Cancer character

Sweet, sensitive, kind, emotional, the Cancer woman is full of human qualities! His extreme emotionality can play tricks on him too easily!


Sweet, sensitive, kind, emotional: you are full of human qualities but you protect yourself as best you can from those emotional weaknesses that make you hurt too easily. Your inner world is considered very rich: imagination, creativity, unlimited fantasy … Our Cancer often walks between dream and reality and realism is sometimes lacking. You carefully mark out your little universe because you only really feel fulfilled in a familiar circle or in the context of special relationships.

But beware…

Your sign is ruled by the Moon and that makes you sometimes as facetious as it is capricious. You are the queen of untimely mood swings and unlimited sulking (often because someone dared to say “no” to you).

Our Cancer is a creative: we can never say it enough! Do not get lost on the side of management, accounting, sales, secretarial … On the contrary, you have to make profitable your ideas, your imagination, your artistic sensibility: work in advertising, opt for graphics, write, paint, design, imagine! Your Cancer temperament hardly exposes you to overwork. Your energy is made up of ups and downs intimately linked to your moods and moods: if you get up on the right foot, you feel wings and we can ask you anything but if you are upset in the morning, you get into your shell. At work, you must therefore take a grain of salt if we want you to remain productive, not to destabilize you too much, to know how to encourage you and to gain confidence. A freelance job at home or a job with the family would suit you very well. Think about it!


Between living your dreams and dreaming your loves, your heart always swings … You swear only by the magic of love, you believe hard as iron in a soul mate, you adore when you no longer touch the ground, you love men gallants, gentlemen of sentiment … Your romantic soul demands a lot of attention and affection: as long as it knows how to offer you flowers and say “I love you” a little every day! Your emotional frailties make you lean towards reassuring, stable (sometimes older) men: your “woman-child” side is also supposed to attract and develop the protective side of these gentlemen. Be careful: you develop a feeling of emotional dependence faster than others. Don’t fall for it too much!

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As a couple, you are adorable, confident and very affectionate as long as everything is going well. But you become unmanageable as soon as something hurts you. The management of the Cancer woman remains a mystery for many men … You have to feel totally secure to give the best of yourself: and there, you become and you remain a dream wife …


How to seduce a CANCER man

Have you fallen in love with a Cancer man but not sure if it’s mutual? Don’t worry, this is normal. The Cancer man is not a seducer and will rarely take the first step. He will wait until he is sure of his feelings before announcing anything to you. And if he ever sets out to seduce you, it will be discreet … so discreet that you may not even understand that it is seduction. In short, if you want to seduce a Cancer man, you will have to be enterprising, without rushing him.

The Cancer man likes security: he takes shelter behind his shell to protect himself from possible dangers. He reflects a lot on his past and can be nostalgic. Rather reserved, the Cancer man will not reveal his true personality to you until he is convinced that he can trust you. You will therefore have to be patient with him. In order for him to open up to you, you will have to show him that you are faithful, attentive, understanding. He is a sensitive man: you will have to reassure him.

The art of seducing a Cancer man

Sensitive yes, very much, you will discover it when you have succeeded in coaxing it. In the meantime, he can especially be brittle and annoying. The virulence of his words is for him a way to protect himself. He knows how to analyze people, understand them and adapt his actions and words accordingly. If he wants to test you, he won’t hold back. He is often skilled at handling words, even if he is not very talkative. All these barriers that he puts between you and him can seem insurmountable to you, nevertheless when you will have passed them you will discover a tender being and always present when you will need him.

The Cancer man, if he is difficult to reach, then gives himself 100% to people who are close to him, and even more so when she is the woman of his life. He will be attentive to you, understanding, always loving and willing to help you in any way. He is a faithful man who seeks to have a true love affair with the woman in whom he has placed his trust. So, the biggest mistake you could make is to be unfaithful to him. If you have been and he learns it he will not forgive you and will make you pay for it with sharp and hurtful words. To keep a Cancer man, you are therefore going to have to be honest.

