Will a Cancer Man Come Back If You Ignore Him

Will a Cancer Man Come Back If You Ignore Him

A Cancer man has your heart but he doesn’t give it to you fully. Perhaps he has been slow to respond to text messages or has given you the silent treatment.

Or you have just broken up with a Cancer man and wonder how to get him back?
Do Cancer men rekindle their relationships after a breakup? In fact,  If you miss your Cancer ex, you might get a second chance.

And here is what he needs to make that happen:

  • He must be capable of building on the strong emotional connection you shared.
  • Any emotional grief he is experiencing must be acknowledged and fixed.

And, What happens if a Cancer man is ignored? Continue reading to find out!

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Will a Cancer Man Come Back If You Ignore Him

He hates it when he is ignored.

The truth is that a Cancer guy is a bit of an attention seeker. This means he thrives on praise, adoration, and attention. If he doesn’t get it, he can be his true “crabby” self, which is what he is.

If he doesn’t get it from the female with whom he is in a relationship, he spirals out of control. Ignoring him may make him take notice if he has been acting weird or not responding well to you.

Sometimes it’s all about him, and he’ll go through life trying to act as if everything is fine with you. He might not even realize how much he’s been ignoring you or failing to give you the attention.

When this happens, a dose of his own medicine may be just what he requires to give him a “wake-up call.” I cannot guarantee that this will work for every Cancer man, but the majority of them will react positively to being ignored.

Consider giving him days without text messaging him to see how that affects his behavior. He’ll probably text or call you frantically as if he’s already lost you, even if he isn’t.

He’s not good at chasing at the beginning of a relationship, but if he truly cares about you, especially if you’ve been particularly good to him, he’ll be terrified of losing you.

What Should You Do If a Cancer Man Ignores You?

I mentioned what happens when you ignore Cancer man. Assuming he is the one who is giving you the cold shoulder, here are some things to keep in mind:

When a Cancer man is hurt, sad, or experiencing emotional overload, he may withdraw. If you’ve done something that irritated him and he’s gone radio silent, you’ve got to pick up the pace!

That is, don’t try giving him the cold shoulder in return, or you two will become a distant memory. Instead, you must apologize to him, even if you are unsure of what you did in the past.

That being the case, you should actually ask him what went wrong so you can fix it and avoid it happening again. Give him your undivided attention, love, and adoration, & remind him why he chose you in the very first place.

In the beginning, he may be hard to get. It will not last. He truly desires everything you have to offer him and prefers it to be silent and not touching. Take a chance on him, and see how far you can get him out of his shell.

This is exactly what you should do if a Cancer guy ignores you. Make it clear to him that you’re not going to give up on him!

Will a Cancer Man Come Back If You Ignore Him?

He won’t do it if you ignore him for too long, but if you ignore him for a short period of time and not with malice, he will come back to the comfort of your loving and caring heart.

Social Media and Text Messaging

Cancer men aren’t the worst at dealing with this type of communication. When he’s doing something he desires to do but doesn’t want his partner to know about it, he’ll throw shade.

If a Cancer man is truly in love with their partner, they can be extremely devoted to them. If they don’t feel the spark, they’ll look for attention somewhere else. It doesn’t mean they’ll cheat or sleep with someone, but it does mean they’ll look for one that will boost their ego.

During this time, he will accept friendly female social media messages without blinking. Your relationship status may even be kept “private” by him.

He does this to appear single in order to attract female attention.

He may accept flirtations via text messages. He might play “games” with you and see how much you genuinely care. Texts could be ignored or responses delayed to observe how you respond.

He knows you’re all about him if you reply right away, and he’s fine with that. But why should you reply back to him immediately if he doesn’t do the same for you? Make him flinch! Wait a moment before responding.

This will cause him to doubt himself and whether he is an excellent enough partner for you. This may prompt him to clean up his act and get his act together. He could perhaps confront you about why you did not respond.

When he does, ask him why it’s important to reply right away if he doesn’t do that. It’ll help him understand what’s fair and what isn’t. He should start treating you better once he “gets” it.

Be wary of the ramifications!

While it’s healthy to blow off your Cancer a little bit to show him that it’s not okay that he does it to you, it can backfire if you do it too much or too rudely.

It’s never a good idea to be mean or completely ignore him. If you do, he may decide that you’re not interested in him and walk away. When he truly loves someone, he will fight for that person first.

However, if it’s early in the relationship and he’s still not fully invested, he’ll quickly realize that the person he’s seeing isn’t for him and will continue on his way to find someone else.

Take extreme caution when ignoring your Cancerian. It takes finesse to handle him in a manner that will help get his attention while not giving him the feeling you’re done with him.

If it’s been a short-term relationship, you might want to hold off on texting back immediately, but don’t let it go for several hours or days, or he’ll get the impression he’s not important to you.

if you’ve been with him for a while and know him well, you can simply put him off longer because you know he’ll come back or try to show you that he loves you.

Naturally, if you’re in a long-term serious relationship with your Cancer man and he’s acting like a turd, you should ignore him and then let him work for your attention and time.

When he’s shaky

Whenever the Cancer guy is evasive and refuses to give you a straight answer on whether he wants to commit or stay, give him an ultimatum. Tell him that if he doesn’t respond, you’ll move on.

If you do this, he’ll either start giving you what you want or he’ll tell you that he’s not interested in a long-term relationship and that you’d be better off letting him go.

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Will a Cancer Man Come Back If You Ignore Him by Sam Derrick

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