How To Talk To a Virgo Man About Feelings – 11 Openers

How To Talk To a Virgo Man About Feelings

There are very few things that are more important to a Virgo man than his own personal character, as every facet of any relationship that he cultivates needs to be established on respect and trust in order for it to flourish.

How to show a Virgo man love? When you talk to him about how you’re feeling, you should make sure, to be honest, and straightforward with him because he doesn’t want to guess what’s really going through your head.

So, how to talk to a Virgo man about feelings, you should make an effort to create an environment that gives him the impression that he is safe and comfortable, as this will assist him in concentrating on the feelings that you are experiencing.

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How To Talk To a Virgo Man About Feelings – 11 Openers

Men born under the sign of Virgo often have an upbeat and optimistic demeanor. So, whether it’s through patiently listening as he gets to know you or spending time with you to support and cheer you on, it’s clear when a Virgo man develops romantic feelings for you.

They consider playing mind games and suppressing emotions to be completely immature behavior that is a waste of their energy. Open and honest communication is essential when dealing with a Virgo, but it must be done with tact.

If you are wondering what to talk to a Virgo man about before you tell him your feelings for him, here are some topic openers.

1. I have something to give you.

Prove to him that you’ve been thinking about him by surprising him with an impressive gift; he deserves your lavish attention.

Giving him a gift that is uniquely made for him will really impress him. Even better if that’s his style. A man born under the sign of Virgo appreciates beauty in accordance with his own standards. He favors uncomplicated objects that not only serve a function but also have an attractive appearance.

Plus, he’ll like that you took the initiative because he has a thing for sweet, strong women.

2. You’re funny to me.

Because of his quick mind, he is able to find humor in almost anything, and he is the kind of person who simply can not wait for something funny to take place so that he can laugh.

When you finally get Virgo’s joke, you will find yourself laughing out loud in surprise because of his quirky and unexpected sense of humor. Because he gets a kick out of making other people’s lives easier, he doesn’t think twice about acting goofy in order to cheer people up.

But you won’t see his wit until he’s comfortable around you or in a setting where he’s already at ease, like when he’s with close friends. Because Virgo is reserved and self-conscious, you’ll know you’ve won his affection when he’s comfortable enough around you to joke around. If he laughs at your jokes, it means he likes you.

3. Can you give me a hand?

When a Virgo man considers you to be important, you can count on him to be there for you whenever you require his assistance. He finds his greatest fulfillment in being of assistance to other people.

Here is your hero who will defend you and make your life easier, but he isn’t interested in fame or fortune. If you call for him, he will come right away.

A compassionate spirit resides within Virgo, and this sign is unafraid to speak out against wrongdoing. He is genuinely kind to others and compassionate toward the challenges that they face.

Virgo may seem shy at first, but he really enjoys forming bonds with people and establishing reliable networks. You can count on him to lend a hand and offer encouragement, but you shouldn’t look to him as your only support. This needs to be a two-way street: he will be there for you, but you also need to be there for him.

4. I love you just the way you are.

Virgo is reserved at first, but once he gets to know you and feels at ease, he’ll show you the charming and witty man that lies beneath the surface of his reserved exterior. The journey there can be slow because he constantly second-guesses himself and analyzes his interactions with others.

Outwardly, he appears calm and collected, but he’s actually struggling under a mountain of worry and stress. Though he doesn’t engage in such behavior himself, he has zero patience for anyone who does.

It’s important to be sincere and genuine with him so that he feels accepted.

5. Tell me more about (something).

You have to be intellectually on par with a Virgo man if you want to keep his interest. Thinking logically and finding solutions to issues are two of his greatest strengths.

Virgo is the man to choose if you value intelligence above all else. Because of his quick mind and quick wit, having a conversation with him is always entertaining. Virgo is looking for a companion who is able to keep up with the conversation and is knowledgeable about the subjects that are being discussed. What does a Virgo man like to talk about?

