Text Chemistry Texts Examples From Amy North

Text Chemistry Texts Examples From Amy North

It’s possible to send a unique kind of text message to your guy right now that will open up a hidden, hungry desire for you. A desire that is so strong and real that it causes his entire body to tremble whenever he thinks of you or sees you.

This text is intended to make him obsess over you and long for you in a psychologically positive way. He will basically crave you at all hours of the day and will wait for the break of day or in the middle of the night just to talk to you and hold you.

This new program from Amy North, a relationship & dating coach, is helping a lot of women get back together with the love of their lives again. The fact is that this text will work in nearly any situation regardless of whether you are single, in a relationship, or trying to win back your ex. You will be surprised and amazed at how effective it is.

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Text Chemistry Texts Examples From Amy North

Stuck with the blank screen? Need some Text Chemistry Texts Examples?

Would you like to be able to send texts that cause men to chase after you? More information about the Text Chemistry program can be found by clicking here. Amy can teach you how to attract better-looking males and keep them returning for more with her proven methods.

Texting isn’t the place to share your vulnerable thoughts and feelings with your guy.

So, think of your phone as a pocket-sized positive device that only sends positive messages.

After reading this list of RULES, you’re well on your way to winning his heart with a simple text message. Now, let’s get down to business and talk about the texts that will make men fall in love with you.

1. The text “Thinking About You” (Thinking About You)

If you want to learn how to make a guy fall in love with you, this is an excellent text to start with. If you’ve already met this guy and have since been seeing him for some time, then you’re ready to begin. This text (and the others I’ll cover) is for women who are already in a relationship with a man.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s get down to the essentials of sending this type of text message.

The purpose of sending this type of text message is, simply put, to do exactly what it says: to let your guy know that you’re thinking about him. However, as simple as it may appear, the impact it will have on your man will be meaningful!

Because the daily grind can easily wear us down, even a minor irritation like an irritating or demanding text can make us want to rip our hair out or hide under a rock.

In that case, if you can be the reason for your man’s smile when he looks at his mobile, you will gradually but steadily win his heart over to you.

Consider sending him a text message that reads something like the following to serve as a positive boost in his life.

The Beatles song that was playing on the first night we met was playing while I was traveling to work this morning. “It brought up memories of you.”

“I’ve had you on my thought all morning, and I can’t wait to see you later,”

Yes, both of these are fairly straightforward, but the Thinking Of Your text messages are a prime example of when less is more in communication. That being said, the texts I’m about to share with you next are a little more complicated than the ones I’ve already shared.

2. The “Drive Me Wild” Text

If you want to make men fall in love with you, it’s critical that you provide him with something that every man craves: sex.

Although you are under no obligation to send him unclothed or dirty pictures of yourself, nor is it necessary for you to write the kama sutra for him, it is recommended that you raise the temperature of your text messages in order to build sexual tension between the two of you.

Because they create a virtual fantasy land for you and your guy to explore together, “Drive Me Wild” texts are extremely important. The opportunity to express yourself in a way that you might not be able to do so publicly, as well as the opportunity to tell him everything that makes you feel attracted to him.

For example, let’s say you really enjoy it when he kisses a particular part of your body, but whenever you even consider telling him about it, you feel yourself blushing or becoming uncomfortable.

This is precisely the sort of information you can send him via text message. Only ensure that your message is as specific and explanatory as possible when you send it out. In addition to being visual creatures, men are also verbal creatures, which means you’ll want to use your words to really paint him a picture.

It’s fine to text him “Your lips drive me crazy,” but a text like “I can’t wait to feel your lips roam my body tonight” is even better. To get him going, tell him, “You recognize the zones that get me excited.”

The best part is that you are under no obligation to carry out the fantasies you have described here; however, you should be cautious not to expressly agree to anything that you have no desire to carry out. Otherwise, he will conclude that you are just talking… or in this case, texting… which as you can assume is a bit of a turn-off.

3. Text that serves as a “Recognition Reminder”

It is important to make a man feel appreciated,  it is this type of recognition that motivates him to continue his efforts to win your affection — after all, he is not likely to put forth a consistent effort to win your affection if you do not take the time to acknowledge the things he does for you.

Sure, we’re all busy, and yeah sure, it can be difficult to find the time to properly express your appreciation for the things your man does for you, however, the excellent news is that you can do so in a very effective and timely manner if you plan ahead of time. You can send him a text message.

So, what exactly is a Text Message Recognition Reminder? It’s a sequence of well-thought-out words that you must send to your man to let him know that you appreciate everything he does for you on a daily basis.

Are you afraid of moving on? Are you stuck in the past? Trying to deal with breakups & past trauma is never easy, but it is always worth it in the end. If you’re having trouble, seek professional help, and do your best, to be honest, and open with yourself and others so that you can keep moving forward. Once that has happened, only afterward, will you be ready to fall in love again.

You’re going to want to personalize this message, so take some time to reflect on something awesome your man has done for you in the last few days or weeks.

It goes without saying that whatever you choose should be time-sensitive because messaging him about something he did last year isn’t going to be as moving as texting him about something he did last night.

Sure, you can make some references to the past, but if you’re going to go this approach, make sure to include something more recent too.

So here are a few examples of text messages that serve as Recognition Reminders:

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. Although I may not always express my gratitude, you are extremely important to me.”

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you in my life.”

“I understand that I can be difficult to work with at times, but thank you for being so patient with me. “You add so much sweetness to my life.”

“I adore the way you feel about me. “Thank you for being my most ardent supporter.”

You can use any combination of these to make your man feel like he’s hit the jackpot.

4. The “I Really Like Your…” Text

This text message can be PG or R rated, it’s entirely up to you. And, yes, I will point you in the direction of both types of situations. It’s important to understand why this type of message causes men to fall head over heels in love with the women who send them before I go any further with this.

Here’s the thing: a lot of men believe that they don’t receive enough nice comments from their female partners. Despite our fault, don’t beat yourself up too much. After all, society has created this type of perspective in which females are the ones who long for and seek compliments, rather than the reverse. However, this is far from the case.

The fact that you took the time to notice something about your man, whether it was his physical appearance or emotional state or spiritual beliefs, or even his general personality, is what will make him fall in love with you.

Even so, you should refrain from texting the obvious in this situation. In other words, if your guy has stunning blue eyes, it’s likely that he’s heard it all his life, and reading those very same words from you isn’t going to make him jump out of his skin.

It would be more interesting if you added something like “I love looking into your sapphire eyes. When I’m standing next to you, they make me feel as blue as the ocean,” those descriptive words are a significant improvement.

Try to pick something about your man that he isn’t used to hearing about himself. You could say something along the lines of, “You carry yourself with such conviction. “, if he has a fiery interest in social justice. “Even just being in the presence of you makes me a better person.”

Alternatively, “I really like the dip in your hip.” It makes me feel hot and bothered when I run my fingers along with it.”

Because while it’s one thing to tell a guy he’s attractive, telling him what makes him so appealing will boost his self-esteem and get his heart racing. I can’t emphasize this enough: specificity is essential.

When sending these messages, keep in mind that men like to feel like they’re in charge in a relationship, so keep that in mind. Something that will make him feel emasculated is the furthest thing from your mind when you’re thinking of what to send him.

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Text Chemistry Texts Examples From Amy North by Sam Derrick

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