Jurong East Massage Spa – Full Body Massage at Jurong East Street 31 (Chinese Garden MRT)

Jurong East Massage Spa – Full Body Massage

Looking for a spa at Jurong east? We offer full-body massages for 50 minutes for $50 per hour or $75 for 1.5 hours.

If you’re feeling stressed out and exhausted, why not treat yourself to a Full Body Relaxing Massage?

You can easily relay and ENJOY with the help of a CERTIFIED therapist.

Relax and let us massage you in all the right spots while you close your eyes. Excellent for relieving stress, stiffness, and aches throughout the body

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Jurong East Massage Spa – Full Body Massage

Enjoy a full body massage in Jurong east massage parlour from one of the many pretty, skilled, and hard-working masseuses.

And everyone is welcome!

Full body massage, oil massage, Deep tissue massage,  gua sha, cupping, lymphatic drainage, and massage specifically for prostate health are all on the menu of massage services.

Give us a call or Whatsapp at 90291451 to make an appointment!

Asian massages are very satisfactory and only cost $50 for 60 minutes and $75 for 90 minutes.

Guaranteed to make you satisfied. Massage at Jurong east that’s both relaxing and sensual.

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Jurong Massage Spa – What Is The Role Of a Massage Therapist?

A massage therapist will engage in a series of deliberate movements and manipulations on their client’s body in order to provide therapeutic relief. These movements and manipulations will focus on different areas of the client’s body. In order to alleviate pains, aches, muscle tension, and muscle stiffness, they might use a certain set of techniques.

In addition to relieving clients of physical discomforts, massage therapists are also trained to assist clients in attaining a state of total body relaxation and relieving stress. Based on the client’s needs, they may recommend a certain form of massage.

In addition to making sure that each customer is treated in a clean, germ-free space, they must also take care to disinfect the area between customers and between massage therapists.


Why Getting a Massage Is So Beneficial To Your Health and Vitality?

  1. Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Regular massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure and the risk of health problems associated with hypertension.

It is believed that getting massages on a routine basis can lower both your diastolic and systolic blood pressures. The systolic number is the top number on your blood pressure readout, and the diastolic number is the bottom number.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart problems, and perhaps even kidney failure has been linked to decreased blood pressure.

2. Receiving a massage can be helpful in lowering levels of stress.

We are all aware that stress is not beneficial in any way. Cortisol production increases to levels that are unhealthy when a person is under a lot of stress and has a lot of things on their to-do list. When this happens, your body feels agitated and overwhelmed.

This is the cause of a wide variety of undesirable side effects, some of which include weight gain, irritation, a disturbed sleep pattern, a depressed mood, a lack of focus, and even a lack of concentration.

Studies have shown that receiving regular massages can help to reduce the amount of cortisol that is circulating throughout the body, which in turn helps to alleviate those side effects. Additionally, regular massages can help to bring about a sense of relaxation and calmness, both of which are essential to our mental health and well-being.

You should absolutely make it a priority to lessen the amount of stress in your life, even if it is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to eliminate all of the negative effects of stress from your existence. The anti-stress practice can be improved significantly by massage, which has been shown to produce excellent outcomes.

3. Getting a massage can help improve your blood circulation. 

Not only does having adequate circulation prevent you from getting cold hands and feet, but it also does a lot more. It’s all about keeping your primary organs — and by extension, your whole body — supplied with the energy they need to complete their job of keeping you healthy.

It has been demonstrated that massage improves circulation and also assists in the release of any blockages that may exist in parts of the body that have, over time, grown clogged. It’s easier for the body to transport waste items and let them drain away through normal channels, which is good for the immune system.

To put it another way, having healthy blood circulation is essential to excellent health, and massage can assist reach that goal.

4. Receiving a massage can be beneficial in lowering anxiety and stress, depression, and general discomfort.

It has been demonstrated that receiving a regular massage can help alleviate the symptoms of depressed mood, stress, and depression. Although massage cannot cure depression on its own, when combined with other therapies, it can be a very effective treatment option for the condition.

When you’re feeling anxious, a massage can be a great method to calm down and refocus your thoughts on the present moment rather than the anxious, distressing ones that may be rushing through your head.

Like exercise, which is well-known for improving mental health, massage can lower overall cortisol levels and boost dopamine levels in the brain.

5. Receiving a massage can help increase both your flexibility and your strength. 

If you suffer from chronic pain on a regular basis, such as that caused by arthritis, receiving a massage on a regular basis can help alleviate or even completely eliminate that discomfort.

