What a Virgo Man Wants To Hear – Says These To Him

What a Virgo Man Wants To Hear

What to say to a Virgo man to get his attention? And what a Virgo man likes to hear?

Virgo is always looking for a safe, reliable partner. He hopes you’ll reassure him that you’ll always be there for him no matter what.

A Virgo guy wanted to know that he can always be counted on. And that you can’t live without him. This is what a Virgo man wants in a woman.

This might not seem like much to you, but to a man who is ruled by Virgo, the significance of these words cannot be overstated. It shows him that you think of him as a stable part of your life and that you depend on him. In order to feel safe in a partnership, this is exactly what a Virgo man requires.

A Virgo man can be convinced of his importance in your life in a number of ways. Learn how to compliment a Virgo man, because having a few thoughtful things prepared to say to him will show your gratitude for all he does.

Tell your Virgo man some (or all) of the following things if you want him to feel appreciated and loved by you. Virgo men are very sensitive. He’ll understand the meaning behind them immediately.

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What a Virgo Man Wants To Hear

1. I Can Read Your Mind.

Have you been around your Virgo for a long enough period of time to know what he’s thinking before he tells you?

One more time, Virgo men frequently have the impression that they are isolated from the rest of the world. To earn his undying devotion, simply complete his thoughts or demonstrate an excellent understanding of who he is at his core.

This action will go a long way toward validating and comforting the Virgo man, as he places a high value on being acknowledged.

2. I’m Giving You My Full Attention.

When dealing with Virgo men, communication is absolutely essential. Even though he might disappear for what seems like weeks or even months at a time, maintaining an open line of communication with him and being there to lend an ear to his concerns is extremely important to him. Maintain your friendship with him, talk to him whenever you get the chance, and, most importantly, pay attention to what he says.

The Virgo man in your life probably won’t vanish for a few months, but what a Virgo man wants in a relationship is frequent and clear dialogue. He may feel comfortable enough to open up to you about anything if he’s willing to commit to a relationship with you.

Even though his secrets might seem inconsequential to you, he views them quite differently. It is highly likely that he does not feel comfortable sharing this information with anyone else besides you. Nobody else in the world is aware of this fact regarding him. Therefore, lean in close, pay attention and find solace in the fact that he places a great deal of trust and concern in you.

Share your innermost emotions, thoughts, and secrets with him if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do that for him, he will experience an increased sense of love and honor. If you are not prepared for that just yet, the fact that you are listening to him with focus and attention will mean a great deal to him. In addition to this, it will win his trust and cause him to feel a closer connection to you.

There are a lot of Virgo men who have the tendency to feel isolated in the world. It will do him a world of good if you reassure him that he has your support.

Whether you’re his friend, coworker, or wife, showing the Virgo man you’ve got his back is a huge thing that he’ll never forget.

3. I Love You.

Who doesn’t want to get their ears around this one? What is a Virgo man like in love?

Ultimately, Virgo males seek reassurance, unconditional love, and a partner who will be there for them no matter what. If he has someone on his side who loves him deeply and accepts him without condition, then he will be the happiest guy in the world.

4. I Will Always Be Here For You. There Is Nothing That Can Change That.

Virgo man’s insecurities in love require constant love and reassurance from those closest to them.

It doesn’t matter who says it to him—a friend, a member of the family, or a lover—he finds it extremely reassuring to be reminded that he is loved and that he has someone in his life who will always be there for him and care about him.

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5. I won’t tell anyone what you tell me.

Vulnerability is not something that Virgo males enjoy. As a consequence of this, it may take him a considerable amount of time to become comfortable around someone and, ultimately, to trust them with his secrets.

If he is going to confide in someone, he needs to be certain that they are someone with whom he can actually put his trust. They will, of course, have to keep their word in order to maintain his trust in them; otherwise, he can never trust them again.

When a Virgo has been wronged, he can forgive, but he will never forget.

6. I’m here, and you can come and go whenever you want.

This applies to his close circle of friends and family.

Men born under the sign of Virgo are known to be independent and will frequently be found spending time alone and pursuing their own interests. They need to have friends and family members who are able to understand this about them and give them the freedom to come and go from their lives as they please. Their closest friends will wait patiently for them to return from months away, only to be surprised by a text message asking if they want to hang out this weekend.

Avoid suffocating him as much as possible. Instead, you should let him discover who he is and the world around him while you step back and let him have the freedom to do so. As soon as he is able to, he will make his way back to you.

This is not a deliberate behavior on the part of Virgo men; rather, it is how they naturally act. It is extremely important to them that there is someone in their life who is willing to tolerate all of their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

7. You Are A Good Person. 

Virgo males are just as likely to make mistakes and experience difficulties as any other sign. However, they frequently believe they are the only ones who feel this way.

It means everything to them to have someone reassure them that they deserve love, respect, and patience.

In addition, Virgo men dislike being tied down and are hesitant to make long-term commitments of any kind. When it comes to a romantic partner, they require someone who is open to non-exclusivity or at the very least someone who will make it possible for him to maintain the same routine he had before they met. Because of this, the person he ends up with will need to be accepting of the fact that he is not willing to make major changes in his life for the sake of the relationship.

Sometimes, all he needs is a weekly training night with his pals to feel like himself again.

It’s possible that he wants a relationship with other people, but he wants them all to live in their own homes and only see each other at predetermined times during the week. However, unless you ask, you won’t know where he stands on this spectrum, so make it a point to pose the question.

8. I Know How You Feel. I’ve felt like that before. It’s Going To Be Okay.

Because Virgos have a tendency to keep things to themselves, they rarely get the sense that they belong somewhere or that others can feel empathy or compassion for them. It is very helpful to Virgo to be reminded that you have been in his position, experienced the same emotions that he is experiencing, and have an understanding of his most private self.

Having this kind of close connection with anyone, be it a friend, a family member, or a lover, is something that he values tremendously because of how uncommon it is. He values these interactions greatly and will always be appreciative of whoever shows him kindness and opens up to him.

Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In a Woman

Having her own identity and being able to make her own decisions is important to a Virgo. Before taking action, Virgos enjoy analyzing their surroundings with their analytical minds. Because of this, they are very reserved people who value the privacy of their own space and, as a result, place a high value on their own individuality and independence.

Though they may be closed off to new experiences due to their obsession with analyzing everything, this is what motivates and fulfills them.

What they dislike, on the other hand, is being surrounded by excessively social crowds that are unable to comprehend the ways in which they act and think. Being around people who are very outspoken and don’t give themselves much time to think might be frustrating and annoying for them.

As a result, it’s crucial to give Virgos some room and give them some time to themselves before interacting with them. Keep in mind that they place a high value on their personal space, and if you respect that, your chances of getting along with them will be better. Read more on the likes and dislikes of Virgo men.


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What a Virgo Man Wants To Hear by Sam Derick

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