Emotion Trigger Phrases To Use On a Man

Emotion Trigger Phrases To Use On a Man

Is there anything you’ve ever said to a man that triggered an intense, loving emotional response from him?

Maybe it was purely accidental, or maybe you were using scripts from one of the dating programs. Regardless, phrases can be an extremely effective way to connect with any man.

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Emotion Trigger Phrases To Use On a Man image

Emotion Trigger Phrases To Use On a Man

Here are some emotional trigger phrases for attraction.

These are only the beginning… proceed by learning the secrets of obsession phrases.

Here are some Emotion Trigger Phrases To Use On a Man:

1. Masculinity

A man can feel the difference when a woman wholly appreciates his masculine energy.

He is drawn to women who appreciate his inborn need to protect and provide, as well as his desire to lead and make the first move. This has nothing to do with the feminine’s subservience.

A quality man is drawn to her confidence, able to feel safe in his presence, & her ability to relax into acquiring his gifts. A quality man recognizes her unique power that balances him.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I feel so well taken care of when you take me to nice places.”

“You truly understand how to make me feel special.”

“I really enjoy how I feel when I’m with you.”

2. Acknowledgement

Nothing turns a man off more than being treated as a “project” by a woman who attempts to change him.

Ladies, if he did it to you, you’d be furious, so don’t do it to him. Men adore the feeling of being accepted exactly as they are — no required changes.

It’s true that one of your greatest and most coveted gifts is the ability to respect, appreciate, and comprehend men.

Get his attention by saying something like-

you do it, but you always seem to get me.”

“I feel a strong connection to you.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

3. thankful

Men who are healthy, well-adjusted, and available are proud of their capability to protect and provide for their families. In reality, many males will prioritize their career goals and avoid getting serious with a partner till they feel they can offer these chances.

The most important thing he wants in return is your appreciation & gratitude for his efforts. Isn’t that a reasonable request?

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I understand you’re extremely busy. “I’m so glad you made the time to meet.”

“I always look forward to spending time with you!”

“I’m glad you chose this restaurant.” It’s fantastic!”

4. Nurturing

We’ve discussed the gifts of masculine energy, but feminine energy also has some valuable gifts to offer. The most important thing about being feminine is how well you can care for and nurture other people.

Subordination and inferiority have nothing to do with this at all. It’s the feminine power that can literally melt a man and make him see a vision with you — or not.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“Have you had a meal yet?” “Do you want something to eat?”

“Is there anything I can get you?”

“What can I do to assist?”

5. Easygoing

On occasion, masculine energy can be combative when faced with a difficult situation. He doesn’t want unnecessary conflict with his partner in their home.

This does not rule out the possibility of disagreement. It simply means that you learn how to interact effectively and resolve issues, particularly when there is a disagreement.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“Hey, can we discuss what happened earlier?”

“I’m sure you want to .” “Can you shed some light on this for me?”

“I value your viewpoint, but there is another element we should consider.”

6. Reliable

When a guy is looking for a wife, he needs to know that you will be loyal to him and will have his back, particularly when things get difficult.

Your integrity, honesty, and empathy are powerful emotional triggers that will inspire him in seeing you as a genuine, dependable partner in your future together.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I have something to tell you, and I know you might not like it…”

“I understand it wasn’t your intention, but…”

“Something is going on, and you need to know about it…”

7. Independence

For as long as mankind has existed, men have been willing to risk their lives, fight for their freedom, and even die for it.

A smart lady will avoid giving her man the impression that she is attempting to bind him or take away his choices too soon. She’ll also make sure he knows how good it is to have a lot of freedom in a relationship.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I’d love to see you, but I have some other things to do.”

“I’m willing to be flexible on that.” “How does it work best for you?”

“I believe you should attend the event with the guys…”

8. entice

When a man is captivated, he begins to think about you all the time — even when you’re not together — and realizes you’re unlike anyone he’s ever met.

The way you make him feel and the positive impact you have on his life are things that he appreciates and recognizes. At this point, he knows you’re special, he’s falling in love, and he’s thinking about a future together.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I’m looking forward to seeing you as well!”

“I’m confident we’ll figure it out.”

“I love spending time with you.”

9. Soulmates

In the event that you are successful in inducing all of these emotional charges, a man will begin to see you as his soulmate & potential life partner.

Get his attention by saying something like-

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

“I’m so glad you walked into my life.”

“I had no idea that love could be this intense.”

Now that you’re aware of these nine points, keep in mind that you should be using emotional trigger phrases for attraction in order to find genuine love, not to manipulate men, as you’ll only be hurting yourself.

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