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Don’t rush it

To seduce and keep a Cancer man, you will therefore have to arm yourself with patience, be enterprising without being abrupt. Know how to adapt to his rhythm, do not panic if from time to time he seems to lock himself in or distance himself. It is then better to open up to you when you will no longer expect it. You will have to seize these opportunities that it will offer you: be genuinely interested in what it tells you. He probably won’t repeat the same things to you twice, be careful.

In those moments of confidentiality when he has decided to open up to you, you can question him. Take an interest in what he is telling you, his thoughts, his questions, his family, his friends. Listen to him confide in you, it is a rare moment and a proof of his love for you.

Do you think that it takes a lot of effort to seduce a complicated and not very demonstrative man? Make no mistake: once the Cancer man is in love and in confidence, he becomes transfixed and passionate. He will admire you, idolize you, and will do anything to stay with you. So it’s a lot of effort for intense love.

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CBD Oil Emerges as a Candidate for the Treatment of Skin Cancer

Remarkable as it may be CBD oil is emerging as a candidate treatment for skin cancer. Cancer of the skin is at best a worrying concern and worst if not treated early it can be fatal. It would be wonderful news if a CBD oil-rich topical cream applied with a moisturizer could reduce the risk of this pernicious cancer.

Apparently, this is just possibly what may happen at some date in the future. CBD oil has been shown in studies to promote abnormal cell death.

CBD oil treatment for cancer

Roles of Cannabinoids in Melanoma Emerging Evidence from In Vivo Studies

It may also help to delay the progression of cancer. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-mutagen activity and, as mentioned above, this could amount to a highly beneficial anti-cancer activity if substantiated in peer-reviewed tests and published scientific papers.

It has gained a lot of attention lately. It is a non-toxic, non-addictive substance that could have significant effects on the human body. The NI of Health says,

“It has gained an increasing amount of attention in recent years as a possible treatment for cancer, especially breast cancer and cancer of the prostate.”

CBD Reducing Cancer-Related Side Effects Is Just One Benefit of Many

It has also been suggested that it may help prevent the onset of other diseases related to age, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s and AIDS.

We are referring to the chemical called cannabidiol, CBD. It is a component of marijuana that helps create the positive effects of marijuana without the negative effects of smoking or ingesting the smoke from marijuana.

CBD oil has been shown in studies to promote abnormal cell death. It may also help to delay the progression of cancer.

CBD Oil and Cancer – Just One of Many CBD Benefits You May Not Know

CBD with almost no THC is emerging as also a promising pharmaceutical agent to lower inflammation. It has for some time now been said to help cure epilepsy. It may reduce seizures, help with weight loss, and reduce anxiety.

People smoke tobacco products that are bad for their health. CBD in hemp seeds and leaves is smoked by some. However, the government doesn’t consider CBD a tobacco product.

There are several types of CBD products. They include topical creams that may help a person feel relaxed and less tense. at the same time they may help soothe skin conditions such as eczema.

Types of CBD Products

Anti-aging products are also called antioxidants. They are also referred to as vitamins, among them Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. There is a CBD cream industry and a whole lot of other CBD products available.

These are anti-aging products that help the body in a variety of ways. One of these ways is that they help reduce the effects of aging by combating cellular damage, such as cell degeneration.

CBD for Eczema Wrinkles Crow’s Feet and More

In addition, they help soothe skin conditions such as eczema, wrinkles, crow’s feet and other skin wrinkles. These products all contain a type of substance that is part of a family of compounds referred to as antioxidants. They help the cells regenerate and heal, thereby reducing or eliminating skin damage.

It is also said that antioxidants help to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, thus resulting in a smoother and younger look.

CBD for Youthful Skin: What You Need to Know

They help to improve skin elasticity. Elasticity improvement helps prevent the symptoms of aging such as dark circles, wrinkled skin, loose skin or sagging (crepey) skin.

They are also very beneficial in helping a person avoid pain feel good and live life to the fullest, perhaps helping to avoid disease.

CBD for Cancer: Can It Help? Possibly. According to Research

CBD can reportedly be used by all skin types, and on a daily basis. The various products are sold in various strengths. They are very helpful in combating the hurt from an unhealthy lifestyle and chronic health conditions.

