How To Please an Aquarius Sexually and Emotionally

How To Please An Aquarius Man

Aquarius are the idealists of the zodiac, and no other sign believes in the power of true love more than they do. If you are looking for how to please an Aquarius man dating tips, you have come to the right place,

These quick-witted individuals are not easily convinced, but once they do become involved in a romantic relationship, they are the most reliable and committed partners. To attract the attention of an Aquarius, you will need to be persistent and creative if you want to capture their interest.

Those who are born under the sign of the water bearer are known for being notoriously slow to make commitments, particularly when it comes to giving away their heart.

Therefore, you shouldn’t try to force an Aquarius into a relationship too quickly because it will, at best, make them feel uncomfortable and, at worst, cause them to run in the opposite direction.

These signs are extremely sociable and adept at making new friends. Aquarians do have a propensity to begin romantic relationships with friendships, and they place a higher value on friendships than romantic relationships.

They seek a companion who shares their values and interests and who will challenge and excite their lively, inquisitive mind.

If you can prove yourself to be Aquarius’s best friend above all others, the water bearer may slowly transform from a platonic to a romantic relationship.

There will be plenty of excitement in this relationship, and as long as you can keep up with your Aquarius partner, you will never be bored.

Get ready for a comprehensive guide on how to please the Aquarius, the zodiac’s optimistic, elusive, revolutionary sign.

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How To Please An Aquarius Man

1. Surprising him.

Guys liked being taken by surprise just as much as us gals did. That includes your ideal Aquarius man, of course. To please him, he doesn’t require extravagant gifts. You can prepare him his favorite meal for lunch, give him a free ticket to a baseball game, or just compliment him to make him feel special. It is impossible for him to lead a life that lacks excitement, which is why he is always looking for new experiences to add variety to his routine.

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2. Go On A Date That’s Full Of Excitement.

Aquarius men are prone to experiencing boredom. You have to find ways to keep him interested and entertained at all times if you want him to maintain a positive attitude. He would rather go on an exciting date than have a traditional romantic dinner. He is always up for an adventure. If you want to know how to attract an Aquarius man and please him, you should take part in some unusually strenuous physical activities with him, such as going hiking in the mountains or cycling together.

3. Keep His Emotions in Mind.

Not only is an Aquarius man susceptible to becoming bored, but he is also a sensitive guy. Sometimes his heart is too easily broken, and when that happens, it requires a great deal of caution to be handled. Demonstrate to him that you understand how he is feeling and make him feel like he is understood. The vast majority of the time, all he wants is to have his voice heard, so it is essential that you know how to demonstrate that you are an excellent listener.

4. Have Honest Communication With Him.

Someone who is honest with Aquarius will win everything from him. On the other hand, if you’re not being yourself around him, that could be the biggest turnoff of all. Getting him to respect you will require you to expose the genuine you to him. You can’t get an Aquarius guy’s attention by pretending to be someone you’re not. He will love you deeply and unconditionally for the person you are deep down inside.

5. Have a Great Time with Him!

Knowing how to please him is more important than being bold. Just like you try to keep a small child busy, make every little thing into something fun. Invite him to the kitchen, and have fun preparing food together. The point is to have fun; the result is secondary.

6. Keep a sense of humor.

He is one of those people who needs more laughter in their lives, just like everyone else. Please him by maintaining his happiness and keeping him entertained by telling him jokes that make him laugh. Try to lighten the mood and not put up too much of a wall around him. Show him how funny you can be.

7. Please Him In Bed.

To get the attention of an Aquarius man, one strategy is to adopt a bad girl persona in the bedroom. He enjoys the bedroom just as much as he enjoys a daring adventure. If you know how to show him everything that you’ve got, he will be impressed by the move that you’ve made. You should also be aware that men who are born under the sign of Aquarius are so full of energy that they hardly ever get tired.

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How To Please an Aquarius Sexually In Bed

1. Maintain a lighthearted disposition

When come to the topic of how to pleasure an Aquarius man, try your best to keep a light and playful attitude even when things are getting extremely weird, hot, and heavy between the two of you.

Keep in mind that you are trying to deal with an air sign in this situation. When he’s in bed, he’s looking for an intelligent mind more than a heart that’s bursting at the seams with emotion.

Although he can be complex, all he wants is for his sexual life to be simple. It is necessary to have a comprehensive sense of independence and freedom.

Keep your emotions in check. Think first before you act or react. When it comes to interpersonal connections, he is not the least bit mushy or emotional. When it comes to sexual encounters, his preferred approach is to dive right in and let loose.

When it comes to sexual encounters, his preferred approach is to dive right in and let loose.  He does not require a strong emotional connection in order to have sexual relations. It doesn’t matter who he’s with, he can have a good time sexually.

