Clayton Max Infatuation Scripts Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Clayton Max Infatuation Scripts Reviews

Infatuation Scripts is a collection of scripts written by best-selling author Clayton Max that will guide you through a range of romantic problems.

The following items are included in the online bundle:

  • The main manual
  • The main manual
  • A sequence of videos
  • You’ll also receive three free bonuses: an eBook titled ‘Why Men Shut Women Out,’ a Commitment Calculator, and another ebook ‘Make Any Man Yours For Life.’

Infatuation Scripts addresses the three most pressing questions that women have about relationships:

  • How do I entice a man?
  • How can I make him commit?
  • Is it possible to have a long-term relationship?

The scripts you receive are all based on a man’s infatuation instinct, which Clayton Max has been researching for several years. Learning about the infatuation instinct, which is based on solid research, was by far my favorite aspect of the program.

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Who is Clayton Max?

Clayton Max has spent the last decade coaching women and men through marital challenges.

During this period, he created the infatuation instinct concept, which serves as the foundation for this program.

What Is the Process of Using Infatuation Scripts?

The training offers three important tactics for charming a man:

Curiosity Script

When you first meet a man, the script tells you to try and avoid down all of your cards. The cards are a reference for information – so it demonstrates how you may remain mysterious, which naturally makes you appealing.

Men enjoy challenges, and if you’re a mystery to him, he’ll do anything to find out more about you. The script allows you to acquire more dates & spend more time with him while keeping him guessing at the end of each date.

Uncertainty Script

The course teaches that a man does not always desire to be in control. He’ll go nuts if you play hard to get.

This strategy will teach you how to exert control over a situation. A self-sufficient woman is always seen as having a hot and seductive demeanor.

The script will allow you to keep him guessing, which will keep him interested.

Most women utilize only these three simple approaches and achieve positive outcomes – they get the man they want to commit to them.

Investment Script

This is the program’s second phase and your approach. You must make him accomplish more than is necessary. He’ll make an effort if he’s interested.

During this stage, you will notice how much he desires you to like him and how he will go to any length to spend more time with you.

However, the training contains nine additional tactics for keeping your partner on his toes.

Independence Script

Clingy women are disliked by males. Women are constantly asking for assistance, and they become bored of it. Men are drawn to independent women.

When you use the Independence Script, you will learn how to advocate for yourself and become more self-sufficient. Although this tactic may make some guys feel insecure, many guys find it quite seductive.

Cliffhanger Script

When you read a novel, you frequently feel as though it is insufficient. You’re eager to find out what happens next.

Similarly, when spending time with a man, this strategy will assist you in making him wish to spend more time with you.

You will learn how to conclude discussions by saying there are more stories to tell, making the man want to chat with you more. Every day, he will yearn to see you.

Intrigued Script

You must master this approach in order to pique a man’s attention. It ensures that you never bore your boyfriend and that you keep him on the edge of his seat.

The strategy will assist you in gaining his attention.

What were the outcomes?

You’ll notice how he texts you more, contacts you more regularly, and wants to meet you whenever he has the chance.

You’ll figure out how to make him wait, driving him insane for you.

Curveball Script

This is a continuation of the Barrier Script. Curveballs, you see, are notoriously difficult to hit in baseball.

The batter may believe the ball will be easy to hit, but as it gets closer, it changes course, flinching him and making it difficult to hit.

By the same logic, mastering this approach will provide you with enormous power in your relationship. You can make him believe he knows all there is to know about you, and he’ll still find you enigmatic and appealing in the end.

Barrier Script

The term “barrier” refers to the act of drawing a line, which is exactly what this technique shows you. It demonstrates how you may open up to your guy about your desires while still keeping his interest and setting boundaries.

Shaping Script

During this part of the course, you will discover how to increase a man’s feelings for you. He will develop feelings for who you truly are.

The method will enable you in altering his view of you, then he will gradually, but inexorably, be captivated with you and your soft gestures.

Temptation Script

Here come the man’s sexual cravings. The approach works on anyone, regardless of race or appearance.

Take a peek at what hundreds of other ladies have to say about it instead of taking my word for it.

The techniques in this program’s chapter will make your boyfriend want you in bed. You’ll discover what to say to get things done.

Sure, it’ll tease him, but he’ll crave for more – for life.

Urgency Script

The program’s final approach shows you how to make him panic. Don’t worry, you’re not causing any harm.

You will learn techniques to make him believe he is about to lose you, which will make him want you even more.

Uninterested Script

You will get a lot of power in the relationship at this phase.

This method will teach you how to make him feel left out. He’ll feel compelled to up his game.

