Sagittarius Man Blowing Hot And Cold – Why?

Sagittarius Man Blowing Hot And Cold

Is your Sagittarius man blowing hot and cold? When you date a man who is a Sagittarius, you are dating someone who will never fail to take you by surprise. So, why is Sagittarius so hot? He wants to be the greatest of friends with his partner, but at the same time, he needs complete independence. He is always up for an exciting new experience.

Sagittarius’ one relationship dealbreaker is someone who ties him down. When a Sagittarius man goes cold, it is because he sees signs of possessiveness. In addition to that, he wants his companion to share his spirit of adventure and enthusiasm.

Why is Sagittarius hot and cold?

If you see that he is being more distant, you might want to think about reconnecting with him by engaging in an activity that the two of you enjoy doing together, such as going hiking, cooking, or taking a trip somewhere for the day.

Instead of worrying that the distance between you two spells the end of your relationship, he’ll be reminded of the fantastic times you’ve shared together. It’s possible that a Sagittarius man blows hot and cold at times, but this is only because he wants to make absolutely certain that this connection is one that is worth standing up for.

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Sagittarius Man Blowing Hot And Cold

1. He is not completely confident in you just yet.

Is this a fresh start for the two of you? In less than a year, or possibly in less than half that time? We tend to have sky-high expectations at times. In point of fact, it’s too high. As women, we may put a lot of strain on a relationship if we expect something from our partner before they’re ready to offer it to us.

Perhaps he needs a little bit more time to be absolutely certain that you are the right person for him. In the end, can you really place your trust in him? If you delve really deeply into yourself, you may find that you still have a lot of questions about various aspects of life. Because of this, it is only normal for a Sagittarius man disappears and reappears.

2. He hasn’t gotten over the breakup of his last relationship yet.

Is he currently going through a divorce or has he lately been through a breakup? It’s possible that he’s grieving the loss of someone who was very important to him, and that’s quite normal. This does not rule out the possibility that he loves you, but it does indicate that he may require some distance from you.

This is another potential explanation for why you have such mixed feelings for him. It takes some time to get over someone, and it’s likely that he was the kind of person who fully committed himself to his former partner. Even more so if there was a family involved.

3. He has suffered a blow to his ego

What are the Sagittarius man’s red flags? He has extremely, very sensitive egos. These are men who may appear to be arrogant, but who are actually quite sensitive to criticism. Is there something you might have said, or has he been rejected by you in some manner, even if you didn’t intend to?

Even if it is the tiniest remark, he takes everything to heart and considers it important. It’s possible that he’s still nursing a wounded ego from a previous relationship, a conflict at work, or an issue in some other aspect of his life. He might not even be aware of how he’s acting.

Simply being there for him and showing interest in what’s going on in his life will do more for him than trying to stroke his ego. It’s possible that there’s more to this than first appears!

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4. Selfish Behavior from Him

The truth is, women, he is a sign of the zodiac that has a tendency to be somewhat self-centered. He is a very kind sign as well, therefore he doesn’t mean to be nasty. But if you’re under his shadow, he won’t even notice that he’s having any kind of an impact on you.

It’s possible that he’s just so wrapped up in his own drama that he doesn’t even realize when he’s being inconsistent with how he treats you or how it makes you feel. The most helpful thing you can do in this situation is to just let him know, in a manner that is not insulting him, that his actions are making you feel as though you are not being cared for very much.

5. He Has No Idea What You Want From Him

He values stability and security in their lives. In this regard, they can be very authoritarian, and they always want to be the ones who make the decisions. It is possible that he will behave in a manner that is highly unpredictable because he is unsure of where he stands with you or where the relationship is headed.

It’s possible that you’ve indicated, either intentionally or unintentionally, that you’re not interested in anything serious or that you just want to see where things go. Maybe you did mean it, but maybe you just wanted him to feel at ease.

It’s important that he knows he can trust and depend on you, therefore he has to feel beloved, treasured, loved, and secure. In the event that this does not occur, he will float in and out of the relationship. Demonstrating your affection and dependability will go a long way toward winning his heart.

6. He Doesn’t Have That Romantic Feeling

They are obsessed with the “honeymoon phase,” and they like the heady rush that comes with getting to know somebody and falling in love with them. They would prefer if at all possible, to continue in this phase throughout the entirety of their partnership.

If he believes that there is a lack of romance in the relationship, there is a lot greater chance that he will not be as constant as before. Take going out on dates as an example: how often do you do it? Are you letting him know that you absolutely appreciate him? Any gifts? A chance to spend time together?

When the pressure becomes too much for him, all he has to do is step back and relax. Therefore, make an effort to create that atmosphere of romance so that he can experience being cherished and move closer to you. When he’s having a good time, he’s more devoted to you.


Prepare yourself thoroughly before conversing with a male Sagittarius. Don’t just plunge in without thinking. Assess the situation and determine if the dark or the light side will need to be tackled first.

Trust me here, women. Take your time, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and pay close attention to the responses; When you saw the light, you thought that you had won an incredible catch for yourself. Everybody in your family gushed about what a wonderful person he was.

The ground beneath your feet eventually gave way, and you discovered that you were mired in a swamp of lies, deceit, and frightening secrets. When that happens, others around you will mutter, “But I thought he was such a wonderful man!”

You have to understand that the male Sagittarius is aching for the opportunity to live life to the absolute fullest in every sense of the word. With these guys, anything goes, and most of the time, a Sagittarius male goes along with it.

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