If you need to feel close to your partner in order to have satisfying sex with them, you may want to look elsewhere unless you’re patient and prepared to wait for the relationship to grow and for him to slowly open up more.

If you need to feel close to your partner in order to have satisfying sex with them, you may want to look elsewhere unless you’re patient and prepared to wait for the relationship to grow and for him to gradually open up more.

Always keep a positive attitude. It will be helpful in keeping things light and open, as well as preventing the feelings from becoming too intense.

2. Engage in sexual behavior that is unplanned and exploratory.

Being rigid and uncompromising in the bedroom is the quickest way to destroy the sexual chemistry you have developed with an Aquarius man.

Even though being consistent can be seen as a romantic and sexual asset by some partners, it’s one of the quickest ways to get an Aquarius man to dump you as a lover.

In all aspects of life, Aquarius men are known for their willingness to try new things, restlessness, and open minds. This includes what goes on in the bedroom. Therefore, you should make a direct appeal to his preferences by taking the initiative to spice up your sexual experiences with unexpected surprises and unexpected intrigue.

Here are some ideas that are sure to catch him off guard and keep things interesting:

Always be on the lookout for new sexual opportunities and experiences. The element of surprise is his Achilles heel. He is powerless to stop himself. It won’t take long for him to get tired of certain sexual acts, so you should always be prepared to try something new whenever the mood strikes either of you.

Experiment with a wide variety of positions. The key to everything is experimentation. He doesn’t like repetition. It’s important to have fun and be open to change. Try not to insist on the same thing each and every time.

Try to think of something completely different. This man isn’t very interested in societal norms. Therefore, if you want to add some variety to the situation and spice things up, you should try to surprise him with things that he has probably never experienced before.

Instead of focusing solely on varying the sexual acts that take place, you should perhaps consider coming up with some other ideas, such as fun venues to have sex.

If you feel up to the challenge, try playing with more than one partner at a time. Think about approaching the subject of sexual activity with more than one person. Perhaps a threesome will do. The Aquarius way of being sexual and having relationships is very open-minded, which could turn him on a lot.

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3. Spark the fire of his desire with your intellectualism and your intelligence.

You need to appeal to his mind first and foremost if you want to know how to please an Aquarius sexually.

Men who are Aquarius enjoy the sensual aspects of sexuality just as much as other men do. However, in order for him to be truly sexually impressed, there must first be a meeting of the minds before there can be a meeting of the bodies. Before you even get into bed, he will begin to sexually interact with you.

Therefore, you should address his mental state first and approach it as if it were a potent erogenous zone.

Here are some suggestions for making sexual overtures to him by appealing to his mind:

Put a teasing spin on your words. Let the sexual tension you’re feeling seep into your voice and your texts. Engage in sleazy conversation and encourage him to join in. Maintain your mystique. A mixture of warmth and cool.

Engage in some light mental chess. Create a series of miniature role-playing games that give him hints about what will happen once he has control over you. The more creative and intricate an idea is, the better.

Create a solid mental connection. The development of trust through friendship and closeness is a key factor in facilitating the growth of sexual chemistry between you and this man. Always be clear, honest, and direct in your communication.

4. Keep your naughty side well-fed.

Although the Aquarius man may give off an air of coolness and detachment, he is actually capable of being very kinky.

He enjoys new experiences and is fascinated by anything that is unusual. Therefore, he is extremely interested in sexual taboos, as well as anything else that is considered alternative, taboo, dirty, weird, or strange.

Therefore, engage with him in a manner that is weird by tapping into every peculiar and kooky cell that makes up your body.

Some suggestions:

Don’t be embarrassed to talk about any of your weird interests. He’s open-minded. Whatever you throw at him, he’ll accept it. Do not be afraid to bring up any fetishes that you have. He won’t pass judgment. Additionally, it’s likely that he has some of his own that he’ll feel more at ease sharing now as well.

In this union, there is no place for shame. You won’t be embarrassed, and you shouldn’t embarrass him for any of his fetishes, either. Even though some of his fetishes seem odd or weird, or even dirty or shocking.

S&M as well as the transition of power. He might be the dominant, the submissive, or the switch. Although Aquarians can fall anywhere on the spectrum, because Aquarius is a masculine sign, they tend to be more dominant than other signs. It’s possible that he enjoys being sexually dominant.

Approach him at his current location. If you want to know how to please an Aquarius sexually, you should challenge your comfort zone. Push yourself to the limit. However, you should never go beyond them in order to please him. Let him know if there are certain kinks for which you have strict boundaries. And if he doesn’t respect your boundaries, he has no right to your sexual energy.

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How To Please An Aquarius Man by Theresa Alice

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