally, you want to ensure that he is aware that you are not being truthful with him. If you tell him a lie and he never discovers the truth, then what you did won’t accomplish anything at all.

If he asks you out, you should explain to him that you have the flu and will be resting at home for the night. After that, go out with a different person and post pictures of your new date all over social media.

You should let him know that he is mistaken and that you are not in contact with your ex.

After that, you should make it a point for your ex to be present whenever you and your Aries man are going out. Have a conversation with him as if you were old friends, and make it clear that you and he are still in touch.

11. No Contact Rule With Aries Man

One of the most effective ways to get through to an Aries man is to ghost him. He can’t stand it when people ignore him.

When Aries man turned cold and hot, avoid getting involved with his game. Don’t pay any attention to him when he’s feeling “hot” and suddenly wants to hang out with you.

Once you notice that the Aries man has become unfriendly, you should keep ignoring him. Perhaps he wants you to contact him. He wants you to feel annoyed that he is ignoring you.

This will send him over the edge completely. This is especially the case if he is the one engaging in mental games with you.

He hates it when other people are better than him at the game he’s playing. He also doesn’t like it when people don’t notice when he’s trying to mess with them.

12. Maintain a Non-confrontational Stance

Do not react in the way that an Aries man expects you to if he is trying to test you. He will occasionally play games with you. You shouldn’t give him the pleasure of succeeding in playing you.

He could, for example, attempt to start a fight. Do not act as though the situation is more important than it is. Don’t get angry. Try not to pay attention to his attempts to provoke you into an argument.

Even if you have a grudge against him, you shouldn’t start a fight over the issue.

You can disregard what he says. You could choose to ignore him completely and see what happens. You can also act excessively polite if he attempts to start a fight. When he’s mad, he’ll hate it if you’re fakely nice.

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Aries Man Hot And Cold Game by Sam Derick

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