This in turn is helping to enhance the effects of many of the anti-aging products which contain it.

They are very helpful in combating heart disease and high cholesterol, among other ailments. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help a person’s health tremendously. There is an enormous number of ways that a person can benefit from these anti-aging products.

Cannabis Oil and Cancer

They are very helpful in protecting against skin cancer, such as cancer of the breast, uterus, and anal canal.

In addition, they are very helpful in helping a person combat the symptoms of cancer, such as breast cancer. Cannabinoids are also very helpful in aiding in the clinical treatment of cancer.

They can help in minimizing a person’s symptoms of cancer because they can improve circulation.

Not Just a Complementary Treatment for Cancer

Cannabinoids may help in reducing inflammation, thereby reducing a person’s chances of getting cancer and dying from cancer.

They may also be very helpful in combating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

People should learn how to make the best use of these products because they will help a person look younger and healthier. They are very helpful in aiding in the development of a healthy body and healthy skin, and therefore are very important in any individual’s life.

Avoiding Your Exposure to the Sun – The Most Important Way to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

When people begin to experience problems and illnesses from exposure to the sun they should first get out of it. Then they should immediately consult medical advice, especially if they have diabetes or some other related health problem.

They should always avoid being overexposed to the sun, especially during peak hours. Avoid exposure to the direct sun as much as possible.

They should wear sunscreen with a high SPF level every day that covers all of their skin areas, including the eyes. They should also avoid going out during peak hours in those states that have sun coverage requirements.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

They should also make sure that they have a constant supply of water to keep hydrated throughout the day.

People should know how to recognize the early warning signs of skin cancer as soon as possible.

They should see a doctor immediately they suspect skin cancer, especially if they feel a lump or sore on their arm or something.

Look Out for Skin Cancer Warning Signs

People should check their skin for new blemishes that get larger and may hurt.


People should not just rely on quality natural CBD oil. Always use sunscreen to protect their skin every time they go out in the sun.

When they have to go out, they should keep the skin of your arms and legs well moisturized and moist as well. This helps to keep yourself from having dark patches or spots on the skin.

Try not to expose yourself to the sun by always wearing protective clothing and avoiding going out during midday peak sun-strength hours. This is especially important if you have a history of skin cancer.

They should also wear sunscreen with a high SPF level without fail every day, to protect the skin of their arms and legs from sun damage.

People should also cleanse their skin thoroughly every day and change their skin moisturizer and cleansers to keep their skin well moisturized and moist.


The Aquarius man and love

More about Aquarius and his feelings

Under the element of air, as well as under the guidance of the planet Uranus, our Aquarian man has his difficulties with dear love.

It can neither be rationally explained nor controlled. Again and again, he tries to turn an actual emotional decision into a mental issue.

Like all things and events in his life, he would like to be able to give his permission beforehand. It is also easy for him to ignore the emotional needs of his partner.


He doesn’t know how to deal with love

Basically, this is just a self-made protective mechanism, because he doesn’t really know how to deal with love.

His lady of heart has kindly to take him as he is and as he is. Stubborn and stubborn as he is, he also goes his way in the interpersonal area.

If in his search for a fulfilled partnership, he encounters a representative of the more emotional zodiac signs, she could quickly come to the conclusion that she has met a man who would be better off spending his life as a loner.

He is just extremely stubborn and mentally fixed.

However, there are also those who have accepted their special fate and these are then born human friends, as well as perfect lovers. But even these make it clear right from the start that they are neither interested in a normal relationship nor in a long-term partnership.

An Aquarian man hopes to find true love throughout his life, a woman who will help him out of this cosmic dilemma.

Are you interested in an Aquarius man?

If you are interested in an Aquarian man, it is better to get rid of the idea that he will act the same as other people when they are in love.

Aquarius men are wonderful friends … if not the best, but love is a separate area.

He will do everything possible to hide his feelings, although he is always very interested in the feelings of others. The Aquarian Man takes thieving pleasure in confusing and confusing you.

You will never know exactly where you are until the day he stands with you in front of the altar. Maybe just a new experience that he can grow from?

