He Texted Me After a Month Of No Contact

He Texted Me After a Month Of No Contact

My ex texted me after a month of no contact.” You may have heard that being completely radio silent is the most productive method to either reconcile with an ex or move on from them. You expected never to hear from your ex. One day, you receive a text from your ex after a month of silence, and you wonder: what does it imply if my ex reached out to me following a month of no contact?

Let me tell you what I know: if he reached out after no contact it shows they are fearful of me starting to move on, they are uneasy with the silence, and they are trying to see if I am missing them.

If the text doesn’t say that they miss you and feel like they have made a mistake, it’s not likely that they want to get back together.

They need to know that you share their feelings because otherwise, it would only make them feel worse as they start to struggle with the breakup.

Therefore, I strongly advise against ending the no-contact period. If you are thinking why “My ex texted me after a month of no contact?” I get that you want to respond but now is not the time.

You may rest assured that if your ex really wants to get back together with you, they will text you again within a day or two.

So, I think it’s best to let that text go unanswered for a while so you can figure out if your ex wants to get back together or just wants to talk to you to feel better so he or she can keep moving on.

Now that we have a general concept of “why he texted me after no contact“, let’s dig deeper into why your ex texted you after a month of silence and what you should do about it.

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He Texted Me After a Month Of No Contact

He ignored me for a month and now wants to talk, what are the reasons?

Interested in a more pragmatic discussion

If you shared a home before breaking up, your ex may be contacting you about utilities, rent, or something else related to the apartment. If you are thining why he contacted me after 1 month, it could be about anything they need back that they left at your place. Or, they might want to help you get out of a tough situation without getting too involved.

Longs to return

He or she may feel regret their role in the breakup. At any moment, they could have this epiphany and start texting you about it. Perhaps your ex is being cautious as he or she attempts to read your emotions.

When someone wants you back, they may text you more often and provide more intimate details. Your ex might be stalking you online and asking your friends and family for details.

The ex may be trying to manipulate you into accepting them back into your life because they are missing particular aspects of the relationship, they have been lying to you, or they have used emotional blackmail. Before asking them back, it’s best to spend some time figuring out why they want to return again.


Your ex probably texts you for this simple explanation. They’re not interested in a romantic relationship. They think highly of you as a companion and trust you implicitly. Your ex might be reaching out to you in a cautious attempt at friendship if you receive a text from them out of the blue.

They are prepared to go on with their lives and let you live yours. A friend who respects your need for personal space and allows you to pursue your own interests is all they’re after.


If your ex is still contacting you, it could be because they have nothing better to do with their time. Keep in mind that you were occasionally messaging each other as a couple out of boredom.

If your ex is bored and sitting at home doing nothing, they may text you frequently.


A recent breakup makes it more likely that your ex would feel bitter and resentful toward you. This is typical after a hasty breakup over phone or text message. Sometimes people need answers to help them move on. Immediately following the breakup, they can text you to inquire as to the cause.

They may offer heartfelt apologies and make ridiculous compromises like, “I will do anything you ask me to.” During the “no-contact” period, your ex may text you out of frustration if you cease communicating with them.


Even if your ex texts you about sex, it may not make sense. Your ex may be feeling sexually unfulfilled and, as a result, may send you a text message asking to have sexual relations.

When an ex starts contacting you after a breakup, they know they have you at their most vulnerable. They play things safe by texting you casually at first, but then they subtly ask you to sleep with them. You should watch your step.

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Your ex may feel jealous if you’ve found happiness with a new partner after a failed relationship. Your ex probably doesn’t want you to get ahead of them in life, especially if they’re still stumbling around or taking their sweet time.

They may initiate contact by text message in an effort to ascertain your current status. They may act aggressively or seek out toxic rebound relationships as a way to “prove you” that you have given up on them. These people are mostly social media stalkers that keep tabs on you in secret.


Your ex probably feels terrible guilt and remorse for breaking up with you. When feelings of guilt grow overwhelming, people hunt for ways to release their pent-up emotions. You, as their ex, are the best person for the job.

They’ve made contact with you and are waiting for a reply. They will harass you until you give in if you don’t. They won’t care what you say in return. If you answer, your partner will twist it to make them feel better.

Reacting aggressively will just make them see you as the reason they’re breaking up with you. A frigid response will make your lover think you are heartless. Trying to win back an ex is pointless. You can only reorient and recover.

Feeling of loneliness

It’s possible that your ex is texting you because of loneliness. Perhaps your companion is lonely and has not yet met anybody who can bring them happiness.

It’s possible that your ex is contacting you because he or she has no one else to talk to. It’s possible that your ex-lover has no interest in reconciling with you. They may simply want to have someone to chat with in order to alleviate their feelings of loneliness.


Perhaps your ex is texting you to see what you’re up to. It’s possible that they were prompted to text you after seeing you out in public or after hearing a rumor about you that piqued their attention. Perhaps your ex is interested in your whereabouts and how you’re doing today.


Your ex could try to get back in touch with you for emotional support a few months after the separation. They could be having issues and need to talk to you. Perhaps they need money, particularly if you were the provider while you two were together.

Insight to ponder.

They may be too afraid to talk to you face-to-face or over the phone, so they are texting you to express their grief and frustration about losing you.

Plan of retreat

Sometimes a pair just hangs out or stays in touch on a regular basis without being romantically involved. However, while this may be the ideal scenario, the dynamics of breakups and relationships are rarely so straightforward. Each partner probably still has feelings for the other.

It’s possible that in such circumstances, the person is using the ex as a fallback in case the current relationship doesn’t work out. If the rebound doesn’t work out or they can’t find someone appropriate, they may be wanting to safeguard their future.

The Male Mind After No Contact

It’s easier for a guy to express his feelings for you after a period of no contact. In fact, it piques his interest enough that he might come back. It tells a man that you are not available to him at any time.

Men are taught by the no-contact rule that women can be content on their own and do not require a man to do so. When a man sees this, he’ll know that you’re worth fighting for, and he’ll want to win you back.

Men have time to think about how they feel about you in this space and time. If you try to get in touch with him throughout the no contact period, you may have the opposite effect and push him away for good. There isn’t much complexity to understanding the Male Mind in No Contact.

Don’t go after him if you want him to realize how much he loves and misses you. If you stop worrying about other people and focus on rebuilding your own life, you’ll find that everything else falls into place.

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He Texted Me After a Month Of No Contact by Sam Derick

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