How to seduce a CANCER man

Have you fallen in love with a Cancer man but not sure if it’s mutual? Don’t worry, this is normal. The Cancer man is not a seducer and will rarely take the first step. He will wait until he is sure of his feelings before announcing anything to you. And if he ever sets out to seduce you, it will be discreet … so discreet that you may not even understand that it is seduction. In short, if you want to seduce a Cancer man, you will have to be enterprising, without rushing him.

The Cancer man likes security: he takes shelter behind his shell to protect himself from possible dangers. He reflects a lot on his past and can be nostalgic. Rather reserved, the Cancer man will not reveal his true personality to you until he is convinced that he can trust you. You will therefore have to be patient with him. In order for him to open up to you, you will have to show him that you are faithful, attentive, understanding. He is a sensitive man: you will have to reassure him.

The art of seducing a Cancer man

Sensitive yes, very much, you will discover it when you have succeeded in coaxing it. In the meantime, he can especially be brittle and annoying. The virulence of his words is for him a way to protect himself. He knows how to analyze people, understand them and adapt his actions and words accordingly. If he wants to test you, he won’t hold back. He is often skilled at handling words, even if he is not very talkative. All these barriers that he puts between you and him can seem insurmountable to you, nevertheless when you will have passed them you will discover a tender being and always present when you will need him.

The Cancer man, if he is difficult to reach, then gives himself 100% to people who are close to him, and even more so when she is the woman of his life. He will be attentive to you, understanding, always loving and willing to help you in any way. He is a faithful man who seeks to have a true love affair with the woman in whom he has placed his trust. So, the biggest mistake you could make is to be unfaithful to him. If you have been and he learns it he will not forgive you and will make you pay for it with sharp and hurtful words. To keep a Cancer man, you are therefore going to have to be honest.

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Don’t rush it

To seduce and keep a Cancer man, you will therefore have to arm yourself with patience, be enterprising without being abrupt. Know how to adapt to his rhythm, do not panic if from time to time he seems to lock himself in or distance himself. It is then better to open up to you when you will no longer expect it. You will have to seize these opportunities that it will offer you: be genuinely interested in what it tells you. He probably won’t repeat the same things to you twice, be careful.

In those moments of confidentiality when he has decided to open up to you, you can question him. Take an interest in what he is telling you, his thoughts, his questions, his family, his friends. Listen to him confide in you, it is a rare moment and a proof of his love for you.

Do you think that it takes a lot of effort to seduce a complicated and not very demonstrative man? Make no mistake: once the Cancer man is in love and in confidence, he becomes transfixed and passionate. He will admire you, idolize you, and will do anything to stay with you. So it’s a lot of effort for intense love.

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