Although he is very much a philanthropist, this love for people is still impersonal. This is precisely because an Aquarius is interested not only in everyone but rather in everyone.

He sees something special in each person and gives each person their own importance. Every person is very special to an Aquarius.

Fair play also has enormous weight for him and so he knows how to bring this to bear in all of his relationships. Be it of a friendly nature or in love.

Changes and ideals

You will lead a life that will be strongly shaped by change … always expect the unexpected and be prepared for a number of discussions.

He will always defend his high ideals down to the knife, precisely because they are usually barely comprehensible to other people. But there will also be quiet phases in which you can both recharge your batteries for future events. You will also urgently need this power.

It takes time
It will take time for the Aquarian man to become friends with the idea of ​​only one woman, but when he does then you will at least have a perfect and extraordinarily attentive lover to expect.

Indeed, it is his nature to sacrifice his own needs for the common good. He will probably also incorporate this quality into a love relationship and so you will have to do without him every now and then.

Of course, it can also happen that he suddenly realizes the meaning of a fulfilled partnership and he simply lets the people out there be people in order to devote themselves fully to you.

If something fascinates an Aquarius, it is riddles and secrets. An unsolved case just upsets him and he will not rest until he knows it has been resolved.

Don’t be fooled by his apparent indifference here and give him something worth finding. Otherwise, he will quickly be disappointed and start looking again. In search of yet another unexplained mystery.

The simple trick to mastering it

So if you want to bind him to you in the long run, then you basically only have to master one thing … to fascinate him and learn what attracts Aquarius men. For this it is necessary not to reveal yourself to the full extent straight away, keep your smaller and larger secrets and feed him little by little with details … his instinct will thank you.

That’s why the typical Aquarius feels more drawn to the closed and reserved women … at least at the beginning.

Women are naturally flattered when a man tries to find out as much about you as possible. However, it can quickly happen with an Aquarius admirer that this enthusiasm turns into disenchantment as soon as the woman notices that he is just as interested in the friendly service … or the ice-cream seller.

So he is, the Aquarian man

Gentle and docile, yes, that’s how he can be, the Aquarius. He is also a prime example of indulgence, at least until he realizes that he is only being taken advantage of. Then his charm will quickly turn into the opposite.

An Aquarius man admires women who not only have their own opinions but can also assert them, as long as she allows him his own freedom. He has a very strong sense of freedom.

It is not uncommon to find a keen sense of cleanliness in Aquarius, not to mention fanatical. Many representatives of this air sign have real phobias in this area and can’t stand sharing a towel with others or eating from the same spoon. Far too great is the concern about bacteria or other dangers that might lurk there.

Do not expect a man who will court you in the highest tones. He won’t need grand gestures or gifts to convince you of himself. Life with him should be a gift enough for you.

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Looking for a Specialist residential locksmiths?

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  3. What residential locksmith services can you get from us?
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Since 1980, amazing lock service has been serving Peterborough and Cambridgeshire! we are a local, family-owned and operated business that takes our commitment to the community seriously. Whether you need a commercial locksmith, door locksmith or auto/car locksmith, you get the same great services. call a locksmith As your locally owned and operated lock company, we provide the trusted residential locksmith services that generations have relied upon.

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What residential locksmith services can you get from us?

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Best Residential Locksmith Services

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Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

With instances of crime and burglary on the rise, the need for adequate home security infrastructure is more than ever. Security begins with your locks and to ensure that the locks in your property are robust enough to withstand external threats, you need expert insight. Our residential locksmiths can offer you just that! apart from imparting valuable security solutions customized to your requirements, we also provide high-end products, standard locksmith services and more. We even respond to house calls made beyond business hours that allow you to schedule our services as per convenience.

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List of Residential Locksmith Services

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University sports and fitness

How to Operate a Fitbit – Introducing How Fitness Tracking Works

It’s really simple when you know how to operate a Fitbit fitness tracking device, in fact when you understand how to use any exercise tracking device you will know how to operate most of them, because in principle they all work in much the same way

On This Page

  1. If You Received a Used Fitbit Device
  2. How Does a Fitbit Work?
  3. What Is a Fitbit?
  4. What is Fitbit Pay?
  5. How to Use the Fitbit Dashboard

If You Received a Used Fitbit Device

If you received a used Fitbit device and the instructions have been long-lost on how to operate a Fitbit, worry not! We have the answers for you here!

