What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores You

What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores You

Gemini men have a lot of friends, are always up for an adventure, are constantly coming up with new ideas, and enjoy living vicariously. If a man who is a Gemini chooses to ignore you, it is likely because you have done something to hurt or annoy him to the point where he has no choice but to ignore you. So, what to do when Gemini ignores you?

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A Gemini man’s reasons for ignoring you:

You ask too many questions.

Talkative by nature, Geminis thrive in deep, meaningful conversations with others. If a Gemini man gives the impression that he does not wish to discuss a particular topic, then he truly does not wish to do so. If he discusses it, he’ll only hurt himself.

In response, he will begin to ignore you. Don’t let it get to you; work on maintaining your composure. Don’t pry too early into his private life; he’ll tell you all himself when the time is right.

He is deeply saddened.

Men born under the sign of Gemini are known to be some of the most emotional people on the entire planet. If you hurt the feelings of a Gemini man, it will be evident. He won’t bottle up his feelings; instead, he’ll show how much he hurts in very outward ways.

Men who are Gemini tend to be pacifists; they are not quick to argue or get into physical confrontations with others. Instead of sharing their pain with you, they would rather keep it to themselves. A Gemini man will keep to himself, trying to figure out how to deal with the issue on his own, because he is also very independent.

He is not giving it his all at this point.

One of the reasons why Gemini man distancing himself is because he is simply uninterested in the prospect of the two of you being together. Gemini men are extremely picky about who they allow into their inner circle.

They are emotional creatures, so when they fall in love, it’s intense, and it’s not something they can easily ignore. If a man who is a Gemini chooses to ignore you, it could very well be an indication that he does not feel any genuine passion or feelings in this situation, and that he would rather keep to himself.

He has a lot on his plate.

People born under the sign of Gemini are dedicated workers who wouldn’t mind staying up for multiple nights straight to get their tasks done. In the event that he is ignoring you, there is a possibility that he is preoccupied with his work and is not doing so on purpose.

Be understanding if he seems distant or rushed when you know he’s working hard to accommodate your schedule. Gemini men are loyal and caring; they never forget how important their relationships with their friends and partners are. It’s true that life can get hectic, and for most of us, that’s the case.

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What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores You

What if a Gemini man ignores you? And how long will a Gemini man ignore you? Here are some tips for you.

1. Be Gentle.

The first piece of advice on how to stop a Gemini man from ignoring you has to do with the way you carry yourself.

Take care not to hurt your Gemini partner’s feelings when you’re together. It is inappropriate to yell or use foul language around him. Especially when they aren’t even required in the first place.

Now you know how to get a Gemini man to see you for who you really are. You won’t have to go through the anguish of being ignored anymore because very soon you’ll have him completely under your control.

2. Be Confident.

One more piece of advice on how to stop a Gemini man from ignoring you is to project an air of self-assurance. There is widespread consensus among dating experts that men find self-assurance attractive. It’s a trait they admire and wish was more common among women.

When it comes to people who exhibit insecurity, a Gemini man has a tendency to ignore them. This quality does not appeal to him in any way.

3. Keep a sultry and mysterious demeanor.

Be mysterious and seductive if you want a Gemini man to pay attention to you; this is the first step in getting him to stop ignoring you.

This is sure to catch his eye right away. He is captivated by the mystery that surrounds a specific individual. That is already hot enough for him to handle.

4. Find something to be passionate about in your life.

Is there anything in particular that you feel a strong connection to in your life? Share that information with your Gemini boyfriend. Make it clear to him that you are engaged in an activity that holds significant value for you.

He thinks that’s amazing and inspiring. He’ll be looking for more opportunities to hang out with you.

5. Maintain a Cool and Collected Attitude.

The intensity of what you say and do is what irritates a Gemini man and causes him to ignore you. So, what to do when a Gemini man pulls away? Make an effort to adopt a laid-back attitude. It is attractive to a Gemini man for a woman to have an easygoing and unruffled demeanor.

If you show too much intensity, he will run in the opposite direction.

