Astrology: the sign of Cancer on the heart side

This is a very sentimental, attached and endearing sign. It is difficult to find more mothering and more enveloping than Cancer… but beware! Its natives are not for all that easy.

It is the Moon which presides over the destinies of tender Cancers. Gentle, loving and caring, the natives of the sign, when they are in love, tend to create around the being of their thoughts a protective bubble to better live their privileged relationship away from the outside world. Rebels thirsty for freedom abstain: you risk suffocating! If, on the other hand, you dream of a cozy cocoon and privacy, you will be delighted …

Tender but possessive …

Cancers are sensitive, emotional on edge . Potentially very fragile when their feelings are at stake, they are extremely receptive to the emotions of others and particularly sensitive in their interactions with them. They know how to surround their loved ones with their support when necessary. In love, they redouble their solicitude and attention. Their listening skills, their empathy and their natural kindness are all quite fatal weapons of seduction for the opposite sex.

The Cancer man is the archetype of the attentive confidant with whom to pour out without fear of disturbing. Romantic, he does not forget to offer flowers. However, the medal has some setbacks: the hypersensitive

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Cancer lives badly, very badly any form of rejection… and can even imagine seeing it where there is none! Susceptible, he can quickly take the fly when his feelings are hurt, especially by his soul mate. The crab then locks itself in its shell and begins to pinch very unpleasantly. The change is such from his usual behavior that we can quickly find him moody. Possessive and ultimately insecure, he does not tolerate betrayal and tends to cling more than necessary to his loved one. In short, sentimentally, he needs above all to be reassured!

Nourisher in the soul

Confidently, Cancer lets their finest qualities express themselves: they nest, slowly but fiercely forging a cozy cocoon in which to live their loves , in the strictest privacy, away from the world. His maternal and nurturing qualities – whether male or female – outclass those of all the other signs of the zodiac combined. Because the sign is made to take care of those they love and dope them with large doses of unconditional and tenacious love . Where he loves, he takes root. Whether you have bubonic plague or boils that disfigure you, a frozen Cancer will never let you down.

He is not the type to flee in the event of a hard blow, on the contrary. He will stay there, patient, faithful to the bar, to cook up good, invigorating meals or to stuff your pillowcase. This mothering, he will obviously be able to reproduce it – a hundredfold! –With his offspring. Because the ultimate sign that a Cancer is really in love, it is this one: he (she) wants to start a family with you. And since he takes parenthood very seriously, this privilege will not be reserved for just anyone. If he does not find the ideal partner to play pater (mater) familias, he can on the other hand remain an eternal wanderer of feelings …

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