Step by step, here are the basic instructions on how to operate a Fitbit:

  1. Navigate your device by tapping the screen, swiping up and down, or pressing the button:
  2. Use the clock and apps.
  3. Use the button.
  4. Check battery level.
  5. Adjust settings.

How Does a Fitbit Work?

On your Fitbit dashboard you can find other information captured by your tracker, such as:

  • Your sleep history, including hours slept and sleep patterns
  • Your exercise history and progress towards a weekly exercise goal
  • The hours of your day that you were stationary vs. active (walked at least 250 steps)
  • Your beats per minute (BPM), average resting heart rate, and time spent in heart-rate zones.

We also know that fitbit has programs that work with both insurance companies and employers. Plus, they share data with law enforcement if they’re legally required to.

Then you’ll be able to start and end that workout on the fly. Fitbit devices use an accelerometer to measure your movements. The accelerometer takes the movement data and translates it into digital measurements, which it how fitbits count your steps, and measure the distance you’ve traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Google has bought Fitbit which has made people worry that their personal Fitbit exercise data stored on the Fitbit servers would be mined to provide  information for advertising to plague their tracking device users. But, in a blog published this week, Google outlined how it would protect fitbit users’ data, saying its purchase was “about the devices, not the data. ”. “we worked with global regulators on an approach which safeguards consumers’ privacy expectations, including a series of binding commitments that confirm Fitbit users’ health and wellness data won’t be used for google ads. This data will be separated from other google ads data,” said Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Devices and Services.

What Is a Fitbit?

Fitbit offers a way for you to track your steps even if you do not have a fitbit device or if you have a fitbit but have forgotten to wear it.

Get in the zone. Personalized heart-rate zones help you target the training intensity of your choice. Earn active zone minutes. For time spent in the fat burn, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones.

This fitbit tracks daily activities in a manner similar to that of a pedometer. A fitbit differs from a pedometer because it can track nighttime activity.

This product will monitor movement, the number of times the wearer wakes up, and the hours of sleep that he or she gets.

What is Fitbit Pay?

Whether you buy a simple and low-cost tracker or you go with a smartwatch-style Fitbit that allows you to read texts, play music, and even use popular payment apps on the go. There’s a model that will monitor your health during exercise and help you make sure work that you get a healthy amount of exercise each day. And, in addition you get Fitbit Pay which is the payment application provided by Fitbit to ensure safe purchases and easy payment for goods while you are out exercising and you wish to make a purchase.

On their smartphone apps you can also swipe back up, to get back to your clock face, or press the left button. Tap “Next” “20”. Press and hold the left button to access your quick settings.

At the moment fitbit sense has some annoyances – and the on-watch experience is a little laggy, and the wrist-raise is too slow. Hopefully these get fixed up, because you do get around six days of battery life, a seriously rapid fast charge.

How to Use the Fitbit Dashboard

If you want to access your fitbit. Com dashboard instead, you can log in to your fitbit account. Here’s how it’s done:. Go to you fitbit. Com. Click the gear icon…

When you click on the sleep tile from your fitbit dashboard and then choose today, you’ll be able to see how much time you spent in each sleep stage and what percent of your total night’s sleep that stage constituted. via TechRadar.


The exercise monitoring Fitbit devices supply is as detailed as you can get.

Truth be told, we could all use a bit of time away from our phones. But most of us are worried about missing important texts or calls.

Your fitbit device finds a happy medium, displaying sms notifications and sending call alerts.


See more at the Sports Gadgets Review site near Shrewsbury.


Why it is hard to learn a new language

If it is difficult for you to learn a foreign language, you can take a deep breath now because you are not alone. It is no secret that it is more difficult for adults to learn a new language than for children, in whose extremely flexible brains the necessary connections grow and develop that they need to learn an additional language.

