What Attracts An Aquarius Man To a Scorpio Woman – 10 Tips

What Attracts An Aquarius Man To a Scorpio Woman

Due to the fact that the Aquarius man is a free person and the Scorpio woman is a possessive one, the combined effect of these two will result in both a powerful and bold relationship as well as intense fights among each other. This is because both of these signs are dark and strong.

However, due to the fact that both of them enjoy discussing even the most offbeat topics with fervor, it’s possible that they’d make the most unusual and eccentric couple. It is extremely uncommon to find the two of them engaging in “small talk” about the goings-on at work or how their day was overall. They are also dramatic and rebellious all at the same time.

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What Attracts An Aquarius Man To a Scorpio Woman

1. Start a conversation with him that is intellectually stimulating.

If there’s any sign that can compete with Aquarius’s intelligence, it’s you, Scorpio. You’ve got game. Ask him thought-provoking questions, demonstrate interest in the complex subjects that he is enthusiastic about, and feel free to express all of your off-the-wall opinions. Due to the fact that Aquarius is an air sign, he believes that engaging conversations are the pinnacle form of recreation. Demonstrate to him that whenever he converses with him, he will always have an interesting and intelligent partner in you.

In order to get the conversation rolling, you should ask him open-ended questions like, “Do you believe there’s any chance that we’re living in a simulation?”

Aquarians are deeply concerned about the welfare of others; therefore, you should demonstrate to him that you share this concern by: Have you taken the time to read the latest report on the environmental issues?

The men born under this sign are always looking for fresh perspectives, so feel free to share your wacky ideas with them: “Since I was a kid, I always thought that kindergarten through high school should be held outside. This is why…”

2. Engage him in some interesting debates.

You are up for the challenge because Aquarians enjoy having their minds challenged. Scorpio, Aquarius is going to become completely obsessed with you once he realizes that you aren’t afraid to challenge the opinions that he holds. Pay close attention to what is being said during the next conversation you are a part of in order to identify an opportunity to begin an amicable (but strenuous!) debate. Tell him how you feel about what he’s said if he says something with which you disagree.

You have a sharp mind and a sharp eye, Scorpio. Make the most out of this opportunity! Maintain your decorum, pay close attention, and find opportunities to poke holes in his argument. He’s going to eat it up.

3. Start by cultivating a friendship.

The best romantic opportunities are usually found through friendship for Aquarius men. When you develop feelings for another person, Scorpio, you probably prefer to plunge headfirst into an intense and emotional abyss. However, if you want to catch an Aquarius, you should move at his pace instead. First, you should work on becoming his best friend. Hang out with friends for no romantic or sexual purpose, either in large groups or by yourself. Make a connection with him, let him join your circle of friends, and watch for him to take the lead in the romantic relationship.

Join in the fun when the Aquarius man you have a crush on is out with his friends. Learn more about him by getting to know the people who are important to him the most.

Then you should give something back. Invite him to spend some time with the people in your inner circle. For instance, if you are going on a group camping trip in the near future, make sure to save him a spot in the tent.

When you’re by yourself, put all of your attention on getting to know him as a person, not just as a potential boyfriend. While you are bowling, hiking, or going sightseeing with him, ask him questions.

4. Exude an air of mystique.

The mystery of an aloof crush captivates Aquarians. Pluto is considered to be one of your ruling planets, Scorpio. Given that, you are the very embodiment of the word mysterious. Maintain your control over the situation by acting unapproachable. You should try to avoid sharing an excessive amount of personal information, but when you do, you should make sure to surprise him. If you can say something to an Aquarius man that makes him think, “Wow, this girl is so interesting and unique,” then you’ve done something that will work to your advantage.

Try to avoid talking about sensitive topics while you’re still getting to know each other: “I’m going to do my best to keep you guessing for the time being. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on that at a later time.”

Redirect the questioning toward him as follows: “This is in no way equitable at all. In order to continue, you’ll have to answer a few of mine first.”