6. Go Have Some Fun with Him!

Taking a Gemini man out for some fun is another thing you can do to get him to stop ignoring you so you can talk to him. Participate in an activity such as adventure sports or riding a roller coaster together. A man who is ruled by Gemini is one who is never afraid to push his limits.

He has a fascination for daring deeds. If things continue as they have been or are boring, he may start looking for new people to hang out with.

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7. Don’t play psychological games.

Don’t even think about trying to play mental games with a man who’s a Gemini. There’s a high probability that it’ll make him want to avoid you even more.

A man who is a Gemini believes that it is a complete and utter waste of time to engage in mental games with women.

8. Allow Him to Take His Own Sweet Time.

The majority of psychologists endorse the idea that being alone and having personal space is good for one’s psychological well-being.

This is something that a Gemini man incorporates into his daily life. When a woman persists in bothering him on a daily basis, he finds it very annoying. He requires his own personal space in order to do his own thing.

9. Attempt to Merge in with the Crowd.

The Gemini man is incredibly adept at adjusting to new environments and people. He can’t stand it when other people choose to be the odd ones out and draw attention to themselves.

If you are able to blend in with the other guests at a party or other social event, that is preferable.

10. Calm down your feelings of resentment and jealousy.

Because of your jealousy, a man who is a Gemini may choose to ignore you without giving it another thought. He dislikes it.

It is something that he finds absolutely unappealing in any way, shape, or form. However, if your jealousy is easily aroused, work on taming it.

11. Don’t be a pain in the neck.

This is also the way to stop a Gemini man from ignoring you once and for all. Don’t be such a difficult person to get along with.

That is too much for a man who has the Gemini sun sign. Stop making him responsible for individual aspects of what you have or do. Don’t scare him away by being too independent.

12. Demonstrate to Him Your Capabilities and Strengths.

Do you have a good volleyball game or a bowling game where you always get a perfect score? Show him your skills in whatever it is that you’re good at.

Intelligent women are attractive to a Gemini man. Let him witness your incredible abilities and be awestruck by what he sees. He will no longer ignore you as he did before.

13. Keep a Positive Attitude.

An optimistic attitude is appealing to a Gemini man. He believes that one should strive to adopt such a perspective whenever possible.

Put an end to your pessimistic attitude, as it is serving no purpose other than to make him ignore you. Project an upbeat image. Almost immediately, he’ll start paying attention to you.

14. Don’t Send Him Constant Texts, Please!

When a Gemini man ignores your text, continuing to send him text messages is one of the worst things you can do to try to get his attention again.

If he does not respond after you have sent him a few texts, you should give him some space for a while. Stop bothering him until he responds. Don’t keep texting him. If you keep trying to communicate with him, it will come across as desperate.

Take a break from communicating with him for a while. Use techniques that don’t require direct contact. It is best to wait for him to come around at his own pace. Attract him by doing things he won’t expect.

It’s time to get out there and do things that will make you happy when a Gemini man ignores your texts. Ignore him completely for a couple of days. Let him have time and space to miss you.

What are the consequences of ignoring a man who has the Gemini sign? They’ll miss you soon enough. If you give him enough time, a Gemini man who hasn’t been communicative in the past will start talking again.

Make a rule for yourself to have no contact with men who are Gemini. In due time, he will start to wonder about your whereabouts and what you’ve been up to. Give him some space and let him figure out for himself how much he misses you.

15. Start a Game to Play.

If a Gemini man has been ignoring you, start a game to entice him. Trivia games are a favorite pastime for a Gemini man. You could also invite him to play a game online with some of your other friends.

When you begin a game with a Gemini guy, he will be eager to demonstrate his prowess in the game. Raise the stakes in order to maintain his interest in the game. Gemini men are very proud of their intelligence and love to flaunt it.

A Gemini man will definitely accept your invitation. The men born under this sign would prefer to play with a small group rather than just the two of you.

To what ends does a man of Gemini put you to the test? A lot of the time he just stops talking. If you start acting needy toward him, you shouldn’t expect him to want to be with you. To pass the test, you need only think of a way to pique his interest.

Is it difficult to get him to express his feelings for you?

When it comes to showing their emotions, some men can be surprisingly guarded and closed, leaving you to wonder if he is even into you.

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What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores You by Sam Derick

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