But why is it so difficult to learn a foreign language at all? Put simply, this is because it poses a double challenge: both in terms of the mind (your brain needs to build new cognitive structures) and in terms of the time it takes (you have to practice consistently over a long period of time to be successful). But that is not all.

In this article, we’ll look at three main factors that make learning a new language difficult – and give you six tips to make things a little easier for you – so that you can move forward with bigger strides from now on!

a student learning english

The brain

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to learn Spanish through play, while others can barely manage a “hola”? Well, there is research that indicates that the individual interconnections of our brains determine the success of language learning. In a study conducted at McGill University, participants’ brains were scanned before and after a 12-week intensive French course. The researchers found that the connections between areas of the brain involved in speaking and reading were stronger in the participants who found it easier to learn. So that could mean that some people simply have better cognitive skills for language learning, but of course, it doesn’t mean that not everyone can and should try (and learning a language is very good for you and your brain )!

How we learn

Evening courses, language holidays abroad, apps, conversations with your tandem partner, working abroad, intensive courses – there are so many methods and opportunities to learn a foreign language. Unfortunately, however, it is also the case that adults hardly have the opportunity to learn “on the side” or implicitly, as children often do when they simply deal with native speakers all day and gradually “pick up” the language. Our highly developed, cluttered adult brains often get in the way while we study.

As adults, we usually learn by gradually expanding our vocabulary and learning vocabulary, but often we do not even know how the individual words belong together properly in order to formulate grammatically correct sentences and texts. Research at MIT even indicates that the tendency towards analysis and questioning is more likely to prevent adults from noticing the subtle nuances of a foreign language and that greater effort in this area does not lead to better results.

Katie Nielson from Voxy sees the problem in the fact that we see language as an object. “In history lessons, you learn chronologically and work of the years to get everything in the right order. But you can’t learn a language that way, ”says Nielson. “It doesn’t work like memorizing a certain number of words and rules and then expecting to master the language. One then has the knowledge of ‘language as an object’; one can describe the language, but not use it. ”

She suggests understanding the process as “skill learning” (something you do) rather than “object learning” (something you know). But how do you do that? Just let go of the claim to perfection. Learning without hesitation – whether with an app, a course, or while traveling – don’t be afraid of making mistakes and accept that you will feel stupid sometimes, but that that’s not bad at all.


The most effective learning methods for students


Of course, you don’t necessarily need learning techniques to get through your studies successfully. But I can tell you from personal experience that learning with a system …

… Is funny
… helps you to learn more effectively and better
… the learning material is better remembered
So all things that make life as a schoolboy or student easier, right? Then let’s get started:


Yes, I know it’s totally tedious and exhausting and you’re maybe more of the I-study-2-days-before-the-exam-and-stuff-me-then-the-whole-subject-matter type, but what’s right and to study stress-free, it is highly recommended to create a study plan. And not just two days before the exam.


Depending on how extensive your study material is, you sit down 2-3 weeks before the exam and look through all of the material. Make a rough estimate of how many pages you can study each day and then make a plan for it.

You take a blank piece of paper and write down exactly which chapters you want to have learned by when and how many pages you have to learn per day. The best thing to do is to plan a small buffer at the end so that you can repeat everything in the last few days before the exam.

And now comes the most important step of the whole thing: You start with the learning plan and adjust it if you have set yourself too much. But once you’ve set realistic learning goals for each day, you need to stick to them. Without arguing.

You don’t meet up with friends and you don’t even watch your favorite series until you have completed your planned study quota for the day.

You can only reward yourself when you have achieved everything that you set out to do for today’s day of learning.

Conclusion: Divide your learning material into small stages and stick to them, then little can go wrong and the learning stress and exam anxiety are limited.


If you are just about to memorize tons of scientific texts – STOP it! You only use unnecessary brainpower, which you can use much better.

As? It’s good that you ask, my friend!

The SQ3R method – is particularly suitable for understanding and learning scientific and factual texts.


You can imagine the method as a dance between two people who are getting closer and closer and more familiar – this is exactly how it should be with you and the factual text (romantic, I know). So that you can better imagine the whole thing, I have added small explanations for each step.

