What Do Aquarius Men Like In a Woman – 6 Traits

What Do Aquarius Men Like In a Woman

Do you find yourself attracted to Aquarian men and wondering what kind of woman would catch their eye? The answer is not so simple. So, what is an Aquarius man likes and dislikes in a woman?

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are known for having very unique tastes in women.

Because most Aquarius men are emotionally detached, they are not drawn to average women. So, what do Aquarius guys like in a girl?

The Aquarius male is an idealist who will never stop looking for his soul mate. They may have a lot of friends, but most of them can’t get close to them emotionally.

Only a few people have access to their personal lives. So you may be wondering how to tell if an Aquarian man is interested in you. How do you know if you’re his perfect soul mate?

Aquarian men are drawn to women who possess certain characteristics. If you want to know if you are compatible with an Aquarius man, you need to know what kind of woman he prefers.

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What Do Aquarius Men Like In a Woman – 6 Traits

It’s conceivable that an Aquarius man is the most mysterious of all the men. This person is outside the box, extremely bright, and extremely cool at the same time. It does not come as a surprise to me that many of the women who come to see me want to learn how to make an Aquarius man theirs. In order to attract him, you may want to know what does Aquarius man want in a relationship?

These guys can be fairly unpredictable, but when you do discover one who is willing to devote himself to you, it will feel like a love you have never felt before.  These gentlemen have the ability to introduce you to a whole new universe of experiences and to make you look at everything from a completely different angle.

So the question is, how do you genuinely make an Aquarius man fall in love with you? What do Aquarius men like in a woman? What an Aquarius man needs in a relationship? What are the signs an Aquarius man secretly likes you?

1. A Spontaneous Woman

This guy enjoys being spontaneously involved in fun activities. Therefore, if you are a woman attempting to pique his interest, you might want to consider being a little bit more impulsive than you normally would. It’s best to just roll with whatever happens.

But if this isn’t really you, you might want to be careful. You won’t fool Aquarius for long since he is not a fan of fake women who pretend to be someone they are not. He will see right through you.

He wants you to be authentic in whatever you do. He is looking for someone who is flexible, who will let him take his time, and who will encourage him to explore new possibilities.

The Aquarius man will go with the flow, accepting whatever the day may offer. You’ve got to be as understanding as him to keep up with him. He dislikes it when there is any kind of coercion or pressure put on him.

They want to maintain the option open for bigger and better things in every area of their life, including love, marriage, and money, and they want to keep that door open as much as possible. They want all there is!

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2. It’s quite attractive to him when a woman has some sort of edge or rebellious streak.

Your Aquarius man has a wild and free spirit at his core. He is the kind of guy that wants to shake things up in his life and challenge the norms that have always been in place. He doesn’t want to live a normal life and wants to be known for being creative and different.

And he requires a spouse who embodies these attributes. He doesn’t want someone who follows the crowd. He is looking for a woman that isn’t afraid to be herself and isn’t afraid to be different from other people.

He needs someone who can think in new ways and isn’t stuck in the past. He isn’t satisfied with staying where he is and prefers to go forward into the future. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for him to be in a relationship with a woman who has forward-thinking opinions about the world and who will not restrict his advancement with her traditional beliefs.

When he finds someone who isn’t afraid to challenge not only her own limits but also the limits that society places on her, his pulse rate really starts to pick up the pace. He wants to be with someone who will help him raise the consciousness of society.

He has big plans to change the world, but first, he needs to find a lady who is strong enough to back him up and be by his side as he does it.

3. A woman who is interested in discovering and trying out new things.

What does Aquarius man want in a woman? A man who is an Aquarius forges his own way through life, and one of the ways he achieves this is by giving everything at least one go. He is very open to trying out new things and enjoys experimenting in his spare time. The more of the world he gets to see and experience, the simpler it will be for him to remain genuine and honest with who he is.

When it comes to his ideal partner, he can’t have somebody who isn’t up for going on adventures with him. Simply put, he is looking for a lady that is curious about new things and isn’t hesitant to do things that are outside of her comfort zone.

He is really interested in learning the mechanics behind how and why things function, and he believes that firsthand experience is the best teacher. He is savvy in both the classroom and the real world. He is one of the very few people who can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk, and he is not scared to do either!

It’s easy to see why he’d value having a female companion who is game for exploring the world with him. It is inevitable that an Aquarius man will feel bored and dissatisfied in the absence of a novel experience. And boredom is one of the biggest things that can kill excitement for an Aquarius.

