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Language Of Desire Examples

In order to master Felicity Keith’s the language of desire, you must first learn how to completely hook your guy to you and end up making him desire you again and again, to the point where he has eyes for you and you for him. If you’re interested in discovering a dirty erotic secret about men, Even the nicest, shyest, and most innocent woman can use to turn any man on and more desperate for you than he has ever been for another girl in his lifetime, then Download Language of Desire.

When it comes to men, it’s easy to believe they have an on/off switch for their desires, but this isn’t always the case, but once it’s, you’re going to need to understand the 6 Language of Desire Phrases which will pull your guy’s socks off.

Be assured that the Language of Desire does not require you to say something dirty, even though being dirty can lend a hand.

It can mean the difference between an exciting love adventure and a monotonous relationship where your guy is with you but still thinks of other ladies, as according Felicity Keith, writer of Language of Desire.

Language of Desire teaches women dirty talk technics that will turn you into your man’s only fantasy, the only one he desires and wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Thus, here is some Free Desire Language that even the most shy, reserved woman can immediately begin using on her man. To discover more techniques on Language of Desire, click here.

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Felicity Keith’s Language Of Desire Examples

I love your scent.

Men are frequently just as self-conscious as women, and when they experiment with something new, they want to know if it worked or not.

This implies that if you start noticing that your man has switched to a different perfumes or body spray, you should compliment him and make sure he is aware of your observation.

Demonstrating to your man that you notice the small details can significantly boost his confidence, and informing him that you like the changes will only serve to further boost it.

Men crave woman approval, and the approval of their love or partner is the most desirable. Noticing and complimenting how good your guy smells is an ego booster. And if he doesn’t smell particularly good at the moment, simply telling him “You Smell Delicious” will inspire him to always smell nice with the intention of pleasing you.

“I Desperately Want You”

Occasionally, men may feel a greater desire for sex than women do. This means that men may occasionally be hesitant to initiate contact, particularly if you are not displaying any signs of desire.

Men are also notoriously bad at picking up on subtle cues, so if you want your guy to know you want him, be as direct as possible. Your man will adore hearing that you desire him, and it will do nothing but rev up his engine.

Declaring “I Want You Badly” to a man, particularly your spouse or partner, is the most effective way to hook him; he will find it difficult to resist you. That statement will linger in his mind throughout the day.

To test whether this is effective, use the Pavlov’s Erection Technique and observe as his love and desire for you grow with each passing day.

“I’d like you to touch me”

Reassurance can go a long way when men are nervous about making the first move or exploring their woman’s body. If you would like your partner to touch you in a particular area, take control and request that he do so. Your man will appreciate the fact that you understand what you want, but he will appreciate it even more now that he has consent to touch you in areas that he might have felt too uncomfortable touching otherwise.

There is no reason to be fearful of your sexual needs or requires. To have a satisfying sexual life, both partners’ needs must be met. Men seriously love being sexually satisfied with their partners.

However, because women have multiple needs, communicating to a man where and how to touch you not only assists him in meeting those needs, but also encourages him to explore your sexuality further.

Listen to Felicity Keith’s How to Become a Sexual Super Woman to learn how you can transition from a shy, reserved, low-confidence woman to a sexual super woman.

“You’re huge.”

It is not a well-kept secret that males are self-conscious about the size of their tackle, which means you have the responsibility of reassuring them. Obviously, you do not want to outright lie about how wowed you are, but you do want to convey to him that you are more than satisfied with his offerings.

If a man lacks confidence, his actions or even performance will reflect this, so ensure that your guy feels like the best and you will receive only the best in return.

If you’re unsure how to convey this to him or the various variations you can use without trying to sound off track, The Lust Mirror Phrase can help.

“You cause me to tremble”

If your man is attempting something new, do not remain silent about it. Encourage their confidence by expressing your admiration for it. Tell them how much you adore something, describe how it makes you feel in detail, and watch your man go weak at the knees.

All men appreciate being told they do a good job, but they appreciate it even more when they understand why they do a good job.

If you’re unsure how this will go down or are too shy to say it to your man, try The Tease Intensifier.

6. “Please take me now”

Men dislike being the ones who always initiate intimate times, which can result in them failing to act when they want to.

Informing your man that you desire him, but more importantly, that you desire him now, is the ideal way to get his engine started.

Men thrive on being needed and desired, and when it comes to their sexual practices, they can’t help but feel a rush when told you desire them.

Telling your man you want him now will cause an adrenaline rush that can only come out one way. The Language of Desire Phrase must be used sincerity; otherwise, your man may feel disappointed and rejected.

It may sound strange at first, however the more you say it and immerse yourself in it, the more natural it becomes. Your man will undoubtedly respond in a way that encourages you to do this and say more to him, which will bring out the best in him and encourage him to adore, love, and treasure you even more.


If you’re going to use these Languages of Desire to pique your man’s interest, you need to be as direct as possible about your desires and preferences.

Telling your man directly eliminates any disharmony or embarrassment they may feel about certain actions, and it can drive your man insane to know that you desire him just as much as he desires you.

Men think visually, and the more graphic your requests are, the more willing he will be to fulfill them. It’s critical to remember, however, that perhaps you should only do what you feel entirely comfortable doing; if you’re uncomfortable being graphic with your desire language, then refrain, as your discomfort will overshadow anything else you say.

To learn more about how you can use these Language of Desire Phrases to impress your man or any man you like. Felicity Keith’s story can be viewed by clicking here.


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