Step 1: S – Survey

Here you just skim through the text and mark important keywords. You get to know a new person and introduce yourself formally.

Step 2: Q – Question

You ask questions about the text and think about what could be relevant. This way you will read the text much more carefully the next time and try to answer your questions. You find the person who introduced themselves to you attractive and wants to find out more about them. To do this, you ask your counterpart a few questions to get to know him or her better.

Step 3: R – Read

Now you go through the text again, but this time thoroughly. You make sure that you understand everything and that you can answer your questions. You like your counterpart very much. You look at her or him carefully again from head to toe. The face, the hair, the body … you know what I’m getting at.

Step 4: R – Recite

Now you summarize the text again in your own words. This will ensure that you have really understood the text and internalize it. Plus, you’ll be able to remember your own words better later and just have to learn your summary.

You ask your counterpart to dance so that you can get closer. How about tango?

Step 5: R – Repeat

You repeat the key messages of the text and go through all the important points again so that the text is anchored in your brain. The dancing was fun. We can do it again if you feel like it!

After these five steps, you should have understood the text and learned it well.

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Boiler Leaking? Gas Leak vs Water Leak – How to React!

If your gas boiler is leaking, the way you must react to the level of danger is completely different for a gas leak vs a water leak. To make sure our readers appreciate the very real dangers of a gas leak we wrote this article to compare how to react to each! This article is not just for homeowners either. Everyone who is alone or in charge of a house needs to know this.

Watch Out! It’s a Gas Leak!

There are a number of different things that can cause a boiler to start leaking gas. This type of problem can be very dangerous and could cause serious damage to your home. There might be a gas explosion and if so a large proportion of those result in serious injury or death.

Boiler Leaking? Featured Text asks: Gas Leak vs Water Leak - How to React!

For instance, if you did not maintain your flue or the gas pipelines then this could be a problem. It is important to ensure that in any property the gas flows through the system properly and that gas pipes do not ever get damaged.

If you think your gas pipe is leaking because you can smell it, then you should call your regional or local gas energy company immediately and follow their instructions.

If the odor is strong, don’t delay before making the call. Get all other occupants out of the front gate to a safe distance or well back the into the garden before you call the emergency gas leak number.

The phone number for this is most likely prominently shown on a sticker the original gas engineer will have stuck onto your boiler somewhere or Google the name of your gas supply company. The emergency gas leak phone number is usually displayed prominently on their website.

Don’t go back into the property is the smell is strong.

Only if the smell is almost undetectable can you stick around to do some diagnosis. Check all of the pipes and connections in the installation and make sure that they are not broken. Sometimes a gas leak odor could have also come from the pilot light or a flue pipe. In some instances, this would not be a cause for concern.

Even though officials say that the cause for most gas leakages is due to seepage through cracks, they also say that a natural gas leak by gas pipe rupture is far more dangerous and can occur. Your home might be more prone to natural gas leaks or rupture than others, for example, some gas supply pipes are left by plumbers in some homes which run unprotected up walls. Unprotected gas pipes can be hit or knocked out of place and rupture.

However, when gas seepage through pipe joints etc. occurs it is often difficult for anyone without specialist leak detection equipment to pinpoint exactly where these leaks are taking place. They usually take place at joints that are not sealed properly and if the gas pressure was too high, cracks may form and start to leak.

When a boiler leaks gas it will be isolated from the gas supply immediately and the owner of the property will not on any account be allowed to use it. If a heating engineer on inspection of a boiler decides it is not repairable and condemns it, the owner has no alternative but to replace it with a new one.

O.K. It’s a Water Leak

In contrast to a gas leak there is a far lower risk of injury or death. The peril may be to your possessions and the cost can be huge, but no regulations will prevent you doing most, if not all, of the repair work yourself. As long as you take great care not to injure yourself you will be fine.

An official from the National Fire Protection Association was quoted as saying:

That the main cause for home heating and hot water supply hot water leakage is tank and central heating radiator corrosion and the problem usually occurs first in the hot water tank.

