First Date With Aries Man – What You Need To Know

First Date With Aries Man

It can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track in the early stages of a relationship with an Aries man. With Astrology on your side, you can get inside the mind of your Aries man and make sure you’re on the right track!

Do you have a relationship with an Aries man but don’t feel like it’s progressing? Is it possible that you aren’t as certain that he enjoys your company as much as you do? What are you going to do if you push him?

I’d like to assist you! Aries men are difficult to attract, however, when you do, you must work even hard enough to keep them. You might want to keep reading to learn more about how to start dating an Aries guy and how to move forward.

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First Date With Aries Man

First dates with Aries are a challenge because he’s so focused on getting what he wants right away. If your goals are aligned with his, it is not a problem. If, on the other hand, you prefer to take things slowly, you have a problem with your hands.

Mars, the warrior planet, rules Aries. It’s brash, impulsive, and direct. The very first sign of the zodiac, Aries, bursts forth, disregarding the impact on others. It’s more accurately said that the Aries man has a difficult time accepting the fact that there is another way to do things than his own.

To be sure, this first date can indeed be exciting, risky, and hot. (If you want to make it heavier, massage his scalp and dress in red!  However, be prepared to negotiate the age-old question, “So you’re inviting me up for a beer?”

The Aries man enjoys a good challenge, but he despises having the door slammed in his face. You don’t want him to “ram” it with his horns, so if you’re not up for a crazy ride tonight, suggest a second meeting in the coming days that will rekindle his flame.

And if you’re simply uninterested, be direct… Aries is not sensitive to subtle cues.

From the First Date

Going on a potentially serious first date with an Aries man necessitates a fantastic first date. If you’re about to make that leap, you should know what to do to ensure that there’ll be a second date or more.

What you should know about the Aries man is that he is an alpha male who prefers to be in charge of the date. Allow him. Even if you’re accustomed to making plans, delegate tasks to him in this instance.

Pay some attention to what he says & learn about what he prefers and cares about while speaking with him. Try to pique his interest by talking about your adventures, such as trips, sporting activities, or something you’ve done that he might enjoy.

The excitement of your adventures will pique his interest and he will admire you for it. Your conversation will pique his interest in learning more about you, which will necessitate another date!

On the second date, you’ll tell him more about your life and the things you’ve yet to try. Discuss places you’d like to visit as well.

These are the kinds of things that get his adrenaline pumping, and he’ll begin to view you as a potential partner. Aries males can be a little self-absorbed, so start asking him questions as well. It gives him a sense of importance.

Make an effort to look your best in order to pique his sexual interest. Make sure your hair is neatly styled. You are not required to appear as if you are a supermodel, but you should demonstrate that you are concerned with your physical appearance.

Don’t be aggressive, but also don’t be passive. He dislikes girls who are easily manipulated. He prefers a strong woman who will not back down.

If everything goes well, you’ll be able to book a lot more dates in the future. Try not to rush into bed with him, no matter how much you want to. This gives him the impression that you’re fine with being casual, so if you’re not, don’t do it.


When it comes to Aries men, you’ll have to work hard to get your hands on one. Your best effort is needed to stand out and convince him that you’re the right one for him, because they’re sexy and motivated.

If you follow the guidelines I’ve given you, you’ll be able to do it. Keep him interested and make him feel as if you’re a big adventure he can’t wait to go on.

The more you show him that you’re a prize, the better things will be between the two of you. Be encouraging of his objectives or ideas. Try not to argue with him (he’s a grumpy loser).

When he makes a mistake, he does not like to admit it, but if you show him how to do so by example, he will begin to mature both as a man and also as your companion. Marriage will come when he is completely ready.

Never try to persuade him to marry. He’ll either back down or end up hating you for attempting to push him. Either way, it’s not going to end well. He’ll be desperate to get out of your presence.

When you’re in love with an Aries man, you’ll feel safe and secure. . You feel on top of the world when you have his love.

You know you’ve earned your place in his heart. He could have chosen anyone, but he chose you. Try to maintain his interest by doing everything in your power.

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First Date With Aries Man by Sam Derrick

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