Singorama Reviews – Does Melanie Alexander’s Program Work?

Singorama Reviews – Does Melanie Alexander’s Program Work?

Product: Singorama

  • Singorama 2.0 Instant Download – $99.95
  • Physical Product – $299.95
  • Platinum Inner Circle Membership – $27/month

Length of Course: 6+ Weeks or At Your Own Pace


  • 28 Different Audio Lessons and Vocal Exercises, Original Practice Songs
  • Workbook in PDF format to go with it
  • Special Exclusive Software

Official Site:

Course Skill Level: Singers at the beginning and intermediate levels

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Singorama Reviews – What Is This Program About?

Melanie Alexander, an Australian pop singer from the 1990s band Girlfriend, is the creator of this program, she has sold platinum records before mp3 was even invented.

Melanie has real-world experience of professional singing as a singer. When it comes to picking vocal instructors, the most critical factor to consider is whether or not the coach can actually sing. Otherwise, move on.

If that’s the case, the next question is whether Melanie can teach. Following a thorough examination of this program, I will advise you of its major strengths and disadvantages, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Audio Lessons & Trainings of the Highest Quality

Singorama 2.0 is daring enough to build this training program totally focused on high-quality mp3 lessons and instruction in this visual-based internet age.

I was intrigued by the teacher’s vocal approach as she explained complex singing ideas in an easy-to-understand manner as I listened to the lessons.

The mp3 classes’ audio recording quality is superb, and listening to them is incredibly relaxing.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to show you the audio here. You must download them from the website to get a firsthand experience.

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Vocal Training in Its Entirely Complete Form

Warm-ups, breathing, widening the vocal range, strengthening the voice, performing on stage, and pursuing a singing career are all included in the lessons and training.

Aside from the lengthy audio lessons & exercises, the package includes exclusive Singorama training electronic books for beginners and intermediate singers that further clarify all of the principles covered in the program.

Don’t be deceived by the Singorama training platform’s basic look. The beauty of the full training course is its simplicity. While practicing on the site, you will never get lost or feel overwhelmed.

You should hear the Getting Started lessons if you wish to learn the proper technique. If you’re ready to get started, go over to the Vocal Exercise module. That’s all there is to it.

Software and Bonus Modules

In addition to the essential lessons and vocal practices, the program includes a number of fascinating features in the extra modules, which include tools, software, ebooks, including the Mini Recording Studio,  that can be used to record yourself singing and rewind to listen to what you are required to improve on.

Perfect Your Pitch is another wonderful piece of free software that you can use to improve your pitch accuracy.

Another great feature is that Singorama delivers original songs for students to learn & practice in separate vocal, music, and full mix tracks.

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Singorama’s extra information

Suitable for Singers of All Skill Levels

It’s suitable for beginner and intermediate students, and even professionals will likely find something that will help them improve their singing, even if just slightly. It’s a comprehensive course with plenty of information to keep you learning for a long time. It also comes with singing software to help you improve your voice.

The course comprises a number of distinct audio courses, as well as workbooks and software to assist you as you progress through the various lessons. The singing system covers a number of various approaches and things that you need to know in order to use your voice effectively.

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What’s in the Box

They include theory, posture, harmony, breathing techniques, and a lot more, which many singers are unfamiliar with when they first start out. It’s broken down into separate lessons that each cover a particular topic.

It addresses topics like stage presence, how you should feel, and how to truly express yourself when singing, in addition to how to sing. Singorama also includes a songwriting lesson, which is a lovely little addition. This mini-course shows you how to compose your own original songs in a way.

It’s a fantastic feature that gives this course an edge over the competition.

Following that, there is a part that discusses a variety of topics that will assist you in furthering your singing career. It addresses a variety of issues that singers experience, as well as what your career as a singer might entail, as well as various performance techniques, auditioning, song composing, and even singing in a band. It is also discussed how to deal with stage fright and how to overcome performance anxiety.

This section serves as a springboard for further research. Every one of those audio lessons might stand alone as a complete course. It is, nevertheless, an excellent primer.

For whatever reason, the Octave Power Generator Part 2 is included in this section of the course. It will assist you in further expanding your range & vocal power.

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The Bonuses Included

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The Singorama PDF workbook is a written accompaniment to the audio lessons. A book on how to read music is also available.

This is a talent you’ll want to master, especially if you’ll be collaborating with other artists.


  1. Perfect Pitch Software
  2. Mini Recording Studio

The accompanying software is a combination of a little recording studio and a pitch teaching tool. It will greatly assist you in fine-tuning your voice. You should record yourself and evaluate your voice to see if you’re improving and if you’re really singing correctly.

Because you hear yourself via your bones in your head, it will not sound the same to others who are listening to you sing. That is why recording studio software is so important. What’s more, it has a pitch training tool as well.

There’s also something to assist you to enhance your musical sight-reading skills. Sight-reading is crucial, but it won’t help you improve your voice. However, as long as you have the sheet music, it will assist you in singing songs you enjoy.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages!

Any training program has its own set of strengths and flaws, and now I’ll compare them so you can decide whether or not this program is right for you!


  • The training site is straightforward and simple to use.
  • The audio lectures and training are mp3 recordings of the finest quality. It’s simple to listen to.
  • The most detailed and comprehensive instructions.
  • From basic training to performing on stage, this book covers everything you need to know about singing.
  • Bonus modules including software, tools, & ebooks are very extensive.
  • Excellent for beginning and intermediate vocalists.
  • Melanie Alexander, an actual professional singer, created the program.
  • With such a 60-day money-back guarantee, this is extremely affordable pricing.


  • The training site has a poor design.
  • A lot of the exercises and training for vocals are aimed more at women.
  • There is a weak connection between the Audio Lessons (Getting Started) and the Vocal Exercises.
  • The students are not challenged enough by the vocal exercises because they do not cover a wide enough range.
  • For advanced pupils, the instructions may be too simple and straightforward.

Singorama Reviews – Conclusion

Singorama 2.0 is a comprehensive singing training system that covers everything from basic voice technique to stage performance, among other topics.

It is an excellent training program for beginning to intermediate vocalists due to a large amount of content available.

Its greatest strength may also be its greatest flaw. This curriculum is certainly unsuitable for you if you’re an advanced vocalist trying to hone your skills in a specific area.

Finally, whether you’re just beginning or have prior singing expertise, this singing course is a great place to start. The instructions are written in a manner that is both clear and detailed. The mp3 audio files are of the finest possible quality. You will find it quite easy to listen to.

The training method will neither scare nor overwhelm you; rather, you will have a great time learning to sing. The most important aspect is to have fun singing!

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Singorama Reviews – Does Melanie Alexander’s Program Work? by Sam Derrick

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