Michael Fiore 3 Magic Words

Michael Fiore 3 Magic Words 

Michael Fiore, a famous relationship expert, reveals how to “Cheat Proof” your relationship so that he desires you and therefore only you forever and ever.

Someone sent Michael this email:

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do.” My wife is wonderful. We have our highs and lows, Mike, but you already know how much I adore her. And I still think she’s gorgeous and sexy, and I’d never do anything to jeopardize what we have together, but…

And the way this new coworker looks at me. When she looks at me, I get a certain feeling. Marie only tells me what I’m doing wrong these days. And I know I’m not perfect, and I understand Marie is stressed, so I try to assist her in any way. But somehow this younger woman in the office… she isn’t even as attractive as my wife, but that day when I gave her something at her desk, she looked me in the eyes and put her hand on my arm, and said these three words which sent a shock through my entire body & it made me feel more alive than I’d felt in a long time.

“What exactly were the words?” Michael questioned, despite the fact that Michael already knew.

“It’s ridiculous, Mike,” he said. “It’s silly, but when she said it, I felt taller & happier than I had in ages, and I suddenly wanted her so badly.”

She simply looked me in the eyes and said…”


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Michael Fiore 3 Magic Words

Michael Fiore said that “I appreciate you” are “magic words” that can make even the most fiercely loyal man out of sudden want to cheat on a woman he loves…


To understand why “I appreciate you” has such a powerful emotional impact on most men, you must first understand three key concepts:

The desire for men to be appreciated for being men and doing “manly” things is strong.

Women treat men as if they are incompetent women.”  Which is funny, sad, and horrifyingly true…

Michael understands that being a woman today is difficult and that the “superwoman” expectations that most women face on a daily basis are insane and brutal.

But the reality is that most men these days walk around in a state of befuddled desperation, unaware of why they’re so unhappy in their relationships or why their female counterparts are constantly disappointed and angry at them.

He completely agrees that men should share the burden when it comes to household chores, child care, cooking, and all the other things that have traditionally been considered “women’s work”…

But that doesn’t change the fact that men evolved to derive their self-worth from “manly” activities (making money, taking home meat, battle/sporting activities, having a hairy chest, being big and strong, etc.).

And that in order to be happy in any relationship, a man must believe that a woman respects & loves him for being a man and doing the “Manly” things that evolution or God designed him to be good at. (Not constantly chastised for domestic tasks at which he feels incompetent and will always regard as a chore.)


For years, there has been a widespread misconception that men cheat simply to get laid.

And it’s complete nonsense.

We’ve all heard that women usually cheat because they feel unwanted, unappreciated, or unromantic…

But it turns out that the same is true for men as well.

Michael interviewed a lady called Mary Knight a while back who worked as a professional escort for over a decade (prostitute.)

And she informed Michael that after hundreds of customers, she realized that what these men reeeeally wanted wasn’t sex at all (in fact, many clients didn’t want to have sex at all)…

Having a girl lust after them, admire them, and respect their masculinity without having to “earn” it or go through a series of humiliating hoops was their ultimate goal.

And this need for admiration and respect is so intense and powerful that if he doesn’t get it from his wife or girlfriend, he’ll risk everything for it, even if it’s just for a moment.

(On the tangential side, this desire to be respected and powerful as a man is why most men go to strip clubs and, to a lesser extent, why men watch porn.)

3. The constant criticism and lack of appreciation cause men to lose their sense of self-worth.

Every day, Michael receives emails about this. Women who write in to say, “Mike, I’m not sure what happened to my husband/boyfriend.” He used to be so strong, powerful, and domineering, but now he’s just a shell of himself, and I’m not attracted to him.”

And every time, Michael has to explain that it’s because he doesn’t appreciate himself as a man.

(To be honest, it’s similar to what happens to a Border Collie when you try to train it as a house dog and constantly reprimand it for trying to “herd” you and your friends.) Any creature who is reprimanded or punished for acting in accordance with its nature and instincts will become depressed, angry, and likely inebriated.)

Michael: I understand your dissatisfaction with the fact that the man in your life isn’t the knight in shining armor you’d like him to be, but I’ll tell you right now (and there’s tons of research to back me up on this) that repeatedly criticizing a guy for what he’s “doing wrong” only pushes him away, demolishes his masculine self-esteem, and causes him to shut down, pull away, and seek the appreciation he requires elsewhere.

(The best way to get a man to do the dishes is NOT to repeatedly complain about how he doesn’t. It’s to make him feel valued and appreciated as a man, so he WISHES to do the dishes because he realizes it makes you happy.)


Now, if you’re like most women, you’re probably wondering:

“I fully comprehend how powerful the word I use with my guy is, how badly he desires to be appreciated for being a man, and how devoted he’ll be to me if I do it right… but how do I DO it?” “What should I say?”

That’s an excellent question.

And the answer is that you don’t “say” anything at all (which is strange, given the context of this question).

Michael said: You pull out your phone and send him some very impactful and very specific texts I’ve already written for you, which have been proven by tens of thousands of women worldwide to make a man feel powerful and respected… and to inspire him to give you the love, romance, love, and appreciation you deserve.

This is what it’s all about:

Michael has a special video made for you

And no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you owe it to yourself to take a moment to stop and watch that video right now.


Because in that video, Michael shows you precisely how to make use of text messages to reawaken the romantic, passionate, masculine man you first fell in love with…

So he stares at you with desperate, incredible hunger and love…

As a result, even the thought of another woman makes him physically ill.
Michael stated.

What is the “secret” to getting your man happy, appreciated, and faithful?

Because text messages allow you to establish an “invisible cord” between you and a man wherever he may be, whenever you want… and because Michael tells you precisely what texts to send, you don’t have to “think on your feet” or “write” anything at all.

Watch the video below now…

Michael Fiore 3 Magic Words by Sam Derrick