To Get a Second Date, Avoid Saying These Things To Virgos

If you want to get a second date with a Virgo, avoid saying these things to them.

If you’re seeking for a relationship who love to go with the flow, I wouldn’t date a Virgo. Those born between August 23 and September 22 are recognized for being persistent, rational, & — most importantly — punctual, and everybody who prefers spontaneity to schedules is unlikely to be a good match.

Of course, Virgos make excellent partners, so it’s understandable why anyone, regardless of astrological compatibility, would want to date one.

However, there are some things you should never say to a Virgo during a first date, so if you’re searching to attract one, you ought to be conscious of the questions that Virgos consider warning flags.

It’s best to wait until at least or third date to tell a Virgo how often you snooze alarm button every day if you don’t want to chase them away.

Virgos value respect, sheer determination, and humility, so if you want to enter into a relationship with a Virgo man on the right foot, refrain from mentioning a few key things.

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Questions That Refrain From Asking

1. “Sorry for the delay! I had completely lost track of the time.”

2.  “Did you really want the last slice of bread? I just ended up taking it without thinking about it.”

3 “How much longer are you looking right at the menu? Is this how you’re always?”

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4 “I’m glad we swapped phone numbers. I absolutely can not wait to bombard your mobile with jokes and TikToks.”

5 “You strolled here? I took an Uber even though I live only three blocks away. I detest walking anywhere. I’m such a lazy slob.”

6  “Wow, you got your summa cum laude? I’m surprised I graduated from college at all. During my senior year’s second semester, I don’t believe I did attend a single class.”

7 “Is it true that your parents are separated? What was your experience like? How did you react to it?”

8 “To be honest, I had to rush to prepare for this date. I’m the very worst procrastinator.”

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9 “”Even if I’m 15 minutes late, I always stop for iced coffee.”

10 “Do you do any volunteer work? Why?”

11 “I tend to sleep in till 3 p.m. on weekends. I’m not sure how people can get out of bed before midday on a Sunday.”

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