Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts Examples – Do These Scripts Work?


Infatuation Scripts Examples

Have you ever gotten close to a guy just to have him leave you?

Whether you’ve just met, been together for five months, or married for ten years, he’ll pull away at some point.

To get his attention, you must first arouse his infatuation instinct.

Your words have the power to rewire his brain, changing his perception of you.

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What Are Infatuation Scripts?

Clayton Max, a relationship specialist, identified the infatuation instinct, which is the focus of his best-selling ebook, Infatuation Scripts.

The idea is simple: you have the ability to tap into a male mind and trigger his infatuation instinct by using words and gestures.

When the chemicals are activated, he will be unable to stop thinking about you. He’ll be sure that you’re the only one for him when all of those lingering doubts go.

Several studies, including those conducted by the Rutgers Business School, Stony Brook University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, have given credibility to this life-changing theory.

The following brain chemicals were discovered to be involved in the process by researchers:

Dopamine is a chemical that regulates pleasure and pain.

A person’s mood and emotions of happiness are stabilized by serotonin.

Norepinephrine: This raises blood sugar levels, making him feel more energized and optimistic.

How Do I Get My Hands On Infatuation Scripts?

Although this article will offer you a good overview of the infatuation instinct, if you would like to know how to activate it in your partner, you should read Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts book.

Infatuation Scripts is a collection of scripts that will help you through a range of relationship situations. It’s one of the most popular relationship books you can find.

The following items are included in the online bundle:

  • The primary manual
  • mp3 files
  • A sequence of videos

You can obtain Infatuation Scripts for the best price by clicking here.

How Will This Type Of Infatuation Improve Your Relationship? 

Do Infatuation Scripts work? There are a few things you might expect to happen when this instinct is awakened in your man.

1) He only sees the bright side of things.

Your partner will be oblivious to any flaws in your personality. He will only see your best qualities.

2) He will no longer view other women in the same manner.

When you arouse his infatuation instinct, he will only look at you.

3) He’ll get moody

While it is not the most ideal side effect of this inclination, it does demonstrate that it is functioning. Because he is concerned about losing you, your boyfriend will go through more ups and downs.

4) He will give you first priority.

His number one priority in his life will quickly become yours, and he will make it crystal apparent when this happens.

Three Important Ways For Arousing His Infatuation Instinct

Clayton Max walks you through the three fundamental tactics that all women may utilize to help their relationship in his best-selling program Infatuation Scripts.

The following strategies are essential for triggering his infatuation instinct and successfully turning the tables in your relationship, whether you’ve only met him a few times, have been dating for months, or have been married for years.

While Clayton’s program takes you through 12 scripts in total, here’s a quick rundown of the three important ones:

1) End up making him curious about you

You don’t want to reveal everything right immediately. Instead, simply draw his attention to yourself.

It’s all about enticing your partner and motivating him to continue digging to discover more about you.

Soon enough, you’ll be the only thing in his thoughts, and he’ll be obsessed with you.

2) Make him invest in you.

Investing time in the other person and getting to know them is the foundation of any successful relationship. It is important for you to have your guy work for you since anything that is worth working for is worth having!

Let him try to win you over by taking part in the chase. For instance, wait for him to initiate contact with you. Make it a habit to always be the first person to say goodbye at the end of a conversation.

It’s all about seeing how far he’ll go to fight for you, and keeping him engaged and on the hunt at all times.

3) Keep an element of uncertainty in your relationship.

Lastly, you never want him to feel overly at ease in your relationship. You want him to continually be trying to win you over and appreciate what he has.

In order to keep a man on the edge of his seat, what are the other nine scripts you can use?

  • Intrigued script
  • Independence script
  • Cliffhanger script
  • Curveball script
  • Barrier script
  • Shaping script
  • Temptation script
  • Urgency script
  • Uninterested script

Without giving too much away, each one is designed to hook your man. There is a danger in making him feel at ease, as this would lessen his appreciation for what he has at hand. It’s about keeping him alert and fearful of losing you. He’ll be battling for you like there’s no tomorrow as a result of this.

