Language Of Desire Sample Phrases

Language Of Desire Sample Phrases

Words have enormous power. No matter how attractive or seductive you are, you may not be capable of arousing your boyfriend until you are good with words. Even your scarlet lipstick and $500 undergarments will not help. Your partner will have no desire to spend a romantic night with you. If you master the language of desire – lovely, spicy, and hard-core phrases – your guy will convert into a wild, sexual bull, and your life will become a stormy, romantic poetry. You will be showered with more sex and love than you can manage.

We’ve all had similar experiences in our lives. We’ve seen that some women don’t get guys, even if they act like low-hanging fruit. While some sleep better at night because guys treat them like goddesses and circle about them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a result, if you need crazy excitement in your life and want to change your partner into a crazy and sexual bull, the language of desire will come in handy. You should learn the hidden power of words because a powerful set of words may always assist you in releasing his animal instincts and all can be discovered in language of desire.

Let Go of the Beast

“Be a lady on the street and then a freak in bed!” they say. That is completely correct. Furthermore, that is what you must comprehend. If you are a lady with a dominant character, you are similar to a lioness. However, if you are a freak in bed & speak the language of desire, you are a wild, sexual lioness in some ways.

Furthermore, it is what a man desires; he desires to make love to a wild lioness because she is a little dominating and speaks the language of desire. A language has emotional and psychological control over a guy. She awakens her man’s inner beast and compels him to love her with passion – both in and out of the bedroom.

To that end, the question is: How can you use your language of desire to talk dirty and liberate his inner beast? So, let me show you some Language Of Desire sample phrases.

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Language Of Desire Sample Phrases

Break the ice: Of course! Break the ice, and do so well. “Roar!” Show that he’s in the sight of a lioness by roaring like a lioness. For example, if he’s talking, suddenly grab his neck & quiet him with a dominant passionate kiss.

Alternatively, if you’re eating ice cream with him, say something like, “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten.” These kinds of intensely encouraging remarks and actions melt his ice and pour positive energy into his veins. In some ways, your purpose is to confuse his thoughts so that he can focus solely on you.

Sultry, Sexy Voice: It’s not just about the words; it’s also about your voice. According to numerous studies, your voice appeal is just as seductive as your sex appeal; if you’ve a sexy voice, you’ll always drive your sweetheart wild with sexual desire.

There are some methods that can help you if you don’t know how to develop a sultry, sensual voice. Instead of speaking from your throat, try and speak through your chest. Additionally, slow down your speaking. If you normally talk 100 words per minute, try speaking only 40 – 50 words per minute instead.

Make Use of Trigger Phrases: What are your man’s trigger phrases? Which words set fire to his veins and cause him to see you with genuine sexual intent? Have you any ideas? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me tell you that every man has various trigger phrases that catch his subconscious mind and drive him to battle the dragons in order to have you in bed.

Allow me to provide a few examples: “I’m going to slay you like a lioness tonight!” “You can’t have me that easy; prove to me that you’re worthy.”You are my rambunctious, sexual bull.

Play the Fantasy: Well, I’m not saying you should do it in real life. You may do it in reality as well, but simply play in your head; phrases will start spilling out of your mouth naturally, making him sense something is unusual; he will be stimulated.

Consider the following scenario: you are a wealthy, prominent leader, and he is your first employee. Otherwise, he is a killer who is about to murder you; seduce him quickly!

Alternatively, you may be his goddess and command his life. Otherwise, he is a tycoon, and you are performing for him on a private dance floor… Our imagination knows no bounds; the more you use it and connect with it, the more easily you will be able to talk dirty.

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Do You Want to Use More Lethal Tactics?

If you are a drizzle right now, following the above guidelines will change you into a storm after passing through language of desire; your man will start rotating around you with sexual and emotional sensations. But, it is not all; there’s many tactics that are highly strong and immediately elicit natural sexual hunger within a guy discovered in language of desire… for example:

Can you turn him on right away by whispering an innocent sentence into his ear? Yes! You certainly can.

Is it possible for you to make him feel loved and valued – even more so than other women? There is, however, a way to make yourself the focus of attention whenever you desire.

“Erotic Telepathy Technique” is a unique technique that allows you to enter your man’s mind and learn his deepest and most intense fantasies.

How do you sow a “Desire Seed” in his mind? Have you any ideas? This secret is used by successful women who live like goddesses to manipulate their men.

Inside the Language Of Desire

This, however, is only the top of the iceberg. Felicity Keith’s eBook “The Language of Desire” contains around 33 effective tactics and strategies that can transform your guy into a wild, sexual, and hungry beast in a matter of seconds and drive him to satisfy his desire from you.


So, are you prepared to pull up your sock? Are you prepared to be his sexual goddess?

Years from now, when you look back, you’ll realize that purchasing this ebook was one of the smartest things you’ve ever made… I guarantee it!

Language of Desire is a thorough instructional approach for women who want more from their romantic relationships in terms of sexual satisfactions. This program is for you if you’re a sexually shy lady or if you want more affection from your man.

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Language Of Desire Sample Phrases by Theresa Alice