Cancer character

Sweet, sensitive, kind, emotional, the Cancer woman is full of human qualities! His extreme emotionality can play tricks on him too easily!


Sweet, sensitive, kind, emotional: you are full of human qualities but you protect yourself as best you can from those emotional weaknesses that make you hurt too easily. Your inner world is considered very rich: imagination, creativity, unlimited fantasy … Our Cancer often walks between dream and reality and realism is sometimes lacking. You carefully mark out your little universe because you only really feel fulfilled in a familiar circle or in the context of special relationships.

But beware…

Your sign is ruled by the Moon and that makes you sometimes as facetious as it is capricious. You are the queen of untimely mood swings and unlimited sulking (often because someone dared to say “no” to you).

Our Cancer is a creative: we can never say it enough! Do not get lost on the side of management, accounting, sales, secretarial … On the contrary, you have to make profitable your ideas, your imagination, your artistic sensibility: work in advertising, opt for graphics, write, paint, design, imagine! Your Cancer temperament hardly exposes you to overwork. Your energy is made up of ups and downs intimately linked to your moods and moods: if you get up on the right foot, you feel wings and we can ask you anything but if you are upset in the morning, you get into your shell. At work, you must therefore take a grain of salt if we want you to remain productive, not to destabilize you too much, to know how to encourage you and to gain confidence. A freelance job at home or a job with the family would suit you very well. Think about it!


Between living your dreams and dreaming your loves, your heart always swings … You swear only by the magic of love, you believe hard as iron in a soul mate, you adore when you no longer touch the ground, you love men gallants, gentlemen of sentiment … Your romantic soul demands a lot of attention and affection: as long as it knows how to offer you flowers and say “I love you” a little every day! Your emotional frailties make you lean towards reassuring, stable (sometimes older) men: your “woman-child” side is also supposed to attract and develop the protective side of these gentlemen. Be careful: you develop a feeling of emotional dependence faster than others. Don’t fall for it too much!

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As a couple, you are adorable, confident and very affectionate as long as everything is going well. But you become unmanageable as soon as something hurts you. The management of the Cancer woman remains a mystery for many men … You have to feel totally secure to give the best of yourself: and there, you become and you remain a dream wife …

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