Now that you know how these scripts might assist trigger your guy’s infatuation instinct, it’s time to look at some useful ways to get started right away.

Infatuation Scripts Examples – 7 Techniques To Arouse Your Man’s Infatuation Instinct

What are the infatuation instinct scripts examples? Please read on.

1) Recognize and accept reality

Before you go in and start triggering your man’s infatuation instinct, it’s crucial to understand how guys are wired differently.

You must take a step back in your relationship and understand that he cannot control his current lack of commitment and desire. As upsetting as it is for you, blaming him will simply drive him further away.

The wisest choice you can do for your relationship’s future is to let it go. Accept that this is just who he is as a man, and rather than trying to change him, you’ll just activate this instinct in him.

2) Express your appreciation to him in front of others.

When your guy accomplishes something noteworthy, make sure to recognize him in public. You want to express your admiration for what he has accomplished.

You want to keep things possible when you’re out in public and surrounded by others. This is not the moment to air out any dirty linen you may have. It’s an opportunity to encourage him and make him feel good about himself, and in turn, he’ll feel happy about you for having his back & standing by him.

3) Show gratitude

Saying “thank you” and “I appreciate you” is simple enough, but many of us overlook it. It’s about noticing the tiny things in life that frequently go overlooked.

When he first gives you a cup of coffee in the morning.

If he clears the table after dinner.

When he leaves you a note after leaving.

Showing him that his behaviors are not only recognized but also appreciated, will inspire him to continue being there for you and assisting you in any way he can.

Similar to the hero instinct, he desires to be that daily hero in your life, and your comments will help him do so.

4) Snippets should be shared throughout time.

There are times when we’re so eager to get things moving in a relationship that we’re eager to put everything on the table.

It’s preferable if you have a few goodies up your sleeve. Several surprises about yourself that he won’t be able to figure out on his own.

This will pique his curiosity.

He’ll believe he knows you, but then you’ll drop another tidbit to keep him wondering. It’s the ideal technique to pique his interest and keep him alert.

Keep him wanting more!

5) Underreacting

You want to demonstrate to your partner that you aren’t fussy. You’re not going to get worked up over every little issue in your relationship.

Let’s face it: women are notorious for nagging and being overly dramatic. Avoid playing into this stereotype, or he will begin to see you the same way he sees every other woman.

But you aren’t.

You’re unique.

That does not imply that you must put up with everything he does. It’s only a matter of perception. Is it worth a dispute over a dirty dish? Is it best to just accept it and go on?

If you do get into a quarrel over something, try to listen to his side of the story as well. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the moment and say things you don’t really mean.

Enjoy some quiet time together. Every now and again, we all need to take a break. Tell him you can offer it to him. He’ll appreciate it.

6) Be self-sufficient.

Unbelievably, males are attracted to independence.

He will work harder to prove his worth in your life if he understands you are capable without him.

He’s going to have to work for it.

Keep in mind that you’re totally content doing things on your own too. This is something that all men want. Be able to play the hero without having to bear all of the weight involved.

7) Keep him wanting more at all times.

When we (including women and men) become comfortable in a relationship, we lose sight of what is there in front of us.

It’s something we simply take for granted.

One approach to counteract this is to always leave him wanting.

Make sure that no matter what you do, you don’t meet all his needs. That way, he’ll be hooked and want to learn more.

What Comes Next?

It’s great to start with these 7 steps. But Clayton Max’s 12 infatuation instinct phrases will help you get through the whole process.

You can get them all right immediately by clicking here.

They’re life-changing, believe me.

These scripts will show you how to trigger your man in any situation and keep him fascinated for years.

You will no longer be taken for granted. No more wondering if you’re the right one for him.

Not sure want to get the infatuation scripts book? You can read our Infatuation Scripts review.

Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts Examples

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