5. Make plans to surprise him in some way.

Aquarius men like spontaneous crushes. This is due to the fact that Uranus, the planet of creativity, is his ruling planet. Because you are a fixed sign and prefer order and organization, you may find that improv is not something that comes naturally to you, Scorpio. You don’t have to be a naturally wild and free person in order to impress an Aquarius. Don’t worry about it. Instead, put your organizational skills to use and surprise him with something you’ve planned. You can take him by surprise with thoughtful and unique presents, a weekend getaway, or some other crazy activity.

Choose a present that you are certain he will adore, and then give it to him at an unexpected time or place. Show up to hang out with him on a random Tuesday with an action figure he’s been wanting.

Tell him to clear his schedule for the Saturday that is coming up. Make plans for a goofy vacation. For instance, you could go grocery shopping, compile a playlist, and look up the location of the world’s largest strawberry.

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6. Try to keep a lighthearted attitude.

Those born under the sign of the Aquarius typically struggle when it comes to expressing their feelings. If you’re a Scorpio, you’re constantly interested in profound emotions. Instead of trying to connect with your Aquarius crush through serious conversation, focus on having fun and laughing together. It is not impossible for the two of you to continue sharing tender and intimate moments together, but he should be the one to start them. The next step is to look for ways to meaningfully connect with one another without actually talking about how you feel.

Establishing a connection with him can be accomplished by telling jokes, hosting dance parties, and participating in other activities together. The more you laugh and joke around with one another, the more he will feel connected to you.

7. Demonstrate to him that you are compassionate.

Compassion is something he looks up to because Aquarius men are humanitarians at heart. You have a lot of compassion and perceptiveness for a person born under the water sign of Scorpio. Make the most out of this opportunity! Discover ways to help other people while making use of the natural emotional intelligence you possess. Then, you should make sure that your Aquarius crush is aware of the good deeds that you have been doing.

When a friend is feeling down, use your empathy to figure out the best way to cheer them up.

Or, put your wisdom to use to assist the Aquarius you have a crush on: “Hey, I noticed that you seemed to be under a lot of stress. Do you feel like going for a brisk walk? I am aware that doing those helps you feel more centered.”

8. Be loyal.

When it comes down to it, Aquarians are looking for someone they can put their faith in. That describes you perfectly, Scorpio! Since you place an equal amount of importance on loyalty as he does, this presents a significant opportunity for the two of you to find common ground. Be there for him whenever he requires assistance. Make sure you back him up whenever he gets into a heated argument by taking his side. Demonstrate to him that you are in his corner, and that will get you a very far way.

Be the one who is there for him when he requires assistance. Imagine that he is driving home and runs out of gas. Ensure that you are the one who saves his life by coming to his aid.

Because Aquarius men typically don’t talk about their emotions, it’s significant when one of them does. Convince him that you are capable of handling his feelings: “I’m not going to judge you. I am available for conversation.”

9. Show that you are trustworthy.

It’s possible that Aquarius and Scorpio are the most open and honest signs in the zodiac. You and your partner place a high value on being honest, so put that quality to work for you. Do not tell a white lie to spare the feelings of your Aquarius crush. Tell him what you are really thinking even when it’s difficult to do so.

If he asks for your opinion on something, you should always give it to him in an honest way, even when it’s difficult.

Aquarius is a natural detective, just like you are. If you keep something a secret from him, there is a good chance that he will find out about it eventually. Therefore, to win his trust, you need to be forthright and honest.

10. You should just do what you want.

When it comes to romantic partnerships, Aquarians worry that they will give up their independence. Therefore, it’s clear that he’s looking for a crush who understands how to concentrate on themselves. If you’re a Scorpio, you’ll breeze through this no problem. Demonstrate to him that you are a unique individual with your own interests, ambitions, and projects. Make sure that he is aware that you are not just sitting by the phone waiting for him when the two of you have some time apart.

Explain why you can’t hang out by saying that you’re too busy working towards achieving a goal.

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What Attracts An Aquarius Man To a Scorpio Woman by Sam Derick

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