Tips To Make Learning From Home Easier For Children

The current situation demands a lot of patience and strong nerves from parents. How do I get my child, who is not allowed to go to school or to play, to learn? Hanging out on your smartphone or cell phone is actually a lot more fun when you’re not in school. These great free student learning apps can help keep your child motivated and maybe even volunteer to sit down and study.

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This is how I motivate my child to learn

For many parents, it is of course particularly difficult at the moment to get their children to study when they are off school. We have the best tips for you from tutors on how the child will happily do their homework voluntarily or learn on upcoming exams:

Tip 1: Create a pleasant “learning environment”

When you feel good you are of course much more motivated, we know that from our own work. It is of course no different from children. If possible, have breakfast with your child in front of it so that it feels strengthened and make sure that the desk looks tidy so that you feel comfortable in the “workplace”

Tip 2: Promote self-determination

Does your child have a favorite place to study? Maybe even in the garden or comfortably on the sofa? Or is more concentrated in the evening than in the morning? Try to enable your child to study in the place or time of day when they are most motivated.

Tip 3: Try not to make the school the main topic

Home should be a safe haven for a child. A place is full of security and love where the child can relax. If your child is feeling stressed, try not to use pressure to get them to study. Perhaps you will be able to find out what the child needs first and then sit down, motivated, and do his or her tasks.

Tip 4: Breaks are essential

When you notice their attention waning, give your child a few breaks. Sometimes even a sip of water or a few deep breaths helps. Even catching fresh air in between can be a renewed motivation.

Tip 5: strengthen your back

Show your child their strengths. Encourage it as often as possible and create a sense of achievement. Because, of course, we know that from ourselves. When do we accelerate the most? Sure, when the boss praises us and is satisfied with our work. Appreciation and recognition regardless of school performance strengthen the child’s self-esteem and brings a lot of motivation.

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