You can ask him to talk about his hobbies and goals and make him feel valued by taking an active interest in his hobbies and pursuits. Your viewpoint is important to him, and as a result, he will demonstrate an interest in the topics you want to discuss.

A Virgo man will only open his heart to a partner who can stand on equal footing with him. He values self-assurance and wisdom, and he is looking for a partner who will encourage him and lighten the load of his pursuit of perfection.

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6. Your work was excellent.

Virgos, like those born under the other earth signs, is very down-to-earth and take a rational approach to solving problems. When they are pursuing something that truly interests them, they put in a lot of effort, and it is not difficult for them to excel at whatever task they set their minds to.

As a result of his insatiable desire for order and efficiency, Virgo has boundless reserves of energy and a relentless will to succeed. He is driven by an intense desire to make things right.

Because of his strong sense of duty and the altruistic nature he possesses, he frequently puts his skills to use serving a higher cause. He finds that helping others satisfies him and satisfies his desire to make the world a better place.

The perfectionist tendencies of a Virgo man can sometimes cause him to overdo things and give him the impression that there is always room for improvement. Because of this, he may start to question his abilities and lose his self-confidence as a result. Because of this, it is essential for him to have someone who will encourage and support him.

7. I really feel like I can spill my guts to you.

Virgo possesses a sharp intellect, and his analytical mind is active all the time. Because he is capable of expressing his ideas, his silence indicates that he is paying attention to what is being said.

He may come off as cold and distant, but that’s just because he’s a good listener. Especially in the beginning of your relationship, when you are still getting to know each other, he will focus more on listening than talking.

What does a Virgo man want to hear? A Virgo listens carefully and shows interest in every facet of your story. The tiniest details that you share with him will stick in his mind for a very long time. As a result, you may feel comfortable sharing information with a Virgo man that you wouldn’t even feel comfortable sharing with your best friend.

However, you should keep in mind that he is evaluating you and trying to determine whether or not the two of you are a good match, so it is important to be truthful with him. Never try to sugarcoat the truth when communicating with a Virgo; he is too sensitive and intelligent for that.

8. I can always count on you to look after me.

The sign of Virgo enjoys helping others. To demonstrate how much he cares for his partner and how much he loves her, he prioritizes doing everything in his power to take care of his partner.

How do you know if a Virgo man is thinking about you?

He is nurturing and compassionate, when he wants to pamper you in small, thoughtful ways all throughout the day, you know that he is thinking about you.

He cares deeply about you and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are healthy and happy. He is the kind of person who will do anything to make your life easier, including picking you up, fixing something in your house, and finding solutions to your problems.

9. You can count on my support.

A man who is a Virgo has feelings that run deep. Being a kind man who can devote his life to caring for others, he deserves someone who can do the same for him. Even if he never comes out and asks for it, he will always be in need of your support.

He holds himself and those around him to a high standard, which sometimes requires him to be critical. An apparently hard exterior conceals a shy, sensitive, and caring individual who would give his life for his loved ones. When it comes to the people they care about, Virgos put everyone else’s happiness ahead of their own.

You can count on Virgo to be supportive and to have your back. Due to his many skill sets, you can count on him to assist you in any way he can. You can show a Virgo man that you have his back by giving him support in return.

10. You’re great at…

Virgo is a perfectionist who prefers to do things himself because he is so picky about how they turn out.

Those individuals who are successful in everything they attempt are Virgos. They can easily attain proficiency if they put in the effort. They enjoy improving themselves and the things they do, and they are persistent in their pursuit of excellence. If they do not have something to occupy their time, they become frustrated. Keep your Virgo active and engaged!

How to get a Virgo man to talk to you? You can tell him how much you appreciate him by praising the things he’s good at and likes to do. Keep your compliments sincere to demonstrate that you value him.

11. I like to hang out with you.

One thing that stands out in everyone’s mind when they think of Virgo is the sign’s constant drive toward perfection. Even before he asks you out on a date, he will analyze you and make an effort to learn more about you until he is satisfied that you are the ideal partner for him. When he first realizes that he has feelings for you, he will act timid until he is able to get a handle on how he feels about you.

