Art and Culture Magazines – What to Read During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Want to know what to Read During the Coronavirus Pandemic, then we recommend Art and Culture Magazines as being the best creative reading while you stay socially isolated, and during the lockdown. Here are a few which we like best:

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  1. ARTnews – The US International Art Magazine
  2. Aesthetica – The Art & Culture Magazine UK
  3. Hi-Fructose Magazine and Other Contemporary Art Magazines
  4. Where to Buy Art and Culture Magazines
  5. 2. New York Latin Culture Magazine
  6. Use a Free Art Magazine Template to Start Your Culture and Art Magazine
  7. Now is the Time for New Online Magazines
  8. Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine

ARTnews – The US International Art Magazine

ARTnews is the world’s oldest and most widely circulated art magazine. It reports from the United States on the art, issues, trends, personalities, and events shaping the global art community. It does this in clear, simple and well-chosen language that is readily understandable. It is a great read for everyone from the art-world novice to the expert. What is even better is that the magazine offers a lively, provocative, and visually stimulating outlook on its subject. It informs the reader as well as entertain us. It does this with news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents and hard-hitting investigative reports. But, it also goes further to draw readers in because it doesn’t flinch from offering criticism, and opinion.

Aesthetica – The Art & Culture Magazine UK

Aesthetica was established online way back in 2002, in the United Kingdom. Aesthetica describes its offering as a worldwide destination for art and culture. It carries in-depth features to raise awareness of today’s most innovative artistic people covering the best in culture across the subjects of art, design, photography, architecture, music and film.

Art market intelligence reports are useful as they contain information for art collectors across all formats. Find out about major gallery openings when they re-open from the closures caused by the coronavirus. Get information on museum preview events and their recent auction sale reports are also useful for many.

ArtForum covers whatever is happening in the art world as things get going again, with journalistic and editorial output. As well as book reviews, columns on cinema and popular culture, this magazine is often described as being an influential voice in the subject. The magazine carries in-depth articles and reviews of contemporary art and a lot of full-page advertisements from the most outstanding galleries around the globe.

Enjoy these magazines, even during this period of reduced activity during the coronavirus crisis which renders most normal events impossible. However, there is still daily international art news and arts information provided about museums, galleries, and artists, although much will be about events online and no longer in these places. For a UK culture and arts magazine, its coverage is diverse. It covers literature, film and theatre, visual arts, music.

Hi-Fructose Magazine and Other Contemporary Art Magazines

Hi-Fructose is published both online and in print form, and focuses squarely on artforms which they say “transcend genre and trend”. They say that this gives readers an in-depth and comprehensive outlook. Their content is informative and very original but to the point of being somewhat over the top for some. They tell us that they provide a spotlight on awe-inspiring spectacles from around the world but for us, it is all a little too extreme and breathless. Hi-Fructose often runs with both new contemporary art, as well distinguished artists.

The Archipelago Mag is another of these magazines which bill themselves as international journals of literature, the arts, and artistic opinion. They are a great antidote to the gloom and doom of current news about the world as it suffers from the coronavirus pandemic. Artdependence art magazine is published eleven times a year, from its base in Antwerp, Belgium. It reports on the art, trends, events, personalities, and issues, currently shaping the international art world. Yet another magazine in this genre is the “Art Newspaper” where they also publish news from the world of the visual arts and culture from a global perspective. They say that they have correspondents in more than thirty countries. Another magazine focusing on contemporary art as a socially engaged discourse is “Art Papers” which publishes selected articles.

Where to Buy Art and Culture Magazines

There is a place where you can buy the print versions of many art and culture magazines, both on and offline. That’s at The Magazine. Co. Uk where they reportedly offer a wide range of magazine subscriptions to choose from. The selection is large for arts, design and culture magazines to subscribe to. Arts magazines are used by many artists, illustrators and designers who wish to see and keep up to date with trends in their industry. The Magazine. Co. Uk is an easy central point to buy magazine subscriptions to publications for the public, artists, and illustrators. We found titles in computer-arts and the hobby of leisure painting. If culture, society, and modern life, is your bag, then check out magazines such as the “London Life”, “National Geographic”, “This England”, and “Asians UK”. Whether you’re looking for a great deal for a subscription to your favourite magazine, or looking to give a subscription as a gift, we suggest you take a look at The Magazine. Co. Uk.

New York Latin Culture Magazine

New York is the home of the “Latin Culture Magazine” billed as a city guide to the Latin world it is also engaging. It was founded a long while ago in 2012. Never boring, it runs articles on classic and contemporary culture not just in New York, but also in the Americas, Europe and the wider world. 

Use a Free Art Magazine Template to Start Your Culture and Art Magazine

These days anyone can start a blog which is essentially an online magazine, in art and culture and the possibilities for an engaging hobby in writing are frankly wide-open to anyone with a work ethic and a love for their subject. To get started there are magazine templates which can be bought online. All you need is a professional and clean magazine template and plenty are on offer which can be used for any type of art and culture magazines, especially when combined with a shared hosting plan, and through using the free WordPress CMS.

In today’s coronavirus world and the fast-changing media climate, art and culture focused print magazines strive to make a living. But, online mags are thriving like never before. That’s why more and more cultural publications are moving over to digital-only. Today is the age of online magazines. If you are in need of finding new ways to promote artistic events or exhibits, a well-designed art magazine layout could do the trick. Lucky for you there are a ton of free art magazine templates to choose from.

Now is the Time for New Online Magazines

Throughout the online world, arts and culture magazines, delivered via online websites, are appearing everywhere. Not all of them will last. Some will fade into cyber oblivion. We wouldn’t mind betting that the online magazines which stay the course will all have one thing in common. That will be that they will all leverage social media in clever and new ways.

Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine and Others

San Francisco, California is the publishing base of “Juxtapoz” magazine which is issued quarterly. They run articles on all aspects of the creative arts. We have seen a wide range of topics including graphic design, painting, music and street-art. we love Juxtapoz because it is simply pure entertainment. In fact, it is reportedly one of the best selling print magazines in the US. We think it’s easy to see why!

Other magazines of this type which you might like are:

  • Kyogle Culture which celebrates the art, food, experiences and lifestyle of Kyogle and it’s surrounding villages
  • Cultureowl Magazine (formerly aroundtown® arts & culture magazine) which is dedicated to South Florida’s rich cultural roots
  • Art Style | Art & Culture International: This magazine is open access, published twice a year, and peer-reviewed. It is an online magazine that aims to bundle cultural diversity. All values of cultures are shown in their varieties of art.

But, Juxtapoz is our favourite art magazine and the only one we subscribe to. It was started by legendary artist Robert Williams in 1994. It has so much variety, and it’s no way stuffy. It covers all kinds of low-brow, graffiti, street art, comics, custom cars, tattoo and outsider art. Although they no longer provide monthly issues, now preferring to provide more content-filled quarterlies, our subscription is not about to be cancelled!

While the coronavirus crisis wears on, escape by reading art and culture magazines. We guarantee that they will remove you back into a world of fascination and delight, and who doesn’t need that in these current times.

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