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4. A Woman Who Is Both Playful and Adventurous.

When it comes to women, a man who is an Aquarius might be highly flirtatious. His goal is to live each day to the fullest as if it were his last. It appears that they have perfected the art of “living for the moment.”

In and of itself, that is not a terrible pattern of behavior to have. However, if he doesn’t explain himself better, he can end up in some sort of predicament as a result of this. By this, I mean that he starts off his fun conversation with a bit of frankness.

A significant number of Aquarius men will form friendships with women whom they find attractive or with whom they feel there is romantic potential. Although he is slow to commit, he will stay in the game for as long as possible.

If he plays with a woman and doesn’t tell her that at this point he just wants to be “friends with benefits,” she will think this is going somewhere, while he will assume she’s fine with the status quo.

The majority of the time, females will misinterpret the way an Aquarius man plays the game and will believe he will develop, alter, or become more interested in taking things to the next level in a relationship when this is not the case at all.

The Aquarius guy will go out of his way to make things right, and it will appear as though the two of them have committed themselves to a relationship, even though it’s possible that they haven’t done so at all. They will behave kindly toward the woman, chat about the future, and look interested in her.

The woman will have the thought, “This is it!” …only to be left devastated when the Aquarius realizes she isn’t the one and begins his standard “I’m sorry, but I just can’t be with you” routine of pulling away and giving the cold shoulder.

These gentlemen are fantastic for having a good time and boosting one’s mood, but women should constantly push for honesty from them. It’s possible that some women are fine with becoming intimate friends, but the vast majority of women are not.

If you feel yourself beginning to fall for an Aquarius man because of his humorous character, it is essential to communicate openly and honestly with him. He has a lot of charisma and is a lot of fun to be around.

5. A Woman With Patience.

In general, Aquarius males take their time when courting a potential partner. He is concerned about their future together and wants to be sure that she is someone who will stand the test of time and support him no matter what.

A woman who isn’t needy or clingy is important to him, so he wants to be sure she’s not the sort he ends up with.

This man enjoys spending a lot of time alone, and if he is going to sacrifice part of that time for a woman, she had better be the one he has his eye on.

Because he doesn’t want the woman he’s interested in to be dependent on him, he will take the time to ensure that she is an independent person with her own interests and aspirations in life. He would rather have an equal than a dependent relationship.

Even if she were to one day become a housewife who stayed at home with their children, he would still want to know that she is actively involved in a variety of activities and is keeping herself busy so that she does not become overly dependent on him.

6. A woman who is eager to learn and brimming with a natural curiosity.

Men who are Aquarius are continuously looking for new ways to expand their knowledge in the areas that interest them the most. They are also capable of developing new interests from time to time. This indicates that they are on a mission throughout their entire lives to acquire as much knowledge as they possibly can.

When it comes to women, they prefer a partner who stimulates their minds. This indicates that he seeks out intelligent and clever ladies who can provide him with a never-ending supply of possibilities.

He’s attracted to ladies who can broaden his horizons or reignite his enthusiasm for his own pursuits. She’ll gain more of his affection if she does a good job of mentoring him and teaching him the skills he needs to pursue his goals.

This man loves to talk with a beautiful woman who is smart. If you’re the lucky woman who has caught his interest, then you should use it well by engaging his mind with intriguing conversation.

One of the very finest things you can do is figure out a way to seduce the Aquarius mind. It is possible that he is already drawn to your attractive appearance, but when you show him your brilliant brain, he is going to wag his tail.

The quest for information and knowledge is one of the most important things in the life of an Aquarius guy. This individual is very fascinated by knowledge and profound thoughts, and he is always looking for new ways to keep his mind active and engaged.

An Aquarius guy places a great priority on finding a spouse who is very intelligent and who can think for herself. This is one of the most significant attributes an Aquarius man looks for in a potential relationship. To him, the most attractive quality in a woman is her intellect, and he doesn’t give much care to how she looks or how she presents herself.

He is looking for someone who is able to think for themselves and who can present him with thought-provoking concepts. He longs for the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with her and is curious about how much he can pick up simply by being in her company.

Because he is a man of ideas, he needs to be with a woman who can both encourage him to think in new ways and also stimulate his mental creativity. At the very least, he needs to be inspired to think in a different way. Since he is so mentally focused, he finds that getting stimulated by his girlfriend is the best way to get his creative juices flowing.

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What Do Aquarius Men Like In a Woman by Theresa Alice

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