Researchers have found that massage helps to relax muscles, relieves built-up tension, makes people more flexible, and can help improve their overall posture. Massage can also help remove headaches, which is beneficial because many types of headaches, including tension headaches, are caused by poor posture.

A speedier recovery from illness or injury is facilitated by massage because of the increased circulation of nutrients to the muscles.

Additionally, it enables the body’s natural painkillers, known as endorphins, to be released into the bloodstream. Dopamine, a well-known hormone associated with calm, is increased as a result, and this, in turn, helps to relieve pain and promotes healing.

6. Better breathing.

At the outset of the massage, the therapist may suggest that you take a few deep breaths. One of the quickest ways to reduce stress is to allow yourself to breathe deeply and freely, and that first breath on the massage bed may seem like a huge sigh of relief. A person’s rib cage, chest, and even neck all have muscles that contribute to breathing alongside the diaphragm.

When we’re under pressure, it’s only natural that we find it difficult to breathe deeply because of all the tension in our shoulders, chests, and necks.

As you relax more and your breathing gets deeper and more even, your massage therapist can work on your tight muscles to loosen up the ones that help you respire.

7. Lymphatic Detoxification.

The lymphatic system plays a significant role in maintaining fluid equilibrium and immunological function. Large clusters of lymph nodes can be located in the neck, armpits, and groin, and lymphatic veins run in parallel to blood vessels all throughout the body.

Your lymphatic system, which includes lymph nodes that filter out waste products, dead cells, and potential pathogens, will be drained while your massage therapist works to rush blood through muscle and tissue. Edema can be alleviated in some cases by emptying the lymphatic system, as lymph flow obstruction is a contributing factor to fluid retention.

Techniques of Massage: An Overview

Swedish Massage

To this day, Swedish massages remain the most popular form of massage therapy. Massage therapists use pressure and friction to relieve tight muscles and calm their clients.

Swedish massage is performed with the intention of easing all muscular tension throughout the body. Long, sweeping strokes that bring blood back to the heart achieve this goal. Swedish massages are good for you because they can do a lot more than just relax you; they can also:

  • Raise the blood’s oxygen levels.
  • Reduce the accumulation of toxins in muscle tissue.
  • Strengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion.
  • Relax your muscles.
  • Reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes the blood sugar rise.
  • Boost your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells known as lymphocytes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tense muscles can benefit greatly from a deep tissue massage, in which the therapist applies firm finger pressure and strokes deeper layers of tissue.

Deep tissue massages relieve chronic neck, upper back, lower back, leg, and shoulder pain. There are a number of reasons why people go to massage therapists:

  • Break up scar tissue and get rid of “knots” or other clumps (bands of painful, rigid tissue).
  • Increase mobility and relieve pain caused by poor circulation.
  • To lessen muscle inflammation.
  • Help people get better after injuries like whiplash and falls.
  • Relieve the discomfort associated with strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Fix your bad posture.
  • Minimize the discomfort of osteoarthritis.

Lymphatic Massage

Another name for lymphatic massage is lymphatic drainage. The therapist will apply light, circular pressure in a slow motion to stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage the flow of lymph fluid.

Its most common application is for the treatment of lymphedema, a swelling disorder caused by the abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid due to impaired lymphatic flow. In general, people seek out lymphatic massage because of the positive effects it has on the body.

  • Reduces swelling caused by lymph fluid buildup after breast cancer surgery.
  • Lumps (lymphedema) and pain are diminished.
  • Circulates lymph fluid to alleviate discomfort.

Sport Massage

Athletes are the intended target audience for this modality of massage. Professional sports massage therapists are frequently sought out by athletes who are experiencing pain due to the repetitive motions required for their chosen sport.

It’s easy to imagine how a tennis player’s shoulder would suffer from the thousands of swings of a racquet over the course of a year. A sports massage can be beneficial for an active person or athlete in a number of ways.

  • Shorten the time it takes to get back to normal after a workout.
  • Strengthen your limbs and increase your mobility.
  • Strengthen the overall efficiency.
  • Get rid of the aches and pains you’ve been feeling in your muscles and joints.
  • Assist in avoiding sports-related injuries.
  • Help tissues heal and keep muscles in balance.

It can be challenging for a person to decide which service to use when they are in need of comfort and relief from pain.

In order to perform at their best stage and avoid further injury, most athletes need to receive professional care.

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