While you are paying attention to him, the approach will teach you to send him mixed signals. Signals that notify him of the fact that he is lacking something.

He will feel the urge to impress you.

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Is the Clayton Max infatuation instinct genuine?

There has been a lot of research done on the infatuation instinct, with researchers from:

  • University of Stony Brook
  • Rutgers: Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick
  • College of Medicine Albert Einstein

The following are the brain chemicals discovered to be involved in the process by researchers:

  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and suffering.
  • Serotonin: Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps to stabilize a person’s mood and emotions of happiness.
  • Norepinephrine: this raises blood sugar levels, making him feel more energized and happy.

When you set off this emotional silent alarm, he starts to worship you and forgets any grounds he had for doubting you in the very first place.

He’ll only notice your good characteristics.

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When is it possible to trigger it?

The nice aspect is that you may apply this strategy in a wide range of situations:

On a guy you’ve just met: to set you apart from all the other ladies straight away. He will be seeing you as his only option.

On a guy you’ve just started dating: to dispel any worries he may have about you so that all he thinks about is earning your affection.

On your long-term partner or husband: make him realize how fortunate he is to have you so that he sees you as the center of his universe.

Overall, I feel the infatuation instinct provides an intriguing look at what really motivates men in romantic relationships in this infatuation scripts reviews.

What is the price of Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation Scripts includes the primary handbook, audio files, and a video series, an Ebook titled “Make Any Man Yours For Life.” a Commitment Calculator, and an Ebook titled “Why Men Shut Women Out.”

It’s a relatively comprehensive product.

The total cost of everything is $49.95.

Because it is online, you have immediate access to it. Click on the files to download them and begin to work on your relationship right away.

Given all of the resources, I believe it is a terrific bargain. And if it will help you discover love (or even save your relationship), the cost will be swiftly forgotten.

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Infatuation Scripts Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Making a real bond with a man you’re interested in on the first date is among the most challenging feats.

And what if you could entice the man you’ve been admiring and make him want to be with you — and only you – from the start?

How would you react if I told you that it’s a lot less difficult to accomplish than you think it is?

Infatuation Scripts, created by Clayton Max, have assisted millions of women in attracting and retaining men as lovers. In the opinion of several women, the scripts are like magic – and I’ll examine the program to determine just how effective it truly is in this infatuation scripts reviews.

The Advantages of Infatuation Scripts

Here are the Infatuation Scripts that I enjoyed the best.

Instructions in detail: You don’t want any ambiguous advice on how to trigger a man’s feelings. Instead, you’ll learn some really practical advice that you can immediately apply in your relationships. The step-by-step instruction is straightforward, providing clear recommendations on the actions you must do.

Research-backed: Knowing that research has been conducted on the infatuation instinct is a significant plus for me. It demonstrates that the notion has merit, providing it with something you can rely on.

Everyone is catered to: One of the amazing things about this course is that you may start it at any point in your relationship. Whether you’ve just met the guy, are six months into your relationship, or have been married happily for a couple of years, you can benefit from this course.

The book’s drawbacks…

Here are some things I believe should be improved.

Only available online: Let’s face it: when you’re spending money, it’s nice to have a real book you can touch and refer to whenever you want. This is the program’s biggest disadvantage. To assist them to settle into your memory, the tips should be read several times. I recommend printing them and placing them someplace in your home so you can constantly refer to them when you require them.

Personalization: As you might think, you can only go so far with paper. It isn’t the same as sitting on the sofa with a psychotherapist and discussing your relationship issues. This course would probably perform best if you had the assistance of a friend, family member, or professional to discuss it with in order to make it more relevant to your own circumstance.

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The three bonus e-books are as follows:

Here’s what free bonuses entail.

1. Why Men Shut Women Out.

Women will learn exactly what it is that they are doing that is causing men to reject them in this book, written by relationship expert Slade Shaw. It also looks at how a man’s mind operates and how you may use this knowledge to take action.

2. Commitment Calculator.

Carlo Cavallo, a relationship coach, wrote this. It shows you how to get a guy to commit to you even if he isn’t ready for a long-term commitment.

3. Make Any Man Yours For Life.

Amy North, the writer of Text Chemistry and a relationship and psychology expert, wrote this. Amy reveals the techniques to getting a man to commit to you and only you. Amy also reveals the true reasons why guys cheat and how you may prevent it in your relationship.

I’m just blown away by the program’s content and achievements. It is profoundly intelligent, and it works. Given its low cost, I believe the course is a bargain, and I believe that any woman who wants to be everything her guy desires would love the techniques for the rest of her life.

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Clayton Max Infatuation Scripts Reviews by Sam Derrick