A heating maintenance company would recommend that you get an annual boiler service to avoid the occurrence of this kind of boiler leaking situation, and check water meters monthly for unexpectedly high water use. In fact, many people would recommend having your combi boiler serviced every six months. There are a number of reasons why this should be done, and it has to do with safety and the efficient use of the gas you pay for.

An official US investigation recently found that the rate of occurrence of all a boiler leaking water was increasing year after year. It was found that the boiler installation work of 21 out of 24 heaters was faulty in some way. Boiler leaking, boiler pressure, lack of pressure relief and boilers not gas safe were all found. Out of those, it was found that some of the leaking boilers were not even making a great job of providing heat and maintaining proper temperatures in the house. Similar results were found recently for when investigation the plumbing of boilers in Glasgow’s south side.

What Should I Do if My Boiler Is Leaking Water?

If you have a water leak in your boiler, a plumber will recommend that you replace the entire unit with a new model. Once a new boiler has been installed by a qualified plumber you should then properly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. You should follow all the safety precautions as well as user recommendations given by the manufacturer.

However, if the water leak work cannot be repaired by yourself, we would recommend hiring the services of an expert. A professional will be able to carry out the gas boiler repairs and cure all leaking water for you.

They will ensure that the device is safe for use and will normally bring it back to perfect working condition. Of course, old and corroded boilers and central heating system. may not make financial sense to be repaired, and for that reason are often completely replaced after leaking.

So, the message is gas leaks are so dangerous you must act with safety first and not cost in mind. The wrong action in a serious gas leak could cause an explosion which may cost you, and people around you, their lives. Always phone for emergency assistance if in any doubt at all about the severity of a gas leak.

Water leaks are different. Water leaks involving hot or cold water usually cause financial damage first and safety hazards second, so in such instances, you can pursue DIY diagnostics and remedies if you wish.

However, always make sure you have a qualified professional to advise you who has the necessary knowledge about working on your boiler or heating system. Do not attempt to fix the problem on your own unless you have been trained to do so or know how you can do the job, and you may want to take out boiler cover.


Tips To Make Learning From Home Easier For Children

The current situation demands a lot of patience and strong nerves from parents. How do I get my child, who is not allowed to go to school or to play, to learn? Hanging out on your smartphone or cell phone is actually a lot more fun when you’re not in school. These great free student learning apps can help keep your child motivated and maybe even volunteer to sit down and study.

StudySmarter: Learn for free with STARK content, access to original Abitur exercises and solutions. The learning app can be installed on the smartphone and the computer. (
Simple Club: Thousands of educational videos on the most important subjects such as science or math. (
Anton: The perfect apps for primary school students. With exercises and learning games for the most important subjects, with child-friendly animation. (

This is how I motivate my child to learn

For many parents, it is of course particularly difficult at the moment to get their children to study when they are off school. We have the best tips for you from tutors on how the child will happily do their homework voluntarily or learn on upcoming exams:

Tip 1: Create a pleasant “learning environment”

When you feel good you are of course much more motivated, we know that from our own work. It is of course no different from children. If possible, have breakfast with your child in front of it so that it feels strengthened and make sure that the desk looks tidy so that you feel comfortable in the “workplace”

Tip 2: Promote self-determination

Does your child have a favorite place to study? Maybe even in the garden or comfortably on the sofa? Or is more concentrated in the evening than in the morning? Try to enable your child to study in the place or time of day when they are most motivated.

Tip 3: Try not to make the school the main topic

Home should be a safe haven for a child. A place is full of security and love where the child can relax. If your child is feeling stressed, try not to use pressure to get them to study. Perhaps you will be able to find out what the child needs first and then sit down, motivated, and do his or her tasks.

Tip 4: Breaks are essential

When you notice their attention waning, give your child a few breaks. Sometimes even a sip of water or a few deep breaths helps. Even catching fresh air in between can be a renewed motivation.

Tip 5: strengthen your back

Show your child their strengths. Encourage it as often as possible and create a sense of achievement. Because, of course, we know that from ourselves. When do we accelerate the most? Sure, when the boss praises us and is satisfied with our work. Appreciation and recognition regardless of school performance strengthen the child’s self-esteem and brings a lot of motivation.

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