Because of these factors, Virgo prefers to take their time with matters. It will be nerve-wracking if you ask him out on a date, so instead, make an effort to keep things light by asking him to hang out with you. It could be in the context of a group activity or something else in which you participate with others who have similar interests.

Because of their tendency toward overthinking and their analytical mind, Virgos require more time to develop relationships. He has to make sure that everything is in order before he can choose you, but once he does, you will become the most important person in his life.

What are the signs a Virgo man is catching feelings?

A Virgo man will be attentive to your needs and desires, and he will act in accordance with those desires. Since he is a romantic at heart, it is not out of the question for him to make grand romantic gestures. His behaviors toward you will let you know that he is catching feelings.

What a Virgo Man Wants To Hear?

“I want nothing more than to be with you”

This zodiac sign places a high value on faithfulness, and as a result, it is significant for them when you tell them that they are the only person you want to be in the world.

When Virgo hears that you are faithful to them, they are more likely to make you a primary focus in their lives. Of course, those shouldn’t be just empty words; your actions should align.

One of their goals in life is to be the person you turn to in times of trouble and the one who aids you in finding a solution.

But that’s not the end of it. Strong, self-sufficient women who are confident in who they are and what they want out of life have a powerful pull on Virgo men.

He will feel like the blessed man on earth if you tell him that he is the only man you can imagine spending the rest of your life with.

And if that doesn’t work, try praising his character or physical attributes instead, as Virgos are most attracted to those qualities.

If you want to have a relationship with him, you should do everything in your power to avoid doing anything that might cause him to question your loyalty.

The only thing that will come out of it is that he will emotionally withdraw and distrust you as a result. You can read more other words that a Virgo man likes to hear here.

How to Keep a Virgo Man Interested?

You need to stick to the meat of the matter if you want to keep a Virgo man interested.

Men who are born under the sign of Virgo aren’t looking for a partner with whom they can talk about the latest action movie or the weather. They are able to do that because they have many friends.

They want a life partner with whom they can discuss the big questions of life and express their most private emotions and thoughts.

However, it takes a lot to get a Virgo to open up, even if this is what they’re looking for. By revealing a significant amount about yourself to them, you can demonstrate that you can be trusted.

Be sure to pay attention when they speak. Instead of just telling your own stories, respond to what it is that they are actually saying. Virgo will be able to tell what’s different.

What To Do When a Virgo Man Goes Silent?

If a Virgo man chooses to ignore you, it does not necessarily indicate that you have done something wrong. There are times when a Virgo man simply requires some personal space. It’s possible that he feels overburdened, and engaging in social activities could make it even worse.

Don’t freak out if he suddenly goes silent on you for no apparent reason.

You should never cross the boundaries that a Virgo man sets for himself. You won’t resolve his anger or his frustration with you by forcing him to talk to you.

A Virgo man’s silence may not always be intentional. Do not get mad at him for his lack of response. That won’t prompt him to start communicating with you any faster.

You can initially check in with a Virgo man but after that, leave him alone. Do not send him unwanted texts or make repeated requests to speak with him. If you give it some time, he will eventually make his way to you.

Signs Of A Virgo Man In Love

Before you learn how to talk to a Virgo man about feelings, you might also want to know if he has feelings for you. Even though Virgo men are typically open and honest about their feelings, it can be difficult to tell when a Virgo man is romantically interested in another person. However, a couple’s compatibility depends on a number of factors, such as their age-related characteristics, cultural backgrounds, and professional backgrounds.

In addition, people born under different zodiac signs express their preferences in a manner that is unique to them, and you need to be able to read these signs in order to adapt and respond appropriately.

It’s common knowledge that men born under the sign of Virgo have an upbeat and optimistic way of expressing their emotions. If a Virgo man spends quality time with you, either by listening to you while he gets to know you better or by being there for you when you need support or encouragement, it is not hard to figure out that he is developing feelings of love for you.


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