When An Aries Man Misses You – 9 Ways He Will Act

When An Aries Man Misses You

You may be wondering if your Aries man thinks about you when you’re not around. Will an Aries man miss you? True, he needs time to himself now and then, but does he miss your presence when he does? Here’s how to tell if an Aries man misses you when you’re absent.

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When An Aries Man Misses You

1. He Showers You with Gifts

Keep in mind that this zodiac sign is thoughtful and sometimes extravagant with romantic gestures. When an Aries guy misses you, he will make an effort to get your attention by trying to send you presents to demonstrate that he is thinking of you even when you don’t feel like spending time with him.

The majority of these presents are intended to come as a nice surprise for the purpose of making you happy and ensuring that you never, ever question his love for you.

2. He Is Constantly Calling

When an Aries man says he misses you, he may think of you more frequently than usual. This is not unusual behavior for men born under the sign of Aries; in fact, it’s quite common. You can expect to get a few calls from him throughout the day, just to check in with you and see what you’re doing right now and to see if there’s anything he can do for you.

Do you want to know what makes an Aries man miss you?

By the way, this air sign is prone to falling head over heels in love, and they will miss you greatly once you begin pursuing your own interests. Ignore an Aries man for a while if you want to see how much he misses you; he will most likely bombard your phone with texts asking what’s wrong with you during that time.

3. He Is Monitoring All of Your Social Media Accounts

This is yet another indication that he is missing you very much. How do you know if an Aries misses you? When he constantly interacts with your social media posts by commenting, liking, and reading your stories, this is a sign that he craves your physical presence.

Nowadays, interacting on social media is considered a valid form of communication. After a particularly nasty breakup, this is often one of the reasons that exes block each other on Instagram. If he is stalking you on social media, it’s likely because he wants your attention in some way.

4. He is not going to admit it.

If an Aries man misses his woman, he probably won’t just come out and say it; instead, he’ll try to send you a message by displaying his feelings in the hopes that you’ll pick up on the subtle hints.

During the time that he is missing you, his mood can range from very romantic to very irritable, rash, or impatient. It all depends on how much he longs for you. Keep in mind that this man is a natural player; however, there will be times when his ego will prevent him from acting from the goodness of his heart. If your Aries man spontaneously expresses his longing for you by saying “I miss you,” do not let go of him.

5. Taking a Step Back

You might succeed in driving him away from you if you try to convince this sensitive air sign that you are not worth his time. Keep in mind that he’s not the most patient of men. If you maintain your distance from him for a longer period of time than he can stand and remain unmoved by his attempts to get your attention, he will back down. Even though he misses you very much, he won’t make any effort to talk to you, interact with you on social media, or do anything else related to you.

One good way to make an Aries man miss you is to slow things down. Ensure that you are moving at a pace that is acceptable to him.

This will give him more time to contemplate you, wonder about you, and miss you, as well as give you the attention and fulfillment you seek.

Unless you two meet or you speak to him beforehand, it will feel like you’ve broken up. It’s possible he’s trying to get you to give up on a future without him. It typically occurs in relationships where neither party has any formal or mutual commitments to the other.

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6. Putting on a Jealous Act

When this man is away from you, he will experience feelings of jealousy. When you do find time to spend together, he will undoubtedly be curious about your work schedule, the people you are talking to on the phone and any upcoming plans that he will be missing out on.

He’ll make it seem like you’re not putting in as much effort as he is, and he’ll subtly hint that other things are getting more of your attention than he is. He wouldn’t want you to leave his sight for long and would hold on to you for as long as possible.

7. Too Much Information Shared With You

How do you know when an Aries man misses you? Whenever an Aries man wants to impress you or show how much he misses you, he may start spilling the beans about everything that’s happened in his day. What he ate at work, his tie color, and how he forgot his book at the bank.

He would love it if you were involved in every aspect of his day, and he would love to hear about yours. He is quick to assume that your lack of willingness to share information means that you do not miss him as well.

8. He’s Going to Set You Up on Some Exciting Dates

The fact that he is making plans for you to go out and have fun is his way of expressing his desire to see more of you. This is especially the case when the dates involve thoughtful planning, such as going to a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try or take a short vacation together. I would advise you to take advantage of these opportunities because, if you have made it this far, it means that the Aries man you’re dating is on the verge of developing feelings for you.

9. He Asks About You Among Your Peers

If he is unable to reach you, he will inquire with your other friends about your whereabouts. One of the primary reasons an Aries man in a relationship would like to meet your friends is so that he can inquire about you when necessary. If he does ask about you, it means that he is either curious about something else or that he is missing you.

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When An Aries Man Misses You by Sam Derick

